Teen Wolf S06E12 "Raw Talent" Recap

Theo has been living in his car, repeatedly getting caught by police offers when sleeping in it, telling him to move along. One night, a spider gets into his car and begins crawling on his skin until it seemingly supernaturally burrows itself into his skin. He goes to the vet's office and finds a scalpel to stab it where it's burrowing underneath the skin on his back and pulls it out, after which it dissipates in a puff of smoke. He considers calling Scott McCall but his decision process is interrupted by hunters that have surrounded his car and shoot into it repeatedly.

Scott wants to find Chris Argent to enquire about the bullet bearing the Arden crest discovered by the body of the dead hell-hound in last week's episode. He's with Malia and Lydia but takes off running when some hunters begin rapidly approaching. He is surrounded and wolfs out, prepared to fight, but then one of them turns out to be Sheriff Stilinski and all of the other hunters are actually just police officers. Sheriff Stilinski gets the rest of the officers to stand down, as does Deputy Parrish, and they show the pair the body of the deal hell-hound though they don't reveal the bullet bearing the Arden crest.

The new school counselor that killed the hellhound tells Liam she's schedules an appointment for him to come and talk to her. She later finds a knife stabbed into her office desk and an ominous message written on her white board that says "Opportunities multiply as they are seized".

One of the new lacrosse players puts on his helmet in preparation for practice but spiders emerge from it and swarm his face and crawl into his mouth.

Lydia determines that her vision is somehow connected to Eichen House. Scott and Malia continue their investigation into finding where the bullet came from. They head to Chris Argent's old base of operations and realise that he must be back in town and back in the business of being a hunter. Scott also realises that the password to get into Argent's computer is "Allison".

Deputy Parrish heads to Eichen House to learn more about the Hellhound that was taking up residence in there for the last hundred years. He and the Doctor hear the voice of a girl behind a locked door of a corridor asking for help. The Doctor wants to lock the unit down but Parrish threatens him into opening it and letting him in, though the Doctor locks Parrish into it immediately afterwards and hurries away.

The school counsellor becomes suspicious of one of the lacrosse players, believing him to be a supernatural creature. The expression on her face reads like she intends to hunt him down. Liam struggles to keep his anger under control to keep from wolfing out.

Scott and Malia down Chris Argent, who is in a deal to sell some guns that's about to go wrong. A shootout ensues and the teens help Argent to gain the upper hand.

Deputy Parrish finds numerous victims begging for help, having been subjected to severe electroshock therapy. The Doctor emerges and electrocutes Parrish before locking him in a cell designed to contain hell hounds, the same one that kept the previous hellhound locked up.The temperature is lowered considerably, with the intent to freeze him like the last hellhound. He grew disillusioned by the work of Eichen House to contain supernatural beings and began to believe the best solution was to kill them.

The school counsellor uses some wolfsbane to disarm the student that she previously set her sights on for being a werewolf. She beats him and he rapidly heals. She admires how incredible the healing ability is but also declares that no one should be able to do that. The werewolf student swipes her neck, leaving a deep scratch wound and uses her pause as an opportunity to get away.

Scott and Malia enquire about the bullet and Chris tells them he hasn't stamped a bullet since Allison died. He asks to see the bullet but Scott thinks that it fell out of his pocket during the shoot-out and is now likely lost in the sea of casings. Chris tells them to find the slug and they'll finds their killer.

Liam struggles to fix his broken locker door that he bent out of shape when punching it out of rage, eventually knocking it off completely. Mason and Corey come into the locker room to set up plans to study together but they are distracted when they notice a blood rail, which they follow to find a dead body seemingly completely removed of its skin. They determine that only one of the players is unaccounted for and run to the parking lot to check if his car is still there.

Lydia visits Eichen House and struggles to make her way through the corridors, remembering the traumatic torture she experienced when she was locked inside by the Doctors. She is searching for Jordan, who is unable to move due to his significantly lowered body temperature. When she has a auditory vision of Jordan being killed by the Doctor, she tracks them down and unleashes a Banshee scream just in time to keep Parrish from being shot in the head.

Malia and Scott bond over their shared traumas from being hunted. They are met in the forest by Chris Argent, who helps them track down a bullet shot during the attack on the Hellhound. The bullet is made out of silver. They realise that the person doing this hunting is a new Hunter, one that doesn't know what they are doing. They made bullets out of silver, which isn't actually an effective method because silver doesn't shoot straight in bullet form.

Liam, Mason, and Corey find Aaron, the student from earlier that got swarmed by spiders, sitting in an empty classroom. It's made all the more eerie considering it's late at night and the school is empty.

Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris determine that the common thread in these attacks is fear. Fear will make everyone afraid of them, the supernatural beings. Scared people will do things that are entirely unpredictable and dangerous.

The school counsellor is cornered in the woods by the werewolf student she attacked earlier. He prepares to strike her down but is shot in the shoulder and runs off. The shooter is revealed to be Gerard Argent, returned from the dead, and introduces himself as someone that's been doing what she's up to for far longer than her but recognises her raw talent.

Teen Wolf airs on Sundays on MTV at 10PM.


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