Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E04 "AKA 99 Friends" Recap

Jessica tracks different locations that her Kilgrave-created stalker would have been at to take photos of her. She is relieved that it appears as though the spy never photographed Luke so hopefully he is not on Kilgrave's radar.

Jessica returns to her office where a jewelry designer named Audrey Eastman wants to hire her to track her husband, whom she claims may be cheating on her. Jessica must go to Trish's apartment when she calls in a panic, as Will is trying to break her door down. He brought another office, claiming there's a dead body inside. Jessica says she recognises the look on Will's face, as he believes he killed her. The other officer confirms that Trish is alive and leaves, leaving a confused Will asking how Trish can be all right. Trish pulls her scarf aside to reveal the marks left on her neck from when Will tried to strangle her, saying she isn't all right. Jessica walks Will back outside and explains how she tricked him using the Sufentanil. He wants to help Jessica fight Kilgrave when she explains his abilities but Jessica insists that no police be involved and that he stay out of it. Jessica has Trish apologise to Kilgrave on her radio show to convince him she is afraid of him so he won't go after her again.

Jessica begins tailing Audrey Eastman and double-checks her claims of how she came to be referred to Jessica. Jessica also decides to call Will to ask for access to police surveillance video throughout the city to discover the identity of Kilgrave's spy.

Jeri brings Pam to lunch and they have an encounter with Jeri's wife Wendy, who is horrified that they are having lunch at the restaurant that Jeri proposed to Wendy at. When Pam learns of this, even she is sympathetic to the situation and is taken aback by Jeri's ruthlessness, no longer wanting to have lunch at that restaurant.

Jessica continues monitoring Audrey, wanting to run down the clock of how long it takes for Kilgrave's mind control to wear off to makes sure she isn't someone he sent. She doesn't find any meetings between Audrey and Kilgrave but is shocked when Audrey goes to a run-down property and practices shooting a gun on some mannequins.

Jeri calls in the favor Jessica powers her to insist that Jessica find some leverage Jeri can use against Wendy in the divorce, as Wendy has decided to make the divorce as difficult as possible. Next, Jessica and Jeri must go through all the people claiming that they encountered Kilgrave. Some are just people that got into trouble and are using Kilgrave as an alibi, while others are people that truly did have run-ins with Kilgrave. She and Jeri get into another disagreement when Jeri suggests that Kilgrave's 'gift' could be used for solving problems. Jessica wants to pump information out of the people Kilgrave encountered but also has them exchange information with each other so they can form a support group. Jessica suggest to Will that he join it when he brings her the surveillance footage but he just leaves, not wanting to engage in it. Will later visits Trish and gifts her with a gun (an illegal one), telling her he wants her to feel safe. She won't let him in the apartment so the two talk to each other through her front door's communication system.

Jessica follows Audrey Eastman's husband when he's apparently meeting with a girlfriend. But the so-called girlfriend is actually Audrey herself, waiting with a gun. Audrey wants to kill Jessica after learning about her from Gregory Spheeris, the club-owner Jessica served a subpoena to in the first episode of the season, and tells her husband to get Jessica on the plastic wrap she has set up to dispose of the body. Jessica bluffs that she's bulletproof but Audrey shoots her in the arm and Jessica is injured by it. Audrey's husband would rather they just leave and not try to kill Jessica but Audrey is traumatized by the attack on the city that the Avengers fought in. Audrey's mother died from a falling building and now Audrey projects her anger for the Avengers onto all gifted people. Jessica is furious and says that there are other people traumatised in the world besides her. Jessica had asked about Kilgrave but Audrey didn't know who he was, asking how many more there were like her. Jessica states that she knows of 99 other gifted people in their borough alone and that now all of them will know about Audrey and what she has done. Jessica also threatens to go the police and orders Audrey to disappear or else they will all come after her. After Jessica leaves, Audrey's husband tells her he wants a divorce.

Trish and Will are still talking on opposite sides of her front door, finding common ground in their trauma from Kilgrave's havoc. Trish eventually lets Will into her apartment, saying she might shoot him by accident. He says it's worth the risk.

Jessica goes to the support group of Kilgrave's victims and learns from one of them that Kilgrave met with someone every day at ten in the morning at the same location to get pictures from them. She uses this information to check the surveillance footage of that location and discovers that the person spying for Kilgrave is Malcolm, her drug addicted neighbour.

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