Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E06 "AKA You're a Winner!" Recap

Kilgrave plays in a high-stakes poke game where he tells everyone to go all in and then fold, meaning Kilgrave wins the million dollars on the table. When one of the players tries to stop him, Kilgrave tells him to put his head through a nearby post.

Jessica and Malcolm throw around ideas of how to stop Kilgrave. Luke arrives, telling Jessica he wants to hire her to help find Antoine Grier, the missing brother of a woman named Serena. Serena had tried to pay off the money that Antoine owed to some loan sharks. Jessica later gets a call from Jeri, who informs her that Hope was attacked by one of her fellow inmates but is refusing to identify her attacker. Jeri paid off one of the guards to get the name of the inmate, Sissy Garcia. Hope won't ask for isolation and refuses to speak to Jeri about it. Jessica visits Sissy and uses her strength to threaten Sissy to stay away from Hope. Sissy reveals that Hope paid her fifty dollars and some cigarettes for Sissy to beat her. Jessica visits Hope in the infirmary where she learns that Hope is pregnant with Kilgrave's child and hoped that the beating would cause her to miscarry but it didn't work. Hope has every intention to keep on getting beat, even if it means risking her life, until she miscarries.

Jessica has a timer set to remind her to send Kilgrave a daily selfie, as part of their agreement for him to leave Malcolm alone. She continues her investigation into the whereabouts of Antoine while Kilgrave looks at real estate listings. Jessica determines that Malcolm ran away as opposed to being taken, based on certain missing items that indicate he packed a bag before leaving. Jessica calls Antoine and leaves a voicemail claiming he has won an Xbox and must call back to set up receiving it but some time later, she and Luke are confronted by some men working for the loan shark. Luke strikes a deal with the men so they'll leave him and Jessica alone as they continue their investigation.

Malcolm confronts Luke, concerned that Kilgrave might have gotten to him and not wanting anything to happen to Jessica. Luke tells Malcolm he doesn't know who Kilgrave is, but it's implied he wants to know.

Jessica calls Jeri, saying they need to meet at the prison the following morning. Jeri proposes to her secretary Pam, who will only accept after Jeri has finalised her divorce. Jessica is visited by Luke, who has learned all about Kilgrave and what he did to both Malcolm and Jessica. He is apologetic for how cold he was when she broke their relationship off out of concern for his safety. He wants to make it right but Jessica tells him he didn't do anything wrong. The two resume their relationship. Jessica is called by a Puerto Rican man claiming to be Antoine wanting to claim his prize but Luke tells her afterward that Antoine doesn't have a Puerto Rican accent. A time and place to meet is arranged and Luke reveals that Serena had information on the circumstances surrounding Reva's death. Her information led him to a construction site where he dug to search for something but there was nothing there. In a flashback, we see Jessica digging up a box at that same location under Kilgrave's orders with Reva present. Immediately afterward was when Jessica killed Reva and Kilgrave was hit by the bus. There was some sort of important proof in the box but neither Jessica nor Luke know what it is. Jessica panics when she realises it's three minutes after 10am and hurries into the bathroom to take a selfie and send to Kilgrave. He responds and tells her not to be late again.

Jessica encounter Malcolm in the hall she tells him not to share her history freely with others. She doesn't want to join him at the Kilgrave group meetings because she feels that no matter what her trauma is that there are always others that have it worse. Jessica meets Jeri at the infirmary where Jessica gives her an abortion pill. She orders Jeri to stay with Hope in exchange that Jessica will et some leverage against Jeri's wife, even if it means "dangling her over a ledge". Jeri is pleased by this and agrees.

Kilgrave goes to a suburban home and wants to buy it from the current owner. The man doesn't want to sell it at first and Kilgrave appears to consider using his ability to force them out but instead tells the man that he has calculated the house to be worth approximately $600,000 and offers him a bag of $1.26 million cash, his earnings from the poke game. The man is confused as to why he would be so determined to buy this house for above what it's worth but agrees to have lawyer look over the paperwork Kilgrave gives him, though Kilgrave says that the deal is only good if they move out by the end of the following day. Kilgrave wants this deal to be above board but he still wants it finished quickly.

Jessica and Luke track down Antoine but refuses to hand him over to the men that are after him. She and Luke fight off all the henchmen. Jessica returns Antoine to Serena and demands to get the information that she intended to give to Luke regarding Reva. Luke arrives and takes the file for himself, though Jessica tries to tell him that it won't make things better. Inside the file, Jessica believes Luke will learn that she was involved in Reva's death but instead there is a name of the bus driver. He had been drunk while driving and Luke now blames him for Reva's death and wants revenge. The MTA had covered up the incident and now that driver is still working that route.

Luke gets on the route and watches the driver from his seat till they reach the last stop and all the other passengers have exited the bus. When Luke reveals who he is, the man apologises, saying he's been sober since the accident and wants to make things right. Luke throws his through the front window of the bus and Jessica arrives, telling Luke he can't kill the bus driver. Jessica then reveals that she was the one that killed Reva, sharing how Reva had something Kilgrave wanted and made her tell him where it was and then forced Jessica to dig it up before killing Reva. Luke is outraged and disgusted at Jessica for lying and for starting an intimate relationship with him in the process. Jessica and Luke both realise that Jessica would never have told him the truth if Luke hadn't found out about Charles the bus driver himself.

Malcolm meets with the Kilgrave group and ponders who he truly is. It's unclear if Kilgrave changed who he was as a person, if he unleashed something he already had in him, and whether or not these negative attributes are now an inseparable part of him.

Jeri arranges to take the remains of Hope's miscarriage for herself for some unknown reason.

Kilgrave finalists the deal to buy the house he was after, which is revealed to have been Jessica's childhood home.

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