Hemlock Grove S03E06 "Pendant" Recap

Peter and Destiny are visited by some police officers who tell them that based on the calibre of the firearms used to kill Andreas, they believe that it was a professional hit. Destiny is suspicious that Nik and Bajram, criminal colleagues and best friends to Andreas, haven't stopped by to check on them.

Olivia wakes in her motel room and finds that the black marks on her skin that indicate her sickness have begun to spread.  She's visited by Ochoa who wants to help her like she asked. But Ochoa needs to be paid and so together with Olivia, they search for a way to find funds.

Roman confronts Pryce about his working with Olivia behind his back. Pryce apologises and admits that Olivia had been blackmailing him into doing so. Pryce also warns Roman to stay away from Olivia, as she is very sick now with cancer and may become dangerous as the disease continues to progress. He says they must work together now if they are to find baby Nadia.

Andreas' funeral takes place with Destiny, Peter, Roman, Annie, and few others in attendance. Destiny is perturbed that more haven't come. After everyone else leaves, Destiny cuts open Andreas' autopsy stitches and has a vision of him being beaten before he is fatally shot.

Roman visits Annie but the visit is interrupted by Olivia, who reveals their sibling relationship to Roman who promptly leaves, horrified.

Pryce visits a man that experimented on and butchered children, all claiming it was in the name of science to interrogate him for answers that will help him in his own research and search for Roman's baby. He kills the man afterward.

Olivia lashes out at Ochoa when she becomes increasingly paranoid that he or someone else might be messing with her. She then admits that she has cancer and that it is causing strange marks on her skin. Ochoa asks to see them, then removes his own shirt to reveal some scars he has on different parts of his body as a result from his line of work. The two then consummate their relationship.

Shelley visits Roman, who becomes enraged when he learns that Olivia had seemingly lost Shelley for a week and not told him. Roman then informs Shelley that Olivia is sick and will be dead soon. Roman remains furious at Olivia and throws a tantrum about his hatred for her. Shelley then insists on leaving, realising that roman is not in a state to be giving her the advice she was looking for.

Destiny begins her own investigation into the Croatians that killed Andreas and tracks down the leader, who is shown to be wearing Andreas' watch. She calls Peter and leaves a voicemail, pleading with him to come and bring some men to help her confront him.

Annie visits Roman and tries to apologise for her deception. She shares how she came to Hemlock Grove in search of her mother and that was how she learned of him. Roman will not accept her apology, confronting her for how she had a million opportunities to tell him the truth but never did. He lashes out at her, making perverse comments about how good she was in bed. The two then have angry, hate-sex.

Destiny wants to attack the leader of the Croatians but Peter arrives in time to stop her and intervenes. He tells the man to leave and feigns ignorance when Destiny accuses him of knowing the man.

Olivia wakes and finds Ochoa dead in the closet. She then realises that she was hallucinating him and that he had been dead for some time and hung up in the closet, all the while talking to herself and believing he was with her. In actuality, she had killed him when he had been saying his goodbyes to her because of the cancer impeding her brain's ability to function properly and perhaps also partially due to her not wanting him to leave. Olivia then visits Pryce and chokes him in his bed, demanding that he find a suitable body that she can be put into so the disease won't take her. Pryce then passes out due to lack of oxygen and it's unclear whether or not this is the extent of his injury or if he has been killed.

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Gotham S04E01 "Pax Penguina" Recap

A couple is about to be robbed but Bruce intervenes in his black, vigilante outfit. One of the men tells Bruce he has a license to rob, which Bruce takes for himself to study. As he walks away, Ra's al Ghul peers out from a corner to look at him.

A wedding takes place until armed criminals march in with guns and begin to rob everyone of their wealthy items. Victor Zsasz interrupts the robbery and declares that the men aren't permitted to commit a crime without a license from Penguin. Zsasz shoots the finger off the leader of the group and orders them to leave, before another gang of robbers comes in that Zsasz announces do have a license to rob.

Penguin has a meeting with the new mayor. Through the new system, Penguin has cut down violent crime by 57% but his proposal is one that unionises crime. Penguin is set to profit from this new means of organisation. The commissioner of the police is there and is informed that if any of his men encounter someone committing a crime, they must be let go if they have a license. The law enforcement will take a 1% profit from the system.

