The Defenders S01E03 "Worst Behavior" Recap

Some months ago, Alexandra is informed that agents of the Hand have acquired the Black Sky. This is an ancient weapon prophesised to be something that will help them in their quest for power. The Black Sky is Elektra's deceased body. The Hand is running low on resources and must use the last of what they have to gather what's necessary to perform a ritual that will resurrect her. When Elektra rises, she appears to have no memory of who she once was and must regain her faculties. She still has strength and fighting skills but being resurrected means relearning and adjusting to being alive. Alexandra is with Elektra every step of the way to teach her to be the weapon that the Hand can use against those that would try to stop them. Elektra helps Alexandra to interrogate Stick, who is amazed to learn of her resurrection. However, Stick gets his own hand cut off so he can make his escape.

Matt makes his best attempts to help Jessica as her legal representation but she is dismissive of his taking her case. However, he picks up on hints that there is more to her case than he first realised and begins to investigate it himself by following her. Jessica goes to visit the once-missing-but-now-dead man John's wife, having now agreed to fully take on the case of investigating what he was getting into. Afterwards, she realises that Matt is following her so she slips him and begins to follow him instead. She follows his down an alleyway where she sees him do some parkour and even photographs him.

Luke expresses his guilt to Claire about not being able to save Cole, who has now been arrested. He also shares about the confrontation with a skinny white kid with a glowing hand, leading Claire to realise it's Danny that had fought him. She calls Danny and Colleen and sets up a meeting for Luke and Danny to be introduced. Things remain tense between the two, as Luke can't relate to Danny's tone-deaf privilege and his inability to utilise the resources at his disposal to more effectively fight the causes he claims to be in favour of. Luke storms out and goes to visit Cole in jail. Afterwards he visits Cole's mother to check in on her but things take a dark turn when she gets a call that Cole died in jail, presumably by the Hand.

Danny takes inspiration from what Luke said about his privilege so he uses his corporate connections to find the location of the Hand's new business front, a company called Midland Circle. Jessica arrives there from having followed her own leads and Matt follows her there too. Luke also arrives to help Danny, who has crashed a large meeting of the higher-ups of the Hand. A fight breaks out between the Defenders and the Hand and after some time, Elektra emerges and begins fighting Matt though it takes him some time to realise who it is that he's fighting. The Defenders all escape together after Danny punches Elektra through a wall with his magical glowing hand.

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