Teen Wolf S06E11 "Said the Spider to the Fly" Recap

It's summer at Beacon Hills and Lacrosse practice is underway. Scott is acting as assistant coach before he'll be heading off to university. Liam is wallowing after Hayden left to protect her sister and because of all the change to come. Liam is overcome from some stress and his eyes start to glow, forcing Scott to rush on the field to to try to coach him down from exposing himself. A wolf with a bloody mouth then comes onto the field and Scott advises everyone to get back. Getting in front of the group, he glows his alpha red eyes and the wolf promptly leaves back into the forest. Scott and Liam walk after it in search of answers but what they find is a whole pack of dead wolves, though it's unclear if they are regular wolves or supernatural ones. Either way, it's an ominous opening.

Lydia tells Malia to get up and help, as Liam was asking for her assistance due to her experience of living as a coyote. She would rather get ready for her upcoming trip to France and fantasize about men.

Scott is packing in preparation for leaving Beacon Hills and advises Liam to remember his mantra so he will be able to keep control of his shifting when Scott isn't there in person to help him through it.

Two men observe a patient at Eiken house that has apparently been there since the facility opened in 1912. The patient is frozen solid and covered in hardened volcanic ash but when one of them taps the surface, the figure starts to crack through. The man tries to lower the ice-cold room even more but the figure explodes out of his shell to reveal a flaming hellhound.

Liam is struggling to pick his classes. He wants to find a way to raise his GPA and his guidance counselor encourages him to take Spanish instead of Latin. She continues her advising by helping Corey and Mason. She encourages them to lean on her and assures them that whatever strange things they want to talk about will be kept confidential. None of them are interested in sharing until Nolan comes in, still shaken from seeing the wolf at practice. She tells him he can talk about the animal attack in the library and he says that he's sick of people claiming strange happenings are animal attacks when they're not. He says that the wolf at lacrosse practice was "some kind of wolf" and she pushes him to share what other kind of wolves he's seen before the scene cuts away.

Liam and Mason head to the library and find some books are missing but then a classroom is attacked by a pack of rats which draws their attention away. They reach it after the new hellhound leaves his position of observing the screaming students. Mason observes that the rats came from the vents so he and Liam follow the drain down into the sewage where they find a bloody, dead rat gang.

Scott is concerned to leave his mother behind and gifts her with an electric stun baton. She promises to call Liam if she needs help and reveals a supply of items she plans on using if needed.

Liam and Mason bring Malia down to analyse the rat gang and she determines that the rats got scared, got their tails tangled up when crawling all over each other in a panic and tore each other apart. Malia can smell the fear on the dead rats but isn't interested in staying to help their investigation because her rerouted plane to Paris will be coming in soon.

The new hellhound is at the police station, having knocked out the people in it, and listens to the police radio scan until he hears Deputy Parrish reporting in about an accident. He heads to the hospital where an accident is being worked on. Parrish spots the hellhound walking off down a distant hallway and follows him. Liam and Mason bring a dead rat to Scott's mother hoping to have her medically examine it but she doesn't want to at that particular moment in time. Parrish has a vision of the hellhound despite not having caught up to him yet.

The hellhound hides in a room and is seemingly listening to people's heartbeats like he did when the students were panicking about the rats. Liam is punched by an angry man that was in an accident and must run away due to his being briefly spotted having the glowing eyes and fangs. With his bloody claws digging into his palms, he runs toward an elevator. The hellhound senses him running by and chases after him but Liam is none the wiser to his being chased, being distracted by trying to control his transformation. The doors shut before the hellhound can get to him.

Lydia has a vision of entering an empty home. The phone rings but it's just a shrill tone on the other end of the line. Suddenly, the house is covered in cobwebs and there's no way to get out. There's sounds of people screaming and gunfire. A voice tells her that they "let it out" and she becomes tangled in the webs before coming out of the premonition. She determines that the group inadvertently let something out of the other world when they rescued their friends from the Riders on the Storm.

Parrish tracks the hellhound to the school and asks him what he is. The hellhound says they are the same. Parrish tries to question what his motives and intentions are and the hellhound says he's after something they let out (the same thing Lydia had a premonition of) and that thing must be stopped. Liam and Mason arrive at the school and witness the two just as the hellhound activates his powers and Parrish does the same before a fight breaks out. The guidance counselor from earlier is outside and hears the sounds of the fight. She handles some vials and gets a gun out of her car. The new hellhound gets the upper hand on Parrish and throws him into a wall, knocking him out. Liam tells Mason to run and attempts to fight the hellhound. The hellhound easily overpowers Liam long enough to listen to his heartbeat and determines that Liam is not the one he is looking for. Mason tries to attack the hellhound with a bat but the hellhound knocks him out and Liam becomes energized to fight the hellhound and get some good hits/scratches in. The two eventually stop fighting and the hellhound says that what he's after must be stopped and nothing else matters. Liam recites his mantra to return to his regular state and when he looks up the hellhound has disappeared.

Scott has packed up and is ready to leave for university but the truck stalls. When it finally starts, he sees Lydia standing in front of it and she tells him they can't leave.

Liam is concerned his wounds haven't healed yet but Mason tells him that it's hellfire so it will take longer. Liam is discouraged but Mason tells him he did well without Scott, advising him that things change and people move on. Liam understands this but says it still hurts.

Lydia and Scott stop Malia on her way to the airport to leave for Paris, saying they need her help. She  goes to leave but then relents and decides to stay and help, postponing her trip to Paris in the process. Lydia informs them that they let something out and must put it back. They are concerned that there will be a big price to pay, as this is what the Nematon has taught them.

The guidance counselor tracks the injured hellhound down in the forest and shoots him. At first, he retaliates by attacking her but she gets hold of a log and knocks him in the head long enough to regain her gun and shoot him in the head, killing him. Scott, Lydia, and Malia reach the scene and find the dead hellhound. They're confused, as it was said that you can't kill hellhound but when they find the shell casing from the gun, it bears the mark of Argent. The guidance counselor had already gotten away and returned to her car where she wipes the blood from her face. This guidance counselor has yet to be properly identified but she appears to be an Argent.

Scott, Lydia, and Malia contemplate having to call Stiles and bring him in on their case. He had called from Quantico, Virginia where he is entering the FBI academy and very excited about it. He left a voicemail saying he misses them and advises Scott to get out of Beacon Hills to live his life. They know that if they don't call him and what they're up against ends up being something big, he would never forgive him. Stiles is in a class and shown a video of a recent manhunt of "feral unsub" which Stiles recognises as Derek Hale. The instructor says that the man is wanted for mass murder.

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