Teen Wolf S06E13 "After Images" Recap

Brett is still running through the woods, injured from his encounter with guidance counsellor Tamora Monroe and Gerard. He slams himself against a tree to try to push the arrow out of him and keep running while Gerard and Tamora continue their pursuit. They find him phone, which had been planted as bait. He throws the arrow towards Tamora and nearly hits her except Gerard pulls her out of the way.

Liam and Mason are hanging out, playing video games. Mason asks to sleep over and Liam realises something is wrong. Mason admits that he hasn't been able to get the faceless body they found out of his head. He asks Liam if he knows what 'after images' are and says he's suffering from a more severe version of it. The image is staying with him and he's suffering through seeing it over and over again everywhere.

Melissa prepares to perform an autopsy on the faceless body but when she prepares to cut into the corpse, the lights flicker and go off. She gets spooked and runs out of the morgue.

The group gathers to look for Brett, who is still missing. Brett's sister found his lacrosse stick which had his blood on it. Mason and Corey wait with Lydia who tries to summon a premonition to determine Brett's whereabouts. Eventually, something comes to her and she begins to scribble a series of messages in different languages. Scott, Malia, and Liam track Brett in the woods while Lydia decides she needs to go back to where her last premonition was and to go alone so as to not be distracted.

Melissa calls Chris Argent and asks him to get a tissue sample from the body for her, as she is now too spooked to do it herself. She waits out in the hall and he heads in to see what has stressed her out. As he approaches the body, he appears to grow increasingly nervous and imagines that a different dead body is starting to come alive. He comes back outside and talks with Melissa about how they both experienced terror when being near the body.

Gerard continues to instruct Tamora on how to track a body and the two determine that Brett must have gone underground to hide.

Lydia carries on in search of answers, having derived the number '68' from her earlier premonition. She goes walking along the school lockers, tapping on the one that bears the number 68.

Scott, Liam, and Malia follow Brett's sister into the sewers, as she realised this was where he was headed based on a clue he left her of some piled rocks. Liam lets out a roar against the advice of the rest of the group to let Brett know they're coming. This also lets Gerard and Tamora know that the pack is on the way, while they are unknowingly standing underneath Brett who is hiding on a ledge and catches a drop of blood falling from his wound that might have alerted them to his presence. Tamora is concerned that there are two many pack members on the way for them to take on as just a duo but Gerard advises her that the best strategy in their current situation is to divide and conquer.

Melissa and Chris decide to tag-team working on the faceless corpse. He advises her to talk her way through the possible reasons why the body is inducing fear, so as to distract herself while she tries to get a flesh sample. She does so while Chris holds the body at gunpoint. Though the two are overwhelmed by terror, Melissa is able to get the tissue sample and Chris hurries to shut the body back into the morgue cabinet.

Scott is badly injured by a booby-trap the hunters set. He realises that something is wrong and that this is not the work of amateurs. Brett's sister wants to hurry on after him and Liam says he'll go with her. Scott urges Malia to go with them but she insists on staying with him.

Melissa is shocked to find that the tissue sample has nothing when being examined. There's no DNA or cell structure of any kind - something that should be impossible.

Liam and Brett's sister begin to track him by following the scent of the poison of his wound. Tamara has an opportunity to shoot at them but Gerard stops her, saying this isn't about killing just one werewolf.

A student named Nolan is being overcome with fear and paranoia. He seems intent on trying to figure out or witness firsthand Corey's supernatural ability. He tries to bait an answer out of Corey and Mason before escalating the situation until he stabs Corey's hand with a pen and then immediately holding his rapidly healed hand to the rest of the students. Mason tries to cover up the situation by claiming it was just a scratch, while Nolan leaves quickly with the pen soaked in Corey's blood.

Scott realises that Gerard was the one that set the booby trap that injured him, as the strategy of splitting them up is the same. He and Malia then hurry to find Liam and Brett's sister, knowing they are walking into a trap.

Lydia corners Nolan in the halls when she spots him wearing a lacrosse jersey that bears the number 68 on it. She asks if he knows about Brett and he says he doesn't. He then asks if she's one of "them" and though she doesn't know what he's talking about, he runs away.

Liam and Brett's sister Lori finally find Brett and he's gravely injured. He's oozing black slime from his body. Then a smoke bomb goes off and a high-pitched wail begins with a flashing light which Liam pursues while Lori tries to get away with Brett. When Liam finds that no one is where the light is flashing, he realises there must have been a trap and turns around to go after Lori and Brett.

Gerard tells Tamora that the endgame in place is to build an army to hunt all the wolves.

Malia tries to take some of Scott's pain away but it's not working. She is angry that Scott is so badly injured and chides him for not letting her call Stiles earlier. Scott begins to pass out, but not before the two have some cryptic conversation dancing around the possibility of a blossoming romantic relationship between the two. The charge of emotion works as Malia is able to take some of Scott's pain away and he wakes up, confused and uncertain of what they were talking about.

Melissa and Chris continue to discuss the body, noting the effects of the body are still lingering. The two then admit a romantic interest in each other that they should've acted on earlier.

Lydia then discusses Mason and Corey's encounter with Nolan. They note that Nolan was afraid of them for being supernatural and they observe countless other students already beginning to stare at them which is what her premonition was about -- people turning on each other.

Liam tries to warn Lori and Brett as they are crawling out of the sewer back onto the street but the siblings are struck by a car before he can stop them. Liam wolfs out and jumps onto the road where Lori is crying over Brett's dead body. Liam lets out an anguished roar which Scott and Malia hear from down in the sewer. Liam is then surrounded by other people driving up in cars and walking towards the scene. They all observe Liam in his werewolf form while Gerard advises Tamora that the best way to build an army is through fear.

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