Jim walks in on a robbery and despite the man having a license, Jim arrests him anyway. Harvey tries to implore him to go along with the system because the word has come down from the commissioner and the only reason Gotham survived after the city spun out of control was because of Penguin. Jim doesn't want to give over the city to Penguin but Harvey is insistent that this is the only way, for the time being. They can arrest and stop Penguin another day.

Bruce feels guilty for being the one to press the button that unleashed the virus on Gotham and now he feels he must do what he can to stop Penguin's new system of crime licenses. Alfred wants him to focus instead on his necessary training to take on Ra's al Ghul. Bruce remains determined that he can do both simultaneously.

The criminals that Zsasz stopped go to Arkham Asylum and break out Jonathan Crane, who has spoken about having the formula his father used to create extreme fear in those that are infected with it. Jonathan is suffering from a shaky constitution due to the experiments his father performed on him by repeatedly injecting him with the formula as he developed it. Jonathan leads them to a house in the woods where some more of the supplies are hidden under the floorboard along with some notebooks of the formula. They also torture him by bringing a scarecrow that he hallucinates of being alive and terrifying, and demand that he make as much of the formula as they want. They then use a batch of the formula to rob a bank, spraying everyone with it that tries to get in their way.

Jim and Harvey realise that someone else must be trying to send a message to Penguin. Jim wants to go after these criminals himself and quickly determines that the formula must be from Jonathan Crane's work. Jim and Harvey go to interrogate the warden of the asylum, who tries to feign ignorance on how the formula could've gotten out and be used in a bank robbery. They threaten to leak his name to Victor Zsasz so the warden gives up the names of the men that came to get the formula from Jonathan. Jim and Harvey track down the hideout of the criminals and are promptly held at gunpoint. They exchange words about their disagreement regarding the men committing robberies but seem to both agree that Penguin is a shared enemy. The men leave Jim and Harvey in the apartment and head out to commit more crime.

Selina and Tabitha beat up some men in an alley, as part of Tabitha's ongoing training of Selina. When they return to their small apartment, Zsasz pays them a visit to invite them to a party Penguin is throwing. They are expected to arrive, kiss the ring, and they'll be issued a license. Tabitha doesn't want to work with Penguin, but Selina is more open to the idea as she wants to better her circumstances instead of continuing to live in squalor.

Bruce pays a visit to Jim at the station and suggests that there must be a registry of all the names of criminals Penguin has issued a license for and what crimes they are for - including ones that have yet to be committed. Jim still wants to take down Penguin but still has to work the system of his job, while Bruce is implied to have decided to hunt down the list himself.

Penguin invites some journalists to his club, that was formerly Barbara's, and dodges their questions about Barbara's disappearance and the criminal licenses. He chooses to show them the frozen block of ice he has on display with Ed Nygma trapped inside but Jim arrives to make a power-move against Penguin. He informs him that the criminals that robbed the bank with Crane's fear toxin aren't working for Penguin. Penguin says they will be hunted down promptly and that Jim has become irrelevant in Gotham.

Penguin talks to Ed frozen in the ice while Ivy continues to be his second-in-command, though he still sends her away when he wants to wax poetic to his ex-BFF.

Jim had deliberately goaded Penguin into making threats against the gang in the hopes that they would attack his club-opening so the GCPD would be able to arrest them. Jim is later attacked by fellow officers that want him to stop making waves against the licensing system.

Bruce and Alfred attend the club-opening and Bruce gets Penguin to reveal his henchman that's responsible for the organisation of the licensing system. He plans to go after it but is momentarily distracted when he sees Selina arrive. She's ready to take Penguin up on his offer, and Tabitha shows up shortly thereafter, as she was worried about Selina's well-being.

The rouge group of criminals shows up and prepares to disrupt the party and go after Penguin, but both he and Zsasz reveal themselves with other henchmen in tow to take the men captive instead and make an example of them. He brings them out to all the guests and media in attendance and tells them to spread the word that he is the one that is keeping Gotham safe, not the GCPD.

