The Defenders S01E01 "The H Word" Recap

In Cambodia, a resurrected Elektra is fighting alongside agents of the Hand. Her face isn't officially revealed but all clues point to it being Elektra that lands some deliciously wicked blows against Danny Rand in battle. She gets away, of course, and Danny and Colleen Wing must pick up the pieces of their investigation into the Hand. Their lead was killed in battle but before he dies, informs them that the fight they are involved in is going on in New York City.

Each of the other Defenders is at a new turning point in life. Matt Murdock is no longer doing his Daredevil vigilantism and is focusing only on his work as a pro bono lawyer. The trauma of losing Elektra in battle has weighed heavily on his conscience. He doesn't work with Foggy or Karen anymore, either. Jessica Jones is now known to the city for her heroism in defeating Kilgrave and despite Trish's pushing, Jessica is still reluctant to take on any sort of superhero role. Luke Cage has had his name cleared by Foggy, who is now working for Jeri Hogarth's firm. Just as soon as he is released from prison, he goes to see Claire Temple, with whom he had been corresponding during his imprisonment. The two consummate their relationship.

Viewers are also introduced to the enigmatic Alexandra, leader of the Hand, who appears to be suffering from some health issues.

Jessica meets Michelle Raymond and her daughter Lexi when the two are waiting for her at her office/apartment. Michelle's husband John is missing. He works as an architect and though Jessica is dismissive of the woman's pleas, she eventually decides to take the case after they leave when she receives a call from a mysterious, anonymous caller that warns her not to look for John. Jessica later discovers a massive stash of explosives that John had stockpiled for some unknown purpose.

Misty visits Luke and informs him that some local Harlem young-adults have been getting into trouble with a mysterious business and eventually end up dead. These youths are all seemingly at a crossroads and get swept up in the wrong direction and Misty urges Luke to use his influence over the nieghbourhood to try to save more from falling into this same trap.

Alexandra is informed that all of her major organs are failing. She is dying with little time left so she commands her colleagues in the Hand to speed up their plans. Shortly afterward, a massive earthquake surges through New York City that all of the Defenders feel, including Danny who has arrived back in New York with Colleen. Alexandra watches from the rooftop of a building with the resurrected Elektra.

Marvel's The Defenders is available for streaming on Netflix.


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