Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E11 "AKA I've Got the Blues" Recap

Teenage Jessica wakes up after the car accident that killed her family. She's the only one that survived and now the Walkers are preparing to take her in as a publicity stunt concocted by Trish's absuive stage mother. Trish is a child star on TV on the "Patsy!" series.

Returning to the present, Jessica is shaken by the death of Hope while the support group members (and Robyn) are recovering from nearly dying by Kilgrave's orders. Needless to say, Robyn believes in Kilgrave's power now. The police arrive and when the group is questioned, they all claim that Trish killed herself but don't say anything about Kilgrave.

Jessica and Trish go to a morgue where a new, unidentified, elderly man has been brought in. It's not Albert but Trish needs sleep so Jessica spends the rest of the night without her on a search throughout the city's morgues that have newly acquired dead, elderly men. In her sleep-deprived haze, she spots (or at least thinks she does) Kilgrave and follows him into the street where she is hit by a truck and then stumbles off away from the gathered crowd.

Will visits Trish at the station and tries to apologise for his actions and men their relationship but Trish appears to be disinterested in resuming a relationship with him, though she plays it somewhat polite for the time being. He tries to ask where Jessica is but Trish won't give any information as to where she is. Trish then meets up with Jessica and helps her patch up after her accident. Jessica says she'll heal fast so she just needs some time to do so.

In a flashback, teenage Jessica overhears Trish in an intense argument with her mother. Trish doesn't want to be Patsy anymore but her mother wants to force her into staying in the job. Jessica is stressed out by hearing them fight and accidentally breaks the enormous marble sink and discovers that her strength is so significant she can easily lift the large piece of marble over her head. The argument escalates and Trish comes into the bathroom with an injury on her arm from her mother throwing or perhaps hitting her with a People's Choice Award. Jessica says Trish isn't allowed to reveal her secret or she'll reveal the abuse to everyone which means the media would turn the story into a circus. The two agree to keep each other's secret.

Jessica discovers Clemon's body in the morgue and realises that Will killed him. Trish calls her and tells her what she has learned so Trish agrees to come out and continue the investigation with her. When Trish goes into her hallway, she finds Will waiting for her, wanting to mend their relationship but also insistent on learning where Jessica is. He blames her for the death of his fellow men that died in the explosion and says she keeps getting in the way of his attempts to kill Kilgrave. Trish tell him that Jessica is the only one that can kill Kilgrave and Will is the one getting in the way. Some men arrive that were sent by Kozlov that was concerned about Will's use of the pills. They have been ordered to take him in so Will pops some more red pills and shoots both of them in the head. When Jessica calls Trish, Will answers, claiming to know where Kilgrave is but will only give her the lead if she agrees to let him help. They agree to meet at her apartment. Will has locked Trish in her workout room and leaves her pounding on the door. She grabs a weight and begins to beat the hinges out of their place so she can escape and help Jessica.

Will heads to Jessica's apartment where the two dance around one another regarding the circumstances of Clemon's death before getting into a fight. The already drugged-up Will takes even more red pills and this, combined with Jessica's injuries from getting hit by a truck, allow him to overpower her. Trish shows up and gets Jessica into the bathroom. Trish is prepared to take some red pills to stop Will herself. Will warns her that she'll need some blue pills to come down from the effects, which she won't be used to, before tossing the blue pills out the window. Trish doesn't care and pops a pill and gets to beating the hell out of Will. Jessica comes out to assist and together, they knock his road-raging self out cold. Trish has to be hospitalized because she loses the ability to breathe.

In another flashback, Jessica watches Trish be forced to throw up by her mother. Jessica uses her strength to overpower Dorothy Walker. Trish reminds Jessica that now Dorothy knows about her abilities but Jessica doesn't care, having decided that protecting Trish is more important.

While Jessica and Trish are at the hospital, Kozlov and his men retrieve Will's still-unconscious body from Jessica's apartment. Jessica receives some text messages from Kilgrave, warning her that he knows about Luke Cage. She heads to Luke's bar in time for an explosion to go off in it with him inside. But due to his abilities, he is able to walk out of the bar. His clothes are on fire and Jessica helps put them out. Though shaken by the experience, he appears to be mostly unharmed.

Marvel's Jessica Jones is available for streaming on Netflix.


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