Bruce meets Selina up on the rooftop and apologises to her for lashing out when she came to visit Alfred at the hospital. He later asks Penguin, in front of everyone, about what he's going to do with the criminals he has in captivity. He implores Penguin to turn the men over to the police, hoping that having an audience will make him more compliant, but Penguin refuses. Ivy, feeling annoyed with Penguin, shuts off the lights and the disruption gives the men opportunity to regain their weapons and attack Penguin who is sprayed with the chemical toxin and hallucinates an icy Ed tormenting him. Tabitha is shown to take up a weapon to protect Penguin, while Alfred takes up a weapon to protect Bruce and holds Zsasz at gunpoint. The standoff is interrupted by the arrival of Harvey and Jim, who ends up with Penguin in his arms due to his fearful state. They arrest the men and the picture of Jim holding Penguin is printed in the newspaper.

Bruce dons his masked suit and steals the registry. He spots a robbery taking place but accidentally falls through the glass. The alarm is going off and the men escape but the GCPD arrive and Bruce is caught in the middle of the scene.

One of the lone men from the criminal group that had gotten away returns to the hideout and tries to order Jonathan Crane to make more of the toxin so a plan can be formulated to get the gang out of prison but Jonathan has donned a new scarecrow suit and assumed the role of the iconic villain, spraying the man and declaring that Crane is gone and only Scarecrow remains.

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Hemlock Grove S03E05 "Boy in the Box" Recap

Pryce goes to a sex club to meet with a random man for a casual hook-up and after sniffing some drugs, has a flashback to being abused by his father who locked him in a cabinet as a small child. The flashbacks of abuse continue throughout the episode that show him being abused into his teens until he finally fought back and locked his father in the same cabinet he was always forced into himself.

Roman calls Annie to apologise for killing the security worker and pleads with her to call him back so they can reconcile. She's shown to be in her motel room writing "porquois" on the wall with blood she pricked from her finger.

Destiny leaves another voicemail for Andreas, as she hasn't seen him since he left and though she sensed it, doesn't have the official confirmation that he's dead. Peter gets pulled over on the road by some of the Croatians who give him directions on where to find Andreas' body, in case he wants it back.

Roman tells Pryce about his encounter with the creatures and Pryce lets it slip that Spivak was working with the Nazis, but since this is information he had shared with Olivia and was supposed to keep quiet, he quickly covers his mistake by claiming he'll be looking more into it.

Destiny's friends insist she carry on with her plans and go to the bridal shop to try on dresses for her wedding. They presume that Andreas is simply hung over and recuperating from a wild night at his bachelor party. Destiny doesn't stop being worried while trying on dresses and while at the store she begins to get a severe nosebleed.

Ochoa continues to spy on Shelley and report back to Olivia on her comings and goings. He also gives her a charm of his for a spirit called Chango. She later goes to the warehouse to try to force Shelley to come home but Shelley stands up for herself with Aitor by her side. Olivia leaves dejected but Ochoa reassures her that she will figure things out and suggests she reach out to her long-lost daughter. Olivia lists Annie at her motel room and they begin to reconnect as Annie tells her about the daughter she had and lost and the life she has lead over the centuries. Annie had become a combat nurse to atone for all the innocent lives she had taken as a young and out-of-control Upir.

Roman figures out that Ochoa must be working with Olivia so he sets up a trap to prove it and has Peter come with him to spy on his actions. They follow him in the car and confront him. He goads Peter into attacking him violently but Roman stops him. They retrieve Andreas' body and Peter later breaks the bad news of Andreas' body being 'discovered'. Olivia tries to convince Ochoa to stay when he says he'll be no longer working for her since he can't find anything else that's useful and his being a spy has been exposed.

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Hemlock Grove S03E04 "Every Beast" Recap

Pryce is locked into his own quarantine chamber with no way to override the system. He demands that Klaus bring him his meds but there's no way to get them into the quarantine chamber until the system does its full analysis of what's inside.

Peter's relationship with Andreas remains tense due to Andreas not wanting to walk away from the dangerous heist plan he has concocted. Peter is certain that Andreas will get himself killed is he continues down this path and leave Destiny devastated in the process. Peter and Andreas go to meet with some professional colleagues and discover multiple dead bodies at the warehouse. They decide they will investigate and track down whomever is responsible for these murders.

Annie brings Roman to a medical centre full of food bags. The two begin to hedonistically feed on the bags and begin to have sex. They are interrupted by a security guard that Roman kills, despite Annie's objections.

Peter tracks down The Tongue, who reveals that he admitted to discovering some counterfeit eggs to save himself and thus inadvertently caused the deaths of Peter's professional contacts. Peter demands to be set up with a meeting with whomever is in charge. Andreas later reveals that he and the other pack members want to lock up the Croatians in a building and set it on fire but Andreas wants to only go after the leader, Milan. This will send a clear message without casualties of innocent lives.

