Preacher S02E10 "Dirty Little Secret" Recap

In a flashback, we see Jesus have a vigorous affair with a married woman and swears her to secrecy about what they have done. Back in the present, Herr Starr is forced to answer Jesse's questions about God and the Grail under the influence of Genesis. Starr reveals that the Grail was the one that hired and consequently killed the God imposter following God's disappearance.

The female Grail agent is able to infiltrated Denis' apartment by continuing her fabricated cover of being an abused woman. Tulip begins to open up and confide in her about everything that's been going on with Jesse. Cassidy is spending time bonding with the newly vampire-d Denis, who is being impulsive and hedonistic with his new strength and powers.

Meanwhile, Jesse goes back to the Grail headquarters in the hopes of learning more about where God has gotten to but the Grail doesn't appear to have any knowledge of his whereabouts, even when he meets the Pope. Those present from the Vatican reveal that a group of rebellious angels turned against God and forced him to go on the run but there's no further information. They mention something about a boy that needs to rise up and be the new leader but Herr Starr ushers them out before they can say anything further. Jesse uses Genesis to force Starr to reveal that there is a descendant of Jesus alive that is considered the be the next Messiah. Jesse commands Starr to take him to this heir after learning that the Grail's origins lie in the disciples of Jesus that had surmised what happened with both Jesus having an affair and consequently an offspring, and murdering the mother after the baby was born and taking it into their care.

Cassidy becomes concerned when he takes Denis out with their new women friends and Denis once again displays an inability to control his new vampiric impulses. Meanwhile, Tulip briefly realises that the Grail agent, 'Ginny', knows more than she should when she accidentally reveals knowledge of Tulip's past with the bank robbery gone wrong. So 'Ginny' slips into the bathroom and calls her Grail colleague and tells him to pretends to be the drunken ex that was part of her cover story. The two go out into the hallway when they hear him yelling for her and beat him up. Tulip tends to 'Ginny's head wound she got in the scuffle and for now it appears that Tulip buys the story. The two also note the broken tile in the bathroom and Ginny advises her to fix it as part of her self-care, which will undoubtedly send Tulip on the path of discovering what Jesse hid in the bathroom after sinking the truck containing the Saint - his stash of weapons.

Jesse is forced to put his head under a cloth bag to keep the secret of the Messiah's whereabouts but is still brought to meet him. When he finally meets the so-called Messiah, he's revealed to be a severely mentally handicapped man named Humperdoo. Starr thinks that Jesse should use his Genesis powers to fill God's role while he's missing but Jesses declines this offer as he believes doing so would be blasphemy. The Grail agents are revealed to be under Starr's orders to try to break Jesse and Tulip up and Tulip was deliberately manipulated into finding the Saint of Killer's weapons under the bathroom tile so that when he returns home, they will have a fight about it.

Preacher airs on Mondays on AMC at 9/8c.


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