Preacher S02E06 "Sokosha" Recap

A Japanese man running a clinical trial of sorts meets with an African American couple. He extracts 15% of an unknown substance from the man as the two are desperate for funds to pay their bills. The couple is given a check for $150,000 for the small vial of glowing liquid extracted from the man's leg. In turn, the man brings the vial to an older white couple. The woman appears to be suffering from dementia or a similar condition that effects her cognition. After confirming that the sample is a match to the woman, the Japanese man uses a machine to turn the liquid into a pill which restores the woman's cognitive abilities. Following this, the man is paid $2,700,000 for her services. He is shown to be transported in an armored truck with a security team and a cabinet full of similar vials.

Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are resuming their search for God and enjoying breakfast together while discussing where they'll go next. The Saint of Killers is fast approaching with Viktor's daughter, who agreed to give up Jesse's location when he cornered her after murdering Viktor. She directs him to the correct building but sends him into the wrong apartment. While the Saint is murdering one of the neighbors, the girl runs away. The Saint continues his hunt for Jesse by murdering the neighbors one by one. Jesse realises something is wrong, having heard a gunshot and finding that a stray bullet went through the fridge and into a yogurt. The bullet indicates it's the Saint that's on his way to their location but by the time he arrives at their apartment the trio have escaped out the window.

Jesse tries to call Fiore for help or perhaps information but learns of his death, though it doesn't seem he knows that he was inadvertently responsible for him finally being able to die by using Genesis to tell him to find peace. The trio head to a library to do research on the Saint of Killers in the hopes of finding a way to stop him. This is how they learn that the Saint was a man that lost his soul and was banished by God. He was forced to relive his worst memory in Hell over and over again. Cassidy cals Deniis to try to warn him about the Saint but by then it's too late, as Denis enters his apartment anyway and is captured by the Saint. Jesse speaks through Denis' cell phone and uses Genesis to tell him not to hurt Gensis. Jesse says he's coming and returns to the apartment. Denis is still alive but being help captive. Jesse informs the Saint that God is missing and shows him the audition tape to prove his account of what has happened and how he is now on a quest to find him. Jesse strikes a deal with the Saint. Now that God is gone, he can't be the one to let the Saint back into heaven so Jesse offers to find him a soul so the Saint will be able to enter heaven. Jesse informs Tulip and Cassidy of what he must now do and they must stay behind as the Saint's hostages with Denis. Jesse has just one hour to get a soul for the Saint or else they'll all be killed.

Jesse visits a voodoo shop in search of a soul for the Saint. The man running the shop tells Jesse about the Japanese company seen at the beginning of the episode, which has now taken over the business of dealing with souls. He directs Jesse to a truck outside that operates for the company and the man inside is the same one seen previously. Jesse tries to get into the truck but it's too heavily armored to easily break into and the men inside either don't notice him or refuse to open it up. Tulip calls Jesse to check on his progress and warns that Denis isn't doing well and needs his medicine. Tulip instructs him to go to a shop to pick up some simple supplies to build a bomb that detonates as the truck is beginning to drive away but the technology is so advanced that the man in the back doesn't even notice that a bomb went off. Jesse is confronted by some police officers for making the bomb and says he'll have to call Tulip back.

Tulip asks Cassidy about the concern he has for Denis and Cassidy reveals that Denis is his son. Tulip is moved by this revelation and implores the Saint to let Denis go so he can get the medicine he needs and says that she and Cassidy will still be his hostages. Tulip tries to use the memory of the Saint's daughter to convince him but this only angers him and he remains unmoved to the plight of Denis.

Jesse uses the police officers that cornered him to get into the truck. He demands the man find a match for the Saint but his soul type is so rare that none of the vials in the truck match. Jesse then tests his own soul and finds that it is a match. Jesse asks what the least amount he can give is and the man says it's 1%. He gets the extract turned into a pill and makes it back to the apartment just in time before the Saint was about to kill Tulip and was only delayed by Cassidy having his fingers sliced off on the Saint's blade to hold him off.

Jesse is revealed to have come from a family called L'Angelle that has some type of connection to the ongoings of the series but the extent of which has yet to be revealed. Cassidy and Tulip leave with Denis to get him his help, leaving Jesse alone with the Saint. Jesse hands over the tablet and the Saint correctly deduces that it has come from Jesse. Once the Saint has taken the tablet, Jesse is able to use Genesis to command him to do his bidding. Jesse orders the Saint to get on his knees and the Saint must obey. The Saint was only immune to Genesis before due to his lack of a soul. Jesse forces the Saint to disarm himself of all his weapons and Jesse considers sending the Saint back to hell for all the crimes he has committed in his time murdering people.

Instead of sending him back to hell, Jesse requires the armored truck and locks the Saint in the back portion of it before sinking it into a swamp. The Saint screams for Jesse as the truck slowly sinks to the bottom.

Cassidy gets Denis settled back into his home with brand new TV (the Saint had destroyed the previous one). Tulip is worried about Jesse and tired from the latest disruptions to their quest. Jesse is shown to be in the bathroom, hiding the Saint's weapons under the bathroom floor.

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