Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E03 "AKA It's Called Whiskey" Recap

Jessica and Luke enjoy the revelation at how strong the other is, as they consummate their casual relationship with new vigor. They can smash into walls and doorways without concern that letting go could kill the other person. They are momentarily interrupted, however, when Ruben appears at the front door to say that Robyn is complaining that they're too loud. Jessica had accidentally left the door ajar and Ruben appears sheepish at having interrupted their good time. Later, Luke and Jessica ponder if there's more people like them in the world. They know about the Avengers, as that team is well-established for having allowed their world-saving doings to end up on the news. Luke doesn't want to be a hero because it would only put a target on his back. Jessica admits she tried being a hero once but claims that it didn't work out, and that the good she did wasn't enough to cancel out her bad deeds. They hook up again and break the legs on Luke's bed. Jessica finds the picture of Reba in Luke's mirror again and when he catches her, he says that Reba died in a bus crash. Jessica leaves shortly after.

Jessica overhears some radio chatter discussing Hope's case. The public is not only aware of her crimes but her claim that a gifted man used mind control to force her to kill her parents. Many people do not believe this and pass their own judgements on the crime. Jessica wants Jeri to get out there to stop the media chatter that's crucifying Hope. Jeri confronts Jessica about being one of Kilgrave's victims, having learned about it from Hope. Jessica doesn't want to expose her personal experiences out in the open for people to commentate on, and says doing so won't help Hope. Jeri doesn't want to risk her reputation or safety by going in front of the media to publicly declare that Kilgrave's mind control is real, adding that her doing so would only harm Hope's chances of fairing well in the trial. Jessica goes to Trish to ask her to talk to Hope about Kilgrave on her radio show. Jessica is shocked by Trish's injuries and asks if this new training regimen is all part of her new kick, which includes the steel, enforced doors. Trish's apartment has had many upgrades that have made it a borderline-impenetrable fortress.

Jessica visits Jeri's wife Wendy to try to get some Sufentanil, a powerful anesthetic to use against Kilgrave. It's a surgical anesthesia that Wendy doesn't want to give to drug-addicts, not believing Jessica's claims for why she wants to use it. Wendy prescribes Jessica an anti-psychotic instead. Jessica even offers to be Wendy's ally in her divorce with Jeri but Wendy believes that she and Jeri will be able to get through the difficulties in their marriage. Jessica considers knocking out various hospital staff members to steal the Sufentanil but decides against it. Trish calls Jessica and lets her know she's spoken with Jeri and they've coordinated a scheduled time for Hope to call in and be interviewed about Kilgrave on her show. Jessica is worried, knowing that Kilgrave will be listening in to the broadcast.

Jessica visits Luke to hook up again but also to ask if he knows any drug dealers to get her Sufentanil. Luke knows that Jessica has been hiding something but she doesn't tell him the true secret she has lying in wait. Instead, Jessica introduces the topic of Kilgrave, referring back to a conversation they had about other gifted individuals being out there. He knows about Hope's case and her claims. She doesn't tell him about Kilgrave by name or that she was one of his victims, but says that she believes Hope's claims.

It's Hope's interview day and she speaks on the phone calling in to Trish's show while Jeri sits across from her in the interrogation day. Jeri claims that Hope is delusional and clearly believes these delusions. Trish defends Hope, claiming that there may be others out there. Jeri says that anyone else that was controlled by Kilgrave is welcome to contact her office but she sticks with the angle that Hope is delusional, believing it to be the best strategy for Hope to achieve the best possible outcome of her trial. Trish begins to insult Kilgrave on air while Jessica pleads with her to stop, fearing for her safety and the reaction that these insults will provoke out of Kilgrave. Kilgrave then calls in and calmly suggests that if a person exists that has these abilities she is speaking of that provoking them might be dangerous. Jessica is alarmed and escorts Trish out of the building. Trish uses her self-defense skills to injure a man that approaches her on the way out but is apologetic when realizing it was just a fan wanting her autograph.

Jessica brings Trish back to her apartment/fortress and tells her to stay inside and keep the door locked until she gets back. Jessica finds out that the doctor that performed Kilgrave's operation resigned from his position and went on the run. Jessica finds Ruben in the hallway helping their drug-addict neighbor Malcolm, who wandered into Ruben and Robyn's apartment by mistake. Jessica brings Malcolm to the hospital and uses him to create a distraction so she can sneak into a supply room and steal some vials of Sufentanil.

Trish is visited by a police sergeant, Will Simpson, who says he needs to question her about the assault that happened at the radio station. She asks to see his identification, which he holds up to the camera system she has that allows her to see who's at her door without letting them in. She says she won't speak without a lawyer and he says that he can return with a warrant but that would mean everything would end up in the news. She eventually opens the door and then he attacks her, having been mind-control-ordered by Kilgrave to kill her. The two fight but she isn't strong or skilled enough to beat him. Jessica arrives when Will is choking Trish and shoves him off of her. Jessica injects Trish with a dose of Sufentanil and pretends she is dead, getting outraged at Will to trick him into thinking he fulfilled his command. She chases him into the hallways and slips a phone into his pocket to track him, as he warns her that Kilgrave says it's not her time.

Jessica follows Will and eavesdrops on his conversation with Kilgrave. She is prepared to take out Kilgrave with the Sufentanil but most prioritise saving Will when Kilgrave orders him to walk off the balcony of the apartment to fall to his death. Jessica and Kilgrave make eye contact with each other after she pulls Will off the balcony's edge and she flashes back to the night of Reba's death. Kilgrave had told Jessica, "Take care of her." Jessica followed through by punching Reba in the chest which sent her flying into the road, dead. Jessica was shocked from the trauma of the incident, walking over to Reba's body, checking for her well-being, and beginning to walk off after confirming she was dead. Kilgrave told her to leave Reba and come back to him, following after Jessica into the road where he was hit by a bus. Jessica has to stop Will once again knocks his head into a wall to knock him unconscious and stop him from walking off the balcony.

Jessica goes back inside the apartment in search of Kilgrave and is confronted by the original residents of it, who attack Jessica under Kilgrave's orders, to stop Jessica from following him. She puts a teenage boy in a headlock to knock him out after he attacks her with a baseball bat. She then fends off an attack from the father of the household that's wielding a knife, knocking him out kicking him into a wall. Then the mother attacks and she's knocked out too. Jessica's attentions are then drawn to a printing room in the apartment which is plastered with photos of her. One of them bears an ominous message, "See you later". She saves Will by pretending to fall off the rooftop with him into a pile of garbage bags. He's unconscious when she does this so he's none the wiser and believes her claims that he carried out Kilgrave's orders. Jessica asks him if Kilgrave took the photos of her and Will says he didn't and doesn't know if the family in the apartment did either. As he begins to remember what happened, he is confused as to why he would do what Kilgrave said and horrified at the thought that he killed Trish. She tells him that no one died and to go home and patch himself up.

Jessica visits Luke to end their relationship, saying he's been through too much for her to bring everything she is going through to further burden him. Luke believes that she simply can't handle the fact that he had a wife who died, not knowing that this is true but not in the way she thinks. Jessica takes one of the photographs and tries to piece together the location on the street it was taken from, ready to hunt down whomever Kilgrave has sent to spy on her.

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