Teen Wolf S06E14 "Face-to-Faceless" Recap

A teenager visits the faceless corpse in the hospital and vomits spiders onto it that merge with its body. The boy passes out onto the ground and the corpse sits up on the slab.

A young woman/werewolf named Quinn has her tire blow out and when some men pull over to seemingly help her she is immediately suspicious of them. They attack and she fights back. She beats them and a Beacon Hills deputy pulls over only to shoot Quinn.

Liam doesn't want to go to school after he was caught by so many townsfolk in his werewolf form. Scott is insistent that he keep going and tries to give him a pep talk but Liam is discouraged that people hate them even though they've tried to save everyone's lives. Scott reminds him that he needs to keep going or else more people will die. Liam relents and goes to school but is uncomfortable throughout the entire day, as he can supernaturally hear countless students talking about him. The day only goes from bad to worse as Nolan rallies up more fear-mongering to make the entire lacrosse team turn against him and vote him out of his position as team captain. Nolan wants to goad Liam into shifting but Coach interrupts so Liam says that he has willingly stepped back as captain because his grades are slipping.

Scott tells Chris about how Gerard is back and stirring up anti-Supernatural sentiments. Chris goes to meet him in an effort to call peace but Gerard isn't interested in any sort of truce. Gerard only has one message to send back to Scott: run.

Liam takes refuge from his gossiping peers in guidance counsellor Monroe's office. He feigns wanting to open up but as she begins talking about wanting to help, he notices a book on her cabinet about the supernatural and spots the scratches on her neck. She claims to have been scratched by a branch in the woods but Liam deduces that she is the new hunter.

Chris visits Melissa to warns her to send Scott away from Beacon Hills for his own safety but the conversation is interrupted by Scott himself, who informs them of what Liam has learned - that Monroe is the new hunter.

Deputy Parrish is panicking due to his increased fear caused by the faceless corpse. He goes over the files of the shot hellhound and nearly shoots at a hallucination till Sheriff Stilinski stops him and demands to know what he saw.

Lydia visit Monroe to ask her to help put a stop to the violence, pushing for existence. She wants Monroe to meet with Scott and though she is unwilling at first she agrees to a meeting in the tunnels. Malia think it's a bad idea for Scott to go.

Liam is being increasingly excluded and ostracised by his peers and learns that the entire lacrosse team is blocking the exits of the school because they want to make him shift. Mason tries to help sneak him out with Corey using his invisibility but it doesn't work. Nolan showers them with dust, forcing them back into visibility and the team begins beating Liam up.

Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish visit Melissa at the morgue so she can show them the faceless corpse but when she opens the drawer, it's gone.

Scott heads down to the tunnels and finds Monroe, Gerard and more of his recruits waiting for him. Scott offers all of the supernatural people to leave Beacon Hills but Monroe refuses, saying that they'll simply follow the Supernaturals and hunt them down. Monroe reveals her back story, that she was at the school for a late night faculty meeting when the Beast attacked and murdered everyone. She was the lone survivor of the massacre in the bus. She claims that Scott and Parrish, who were there, didn't care about checking for survivors and only cared about keeping their secret. Sheriff Stilinski, a human, was the one that found her and got her to medical treatment.

Malia and Lydia arrive in the tunnel but so does the faceless corpse shortly after, though it remains hidden in the shadows. It amplifies everyone's fear and Lydia senses that it's there but it's too late and the guards start firing. Deputy Parrish arrives in the tunnels and charges through the stream of bullets with a flair in his hand. He grabs the faceless corpse by the throat and ignites the both of them with the flair. It is burnt to a crisp and Parrish is okay.

The lacrosse team keep beating Liam, but he only repeats his mantra and refuses to shift into his wolf form. Nolan keeps goading him but he stays human, as Mason stays held back by the other students. Even the science teacher refuses to do anything, claiming it's better to let the students work it out amongst themselves. When Coach Linstock arrives, he pulls the boys off Liam and orders them to the principal's office and sends everyone out of the classroom.

The group all reconvene at Scott's house where they meet the new werewolf Quinn, who survived her attack but is still injured and reveals that the side of anti-Supernaturals has a deputy on their side. Scott realises that they now have far more of a reach than they thought.

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