Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E09 "Sin Bin" Recap

Kilgrave wakes trapped in the hermetically sealed room. Jessica plays the clips of him being experimented on as a child to try to torture him into showing his abilities on camera. The floor inside is also covered in a layer of water so that he can be electrically shocked into being stopped as an extra safety precaution. Kilgrave admits having searched or his parents but was unsuccessful. Jeri arrives and tells Jessica that any confession obtained would be under duress and inadmissible in court. Jessica remains determined to use Kilgrave to save Hope and is shocked to learn that Hope has been offered a plea deal in which she'd serve 15-20 years as opposed to a life sentence and is considering taking it. Jessica visits Detective Clemmons in the hopes of getting him to come witness Kilgrave's abilities so he can testify to their legitimacy.

Trish drives Will to the hospital, as he's still badly injured following the bomb explosion that Kilgrave set up on him at the end of the last episode.

Jeri is watching Kilgrave while she calls Wendy to try to talk her down from her continued rising of the money she wants from the divorce proceedings. Kilgrave gets Jeri to turn on the mic so they can talk (not with his abilities, as the hermetically sealed room prevents that) and he subtly suggests that he could help her with her problem and that Jessica has been lying to her. He tries to convince her into letting him out but she doesn't.

At the hospital, Will will only see a Dr. Kozlov, whom he knows from his time in the Army. Trish is escorted out while Kozlov works, as Will says that he "wants back in".

Jessica has Jeri record her entering the room to try to provoke Kilgrave into using his abilities. She taunts him and beats him. Jeri wants to hit the switch to electrically shock them into being knocked out but Trish allows Jessica to continue until the last moment before hitting the switch herself to stop Jessica from killing Kilgrave. After Jessica wakes and exits the room, Trish suggests to her that they run away together but Jessica is determined to see things through. Trish also tells Jessica about Will being in the hospital. Jessica learns of Kilgrave's parents names, Albert and Louise Thompson, from the tapes of the experiment and decides to track them down, also convincing Hope not to take the plea deal.

Will is given some red pills by Dr. Kozlov that quickly heal his injuries but Kozlov warns him about not overdoing the dosage. After Kozlov leaves, Will disregards the warnings and begins popping more of the pills.

Jessica finds Albert and Louise after a long investigation, in which she realises after tracking down a photograph of them when they were young, that Louise has been attending the Kilgrave support group. They reveal that they didn't abandon Kilgrave immediately after his abilities manifested as he previously claimed. Louise has facial scars from a kid Kilgrave throwing a tantrum and forcing her to put an iron to her face. She convinces them to comes to the base and Clemons arrives to be a witness to Kilgrave displaying his abilities. Albert and Louise are led into the cell while the group, including Trish and Jeri watch the scene unfold. Kilgrave is upset at them for leaving him alone but comes to express remorse for his actions as a child.

Louise embraces her son and Kilgrave apologises for hurting her. She says that he is her responsibility and reveals a hidden pair of scissors which she uses to stab him, saying he must be stopped. Kilgrave commands his mother to pick up the scissors and tells her to stab herself for every year that she left him alone. Jessica hits the kill switch just before she is about to stab herself but it fails to work. Jessica runs inside and stops Albert from cutting his heart out with the scissors, as Kilgrave commanded. Trish had used her gun to shoot the glass of the room to try to stop Kilgrave but it merely allows Kilgrave to escape with a passing command that she put a bullet in her head.

Trish puts the gun to her head but it's out of bullets. Kilgrave orders Clemons to follow him and he breaks his hand to get out of the cuffs Jessica had put him in to make him stay and watch Kilgrave demonstrate his abilities, has he had wanted to arrest them before he could see it. Jessica grabs onto Kilgrave to try to stop him from leaving and he tells her to let go, and she pauses to stare at him before Clemons tackles her which allows Kilgrave to run out of the building. By the time Jessica gets outside, Kilgrave has made his escape with Jeri being the getaway driver whether she likes it or not. Jessica flashes back to the night Reva died, when Kilgrave shouted at her to "get back here" when she was walking away from him due to the shock of killing Reva. Jessica realises from that memory and her most recent encounter that she is immune to Kilgrave's mind control.

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