Marvel's Daredevil S02E13 "A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen" Recap (Season Finale)

Matt is holding Stick back hostage his apartment and patches up his wounds. Stick laments that he didn't kill Elektra when he had the chance and says the Black Sky must be extinguished at all costs. Matt says he should be grateful that Elektra spared his life. He then goes to meet Elektra on the roof. She tells him to leave her alone, feeling confused and tormented by the revelation of her being the Black Sky. She was trained to kill it from the time she was a child but Matt believes that all of these legends are just mystical nonsense. Elektra is concerned that even if the Hand keeps her in a cage, they will be emboldened by having her in their grasps. She doesn't see a way out no matter which way she decides to go. Matt is ready to help her and Elektra is taken aback that he is still offering even after everything she is done. Matt says they should go after Nobu and that extracting him should stop the Hand. Elektra asks if he'll kill Nobu but Matt says that killing him would only make him a martyr to the Hand's cause so dethroning him is the best course of action. She agrees to work with Matt.

Foggy is recruited to work at Jeri Hogarth's film. Hogarth is a character viewers will know from the Jessica Jones series. Clearly this is more groundwork leading to the collaborative Defenders series. Matt brings Elektra to his suit designer, who measures her for her own suit. He also presents Matt with a billy club. It's a specially designed weapon for Matt to use and it even matches his suits. It has a multitude of functions and Elektra's first question at seeing it is where hers is. Matt's suit-designer says that there are some people in Hell's Kitchen, including himself, who know who's truly looking out for them.

Frank returns to his family home where there is a considerable amount of mail piled up. He reads a newspaper claiming he is dead and he appears resigned to embrace his role as the Punisher. He takes a can of spray paint and puts the signature white skull onto the front of his body armor.

Foggy calls Matt because members of the Hand had infiltrated the police department and roughed up officer Brett, who has helped Daredevil more than once, in search of information on Daredevil. They wanted to know about everyone Daredevil has ever saved. Using this information the Hand takes a number of people hostage, including Karen and the criminal Turk Barrett. Matt goes to Karen's apartment and finds she has been taken. Barrett is on house arrest and has an ankle monitor on. He had tampered with it to turn it off but Karen advises him to turn it back on so they can be found and rescued. Barrett turns his ankle bracelet back on after one of the other hostages is killed for acting up.

Police are able to track the violation and go to Barrett's location but are shot up with arrows, preventing them from entering. One is able to call in the attack before being killed and Matt is able to pick up the call and determine the location. He and Elektra go and scope out the building, trying to figure out the best course action. Matt is fixated on the twenty hostages but Elektra is focused on stopping Nobu. She warns him that these people are bait and that worse things will happen if they don't stop Nobu and the Hand from getting Elektra back.

The Hand attempt to saw Barrett's foot off after finding the ankle bracelet but Matt comes crashing in and attacks them before freeing the hostages. While Karen leads everyone out, Matt continues fighting the Hand and Elektra comes swooping in to help him. They fight off many henchmen and in quiet moment, Matt professes his love for Elektra and asks her to consider being with him. He's ready to go on the run with her and she says that she is the one things in the world that makes him feel more alive than New York, so he'd leave the city for her. The only thing they have to do is survive this final battle.

Matt and Elektra head out to the roof where a giant pack of henchmen are waiting for them. Nobu is there and tells Elektra she belongs to the Hand while Matt belongs in the ground. The Hand fight them off, aiming to kill Matt but merely disarm and overpower Elektra so she can be in their custody. The odds aren't great, considering the sheer number of men they have to fight off but they put up one hell of a fight. Matt and Elektra end up in a fight together against Nobu, who manages to get the upper hand on both of them. He prepares to kill Matt but Elektra stops him and gets in the middle, mortally stabbed in the process. Elektra says the Hand has nothing now, as she's taken it all away. In her dying moments, she tells Matt that she knows now what it means to be good. She asks if it always hurts this much and Matt says that it does. Elektra's final words to Matt are that it's not the end.

Matt begins to fight the remaining members of the Hand and with some assistance from Frank, who is shooting from a nearby rooftop, Matt is able to defeat everyone left and toss Nobu off the side of the roof. Karen observes Frank on the roof. Frank says, "See you around, Red," before disappearing into the night. Nobu still isn't dead from his rooftop fall but Stick emerges and kills him, even going so far as to behead him to ensure its permanence.

Matt and Stick visit Elektra's grave. Matt reminisces about the love they shared and reminds Stick that he wanted her dead, so it's a bit ironic that now he's mourning her too. Stick asks Matt if loving her was worth it and Matt believes it was. Matt rejects Stick's philosophy of severing oneself from emotional connections.

Foggy and Karen meet for a drink. He promises to still be her friend no matter where he is working and proceeds to pay off their long-standing tab. Karen heads back to her office where her editor advises her to write the truth, and tell people something they don't know. Matt asks Karen to meet with him and reveals his secret of being Daredevil.

Finally, the Hand exhume Elektra's body and place her in the ancient device that the victims from earlier in the season had sacrificed their bodies to.

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