Preacher S02E07 "Pig" Recap

In Vietnam, an older couple is frightened by something outside their home. Herr Starr is called in to investigate the commotion it attracts and finds a floating pig that both frightens and awes the locals.

Back in New Orleans, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy are resuming their search for God but struggle to know what to do next. Denis is recuperating as well as to be expected after being terrorized by the Saint, whom Jesse had locked in an armored truck and sunk into the swamp in the previous episode. When Jesse is at a loss as to where to go next and what to do so Cassidy proposes they go to a dive bar where a dangerous game is being played. People that choose to participate must don a bulletproof vest, be shot at and then get up afterwards. Jesse and Tulip set up a scam so Cassidy will be shot at in the game with the biggest gun the the players have which would kill anyone that was a regular human. Cassidy is posing as Tulip's boyfriend and the two kiss as part of the charade which Jesse is taken aback by, believing it to be a bit more convincing than he'd like. Cassidy is injured but survives due to his being a vampire and the trio are able to scam the players out of their money.

Denis must use a translator at the bar, due to Cassidy not understanding French, to inform him that although Cassidy has been a selfish, absent father, he can save Denis from dying of congestive heart failure if he would agree to turn him into a vampire. Cassidy refuses to do so and Denis leaves the bar upset.

In a flashback, Herr Starr is interviewed by a hiring agent that informs him that only the most qualified and pious candidates will be considered for an elite new job. Herr Starr has resolved the floating pig situation in Vietnam by killing everyone that was exposed to it. He is invited to a rigorous boot camp in which he is tested on a number of skills including combat and seduction. He has the most unconventional approach out of any of the candidates but proves to be an effective candidate, though opts to make threats instead of traditional seduction. However, he is the strongest at withstanding torture by electrical shocks as he doesn't react at all. When the candidates are narrowed down to two candidates and they are tested on their ability to shoot, Herr Starr opts to shoot the final candidate remaining instead of the target. Thus, he is selected to join The Grail. This secret organisation has been at the heart of many world events for a long time and their aim is to preserve the lineage of Jesus Christ, who secretly had a child, in preparation for the apocalypse. Herr Starr must help take out false prophets and be the right-hand man of the Grail's leader. The Grail was even responsible for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. But Herr Starr kills the man in charge that recruited him shortly after he is brought into the group.

Tulip has a nightmare about the Saint of Killers due to the trauma of her encounter with him. Cassidy is missing as he passed out drunk after his disagreement with Denis and was mistaken for a dead body. When he wakes up he is inside a morgue cabinet. Tulip decides to cope with her trauma by engaging in the dangerous shooting game as a way of distractive thrill-seeking.

Herr Starr is given his next assignment, which is to go after Jesse next. Jesse is sitting watching a news story about the dead Vietnamese village that Herr Starr killed. He has been struggling with the aftermath of sacrificing part of his soul for his loved ones.

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