Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E05 "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me" Recap

Flashback to eighteen months ago when Jessica Jones was working a boring office job. She digs up some dirt on her boss, including missing funds in the company which indicates he has gotten involved in embezzlement. She tells him to fire her and give her six months worth of severance pay along with a glowing recommendation in exchange for keeping quiet on what he has done. She goes out for drinks with Trish, who tells her the boredom she feels at all these jobs she's been hopping around to because she's overqualified for them. A man comes over to hit on Trish and makes lude comments to her after recognising her from the "Patsy" TV show she was on in her adolescence. Jessica challenges him to the strength-tester game and says if he wins, she'll take him out back and sexually gratify him but if she wins, he has to pay for their tab and apologise for his behaviour. Of course Jessica beats him and the man pays up with money and an apology. Trish suggests Jessica use her abilities to be a hero but Jessica is reluctant to do so.

In the present day, Jessica is deciding what to do about Malcolm bing the spy for Kilgrave. She follows him to one of his meetings with Kilgrave and stays hidden while watching Malcolm hand over an envelope full of fresh photos. Jessica has a vial of Sufentatil and considers rushing over to attack him but loses her nerve. Jessica determines that Kilgrave was the one who got Malcolm hooked on drugs in the first place and got him to move into an apartment on Jessica's hallway. Trish asks if Jessica will get him out of this situation and Jessica says she will do after she has used him to get to Kilgrave. Jessica continues to follow Malcolm to his meetings and determines that though the park is the same, the more specific location in it varies as Kilgrave commands different people to tell Malcolm where to go each time.

Ruben brings Jessica some banana bread and she stays unfriendly, though she does accept it.

Trish begins a sexual relationship with Will. Jessica discovers this when visiting her to tell her how Kilgrave shifts the location of his meetings with Malcolm each time. Will provides information and strategy for how to successfully approach Kilgrave and take him out but Jessica is determined that Kilgrave must stay alive or else Hope will be doomed. Jessica needs a place to stash Kilgrave after she takes him. Trish will be the getaway driver once she gets a van and Jessica begrudgingly agrees to let Will help too. Will has experience and knowledge from having served as special operations in addition to his now being a police officer. Through his contacts and resources he is able to get Jessica a hermetically sealed room that can be used to keep Kilgrave locked up. Jessica remains in charge, while Will suggests that the next day is too soon to go after Kilgrave and that more time would be better to reinforce the room (which is also soundproof) and though the two still don't get along with each other they are at least on the same page about wanting to stop Kilgrave.

In a flashback, Jessica saves a girl from being hit by a car. Trish makes Jessica a tacky superhero outfit that Jessica has no interest in wearing. Still, Jessica is considering being a hero to help people.

Hope calls Jessica asking her to bring her a cash sum, which Jessica does reluctantly. She tells Trish she's close to catching Kilgrave but Hope remains dejected.

The day of Operation Catch-Kilgrave arrives. Jessica has to distract Kilgrave from seeing Will approaching but Will makes the shot of Sufentanil successfully. Some men emerge that try to help Kilgrave. Malcolm hurries off after apologising to Jessica, saying he "had to". Jessica and Will get Kilgrave into the getaway van but when they reach the building containing the hermetically sealed room, Jessica discovers that Kilgrave is wearing a tracker. Some men arrive that Jessica and Will fight for some time, but are overpowered due to there being too many of them and their being armed with stun batons which had knocked Trish out immediately. The men are able to get Kilgrave's body and drive off but one of them is left behind which leaves an opportunity for interrogation. Trish leaves first, feeling guilty that she couldn't be more helpful. Will wants to torture the man left behind but he doesn't need to. The man was working for a security firm hired to protect Kilgrave. They were hired because Kilgrave knew that Jessica had the surgical drugs and would need a backup plan in place if he was knocked out.

Jessica goes to talk to Malcolm. Kilgrave had got him addicted to drugs not only because it made him more vulnerable so Jessica would be sympathetic to him but because he would be more malleable to do Kilgrave's bidding even if the twelve hour period of his mind control wore off. Kilgrave would give Malcolm more drugs as payment each time he brought photos of Jessica. Malcolm tells Jessica she can't save him again...

Flashback to the first time Jessica saved him. She used her super strength to stop some muggers from killing Malcolm and the display was witnessed by Kilgrave who dismisses the two women he had with him, having grown bored of them. He sets his sights on Jessica, who falls under his mind control and begins a forced relationship with him.

Jessica handcuffs Malcolm to the toilet and reminds him of how he was working towards becoming a social worker before Kilgrave pushed him to become a drug addict. Malcolm is at rock bottom, knowing that he didn't just help Kilgrave because of mind control, but because of the drugs. He thinks Kilgrave will find him and kill him anyway if he tries to get away and begs Jessica to just give him some more drugs. She shares how there was always a small part of her that was mentally fighting to get away from Kilgrave when she was under his control and now she is still fighting. She pushes and challenges Malcolm to fight back, get clean, and live his life again. She then gives him the envelope containing his latest drug payment from Kilgrave and commands him to choose. Malcolm dumps the contents of the envelope onto the toilet lid and looks at it, overcome with anguish.

Hope is attacked by one of her fellow inmates, who pushes her strikes her repeatedly in the gut.

Kilgrave wakes with a bruised face, as Jessica had punched him once for her own pleasure when he was unconscious in the van. He removes one of his back teeth that was knocked loose from the hit. He then calls her and says the experience of a brief loss of power was exhilarating. He also realises that Jessica is angry about Malcolm and carries on talking even when she doesn't give a response. Kilgrave offers to leave Malcolm alone if she does his job for her, by sending a photo of herself smiling every day at 10am. If she agrees to the terms of this new arrangement, she must send a photo right then. She hangs up without giving Kilgrave the satisfaction of hearing her voice. She heads into the bathroom where Malcolm is still sick but has thrown the drugs into the toilet. She then texts Kilgrave a photo of herself and though she isn't smiling in it, Kilgrave is pleased.

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