Peter Mensah and Arielle Kebbel on Sexy "Midnight, Texas" Characters, Vampires, Romance

NBC's latest supernatural drama, "Midnight, Texas" serves up all the must-have delights associated with the genre. There's fantastical creatures, magic, and a whole lot of romance. For series stars Peter Mensah and Arielle Kebbel, it's an opportunity to play terrifically exciting characters.

"I play Olivia Charity," says Kebbel. "She is an assassin. She has an incredibly painful childhood as we'll learn as the series goes on. It explains part of why she doesn't trust men, why she's so angry. She's found a lot of compassion and friendship and therapeutic healing in her relationship with [Lemuel]. The two of them together are very protective of the town of Midnight and the other Midnighters."

"I play Lemuel Bridger, who is the resident town vampire." shares Mensah. "[He's] been around a couple hundred years and has over the years, been given the gift and adaptation of the ability to leech energy for his survival. So he doesn't actually need to feed on blood to survive. That allows him to live in Midnight and develop a relationship with someone living."

Kebbel teases that the relationship between the two is "very sexy," prompting Mensah to elaborate further on his character and his abilities. "As you watch the episodes, at some point each of us, our backgrounds get explored a little bit more and you get to learn how we became the way we are. With Lem, Lem actually at a certain stage was a regular vampire and something happened. So in some coming episodes, you will see what happened that made his eyes blue that turned him into the way he is. What he does is, he can actually leech energy from living creatures and people, and depending on the severity of the leeching it can be something devastating and can actually kill or it could actually be essential experience which is what he has developed with Olivia."

Despite the different take on the vampire mythology, there will be no shortage of kills and fangs. Kebbel even says that something brutal will take place in episode 6. Mensah shares that other signature vampire elements are still present. "Lem is a very different vampire. There are times his fangs will show but he doesn't show them all the time. There's a lot of the typical vampire characteristics, speed, strength, longevity. He's recognisable as a vampire, but you're gonna meet a very different kind of supernatural. You'll find in Midnight that the humans and the supernaturals are all a little bit different. Their stories aren't as obvious as you think."

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