Olivia is called in to the Godfrey Institute and determines that Klaus locked Pryce into the containment centre to try to get him clean from his rapidly escalating drug addiction. Klaus says that there's no contamination so Olivia orders him to get Pryce out since she needs his help. However, she is called away by Ochoa who has been monitoring Olivia's home and Shelley has come back with her new friends to get some of her belongings and leave once more. When Olivia returns, Shelley is already gone but Ochoa assures her that he has already slipped a tracking device on the man's car so they'll be able to follow her. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Annie who reveals that she is Olivia's long-lost daughter. Annie only wants answers on why she was given up and gives Olivia her address, saying to come visit her when she is ready.

Back at the building, Shelley is encouraged to go up and perform during talent show which she does so successfully but collapses in the middle of her poem, seemingly due to a dizzy-spell of sorts.

Pryce is finally able to escape the containment centre and pops some pills as he informs Olivia that she is infected with the disease that involves a creature growing inside of her. There is no way to surgically remove the creature because it so drastically intertwines itself with the brain and spine that attempting to remove it is all but guaranteed to kill the host. The disease doesn't infect humans, as Spivak specifically engineered it to try to exterminate the Upir. Without treatment, Olivia has roughly one month to live. Olivia reminds Pryce that if she dies, her failsafe will be activated and all his dirty secrets will be revealed to the world, ruining his career and making him a wanted man.

Peter and Andreas go to launch their attack on Milan but Milan is already waiting for them. Andreas is taken captive by Milan's men and a sex tape is played in which Andreas was having sex with another woman. The woman is present along with her parents and they are ordered to leave the state. Peter is outraged to learn that part of why Andreas was so determined to go after Milan was because he was sexually involved with Milan's woman. Peter does not object to Milan enacting his revenge and killing him, despite Andreas' pleas that Destiny will never forgive her. When Andreas is shot, Destiny senses the wound and impending death while at her bachelorette party.

Hemlock Grove is available for streaming on Netflix.


Wonder Woman DVD review

After countless failed attempts to bring DC’s biggest heroine to a big or small screen, director Patty Jenkins smashes her first outing in the superhero genre. Wonder Woman is heartfelt, exciting and may be better than anything else that either Marvel or DC have to offer.

Before she was Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained to be an unconquerable warrior. Raised on a sheltered island paradise, Diana meets an American pilot (Chris Pine) who tells her about the massive conflict that’s raging in the outside. Convinced that she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home for the first time. Fighting alongside men in a war to end all wars, she finally discovers her full powers and true destiny.

Some people are born to play certain characters. When Gal Gadot was announced as Wonder Woman, may scoffed at her slight figure. However when she slipped on that tiara and slammed her cuffs together for the first time, in Batman V. Superman, no one could deny that she embodied the character. But Wonder Woman is more than her presence. In Wonder Woman we finally get an origin story worthy of the character and her rich history.

Set in the DC Extended Universe first established by Man of Steel, Wonder Woman is your classic superhero origin story. The film opens in the present, before going back to Diana’s childhood. Diana grew up as the only child on the island of Themyscira, the daughter of the fierce Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and trained by her ferocious aunt, General Antiope (Robin Wright). Themyscira is literally a shining beacon of hope. The tones on the island are bright and almost overly vibrant compared to the dark setting of World War I.

Diana’s life completely changes when Steve Trevor literally crashes into her paradise. Under duress, and forced by the lasso of truth, Steve tells the Amazon about the Great War, and the devastation that it has reeked across Europe. Diana hears his account, and correlates the evil in the world with Ares, the God of War, and seemingly the only reason that the Amazons exist, to put an end to him.

Against her mother’s wishes, Diana leaves with Steve for Europe in hopes of finding and defeating Ares. Steve with the help of his very capable secretary Etta Candy (Lucy Davis) and ally Sir Patrick Morgan (David Thewlis) they put together a ragtag group: Sameer (Saïd Taghmaoi), Charlie (Ewen Bremner), and Chief Napi (Eugene Brave Rock), to find the real world villains General Erich Ludendorff (Danny Huston) and Scientist Doctor Maru (Elena Anaya).

The acting throughout is fantastically crafted, which is helped by carefully plotted details. Unlