Teen Wolf S6E15 "Pressure Test" Recap

Theo and two wolves from Satomi's pack are shown to be tortured by a hunters. The hunter isn't trying to get any answers out of them - the torture is pure sadism. Theo goads the hunters into turning up the electric shocks when he realises it's melting through their restraints. The wolves break free and they reveal that Satomi is dead so Theo suggests they join Scott's pack since he is always so welcoming to wolves in need. They walk down the road and are promptly arrested by Sheriff Stilinski for the murder of some hunters.

When the trio are locked up in a cell, Theo goads them into revealing they killed some people. Theo is let go because he had nothing to do with it. But he can't leave the station because Monroe has surrounded the station with a bunch of armed followers that want the teenagers that murdered the hunters. Liam implores Scott to not leave the teenagers behind and Scott agrees that they'll all fight through the mob together with the help of the teenagers but they have to stay inside.

Sheriff Stilinski goes outside to try to reason with Monroe but she won't relent. She wants those teenagers, dead or alive. Nolan also sneaks into the station under Monroe's orders to cut the power but he gets caught. He is arrested and is put in a cell next to the teenagers, whom he knows from before they were supernatural. Nolan has some wolfsbane in his pocket and he's prepared to try to kill the teenagers but Liam stops him in time. A smoke bomb is set off in the station as a distraction and Parrish tells Stilinski it had to have been someone already inside - meaning one of their own is working with Monroe.

Mason and Corey break into Deaton's clinic but he catches them. They brainstorm ideas to try to piece together what is causing all this fear. Deaton has been trying to figure it out for some time.

Liam tells Scott he needs to check the imprisoned wolves and he forces them to reveal their eyes, which shine blue. As it turns out, the hunters they hunted down hadn't actually killed anyone yet so they were innocent for the time being. Now Scott finds himself in one hell of a moral dilemma.

Monroe had only given Stilinski till midnight to hand over the teenagers and time is running out. One deputy hangs himself as the fear escalates and Deputy Morrow shoots herself in the head. Lydia warns the group that whatever is causing the fear is inside the station with them. Nolan has been locked up in the holding cell and Stilinski refuses to hand over the teenagers, whom he still sees as innocent despite the technicality of the crime they committed. Scott gets an idea to try to trick Monroe. They decide that they can give the two dead bodies to Monroe since she doesn't know what the teenagers look like.

Deaton has half a drawing he found in his investigation and when Corey presents him with the second half, he figures out what's causing all the fear. An Anuk-Ite is an ancient shapeshifting creature that has two faces. If these two faces, or two separate creatures, come together then they will become unstoppable.

The ruse is under way but Monroe asks to see the pack tattoos on the bodies. But before a fight can break out, Scott's father arrives with the FBI as back-up. He can take the teenagers into custody fully on display in front of the mob so no violence will break out. Scott's father stays behind to try to talk things out with him while the other FBI agents drive the teenagers out of town.

The supernaturals are making their preparations to leave Beacon Hills for their own safety. Mason is distraught at the prospect of his friends leaving.

Unfortunately, the two teenagers still end up dead, as the agent that was driving them was in league with Monroe. Monroe tells Nolan that the wolves were taken care of but since she begins to doubt his abilities to help the group, she says he'll need to do something to prove himself.

Mason is in class doing a math problems when he gets a message that he needs to get to the animal clinic. When he gets there, he finds that none of the group actually left but only pretended to do so because everyone else needed to believe that they're out of town. Now they're prepared to fight.

Teen Wolf airs on Sundays on MTV at 10PM.


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