Preacher S02E09 "Puzzle Piece" Recap

Herr Starr's new office is being cleaned out and redecorated to suit his evil aesthetics, while his agents manage to catch Jesse using his Genesis powers on the surveillance system they installed in Denis' apartment. Things are still tense between our main trio, as Tulip continues to struggle with her PTSD and Cassidy resents Jesse. Tulip doesn't want to sleep because of the nightmares she's been having but the lack of rest isn't helping her health, thus prompting Jesse to use Genesis. Some agents later try to go after Jesse in the dead of night on Starr's orders to kill them all, but Jesse fends them off with his Genesis powers and commanding one agent to kill the rest of the men. Jesse wants to interrogate him but he is attacked by Denis, who is now a vampire.

Herr Starr is advised by one the agents to active "Brad" in order to take out Jesse, who has compelled the local law enforcement to not only clean up the mass amount of dead bodies in his apartment but to protect them as well. Jesse and Cassidy make peace over their past disagreements, with Jesse giving his approval of Denis being turned. Jesse also makes amends with Tulip, as Jesse implores her to see that going out and getting shot every night won't help her to move past her pain but she can get through it just as she has in the past with all that they've been through together as outlaws. She visits the new neighbour, still not knowing it's an agent, and borrows a gun from her. The other agent in the apartment doesn't understand why she'd let Tulip borrow a gun, but she merely states that it won't help at all against Brad.

Tulip's recovery won't be so easy though, as she ends up shooting the cleaner when she mistakes one of his bottles of chemicals for a gun. The tension is escalating in the apartment, as Jesse remains certain that something is coming for him. B.R.A.D. is revealed to be a drone that is heading straight for Jesse's apartment. Meanwhile Herr Starr finally begins to read Jesse's file and starts to gain an interest in what he learns about him. This prompts him to order his agents to call off the B.R.A.D. missile and with just moments to spare, it is redirected to land elsewhere at Harry Connick Jr's house. Herr Starr then visits Jesse in a bar, revealing himself and offering to help him in his search for God.

Preacher airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.


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