Marvel's Jessica Jones S01E12 "AKA Take a Bloody Number" Recap

Luke Cage is physically unharmed after the explosion in his bar. He reveals how he tracked down Kilgrave two days earlier and was commanded to blow up his bar but only when Jessica would see it. Kilgrave learned how Luke was involved with Jessica and that he was Reva's husband but not about Luke being virtually indestructible since it's not the sort of thing that he would've thought to ask. Jessica reveals how killing Reva seems to have been the trigger that made her immune to Kilgrave. Luke wants to help but Jessica tells him he needs to hit the twelve-hour mark first to ensure any lingering commands from Kilgrave wear off.

Trish calls Jessica to tell her that someone got into her apartment to clean up the dead guys and Jessica says that someone did the same at her place with Will. Kozlov worked for a company called "IGH". Trish is also visited in the hospital by her mother. Their relationship is not mended but they are relatively cordial to one another. Her mother later visits Trish at her apartment with some paperwork that show that IGH had also paid for Jessica's medical bills following her childhood car accident. Trish's mother wants a relationship with her but Trish doesn't want to pursue it when she gets the sense that her mother doesn't fully understand the extent of how abusive she was. But Dorothy says that the remaining files will still be waiting for her if she decides to come home, so the question has been posed of whether they were involved in her gaining her superpowers. But that's a questions for another day (season 2, perhaps?)

Jessica and Luke follow their own investigation into what Kilgrave is getting up to, including forcing some scientists in a lab to work non-stop. They speculate that he may be keeping Albert alive in order to find a way to boost the strength of his abilities. Kilgrave not only wants more power, he wants protection to keep Jessica from being able to stop and kill him as she remains the one person immune to his abilities. During their investigation and stake-outs, Luke also tells Jessica that he forgives her for killing Reva and the two seem to be in a better place now with whatever relationship they will have moving forward.

Trish visits Jessica and meets Luke Cage. She tells Jessica in private that she should pursue a relationship with him or at the very least, forgive herself and find some happiness once everything with Kilgrave is finished. She had intended to tell Jessica about what she learned regarding IGH but decides that now isn't the right time to do so.

Jessica and Luke track down a nightclub where Kilgrave had been testing the capabilities of the enhancements on his powers. Kilgrave emerges and confronts Jessica, revealing that he has had Luke under his control the entire time and had told him what to say to forgive Jessica. Their entire intimate conversation about forgiving her had been composed by Kilogram. Luke then knocks Jessica to the other side of the club while Kilgrave shares the numbers on how far his powers reach and for how long they last. Luke, still under Kilgrave's control, attacked Jessica and the two fight with the full strength of their abilities.

After police officers arrive and are overpowered by Luke, Jessica is finally able to get the upper hand and get a shotgun pointed directly at his head. Luke, still unable to shake off Kilgrave's influence, tells her to do it and so she shoots him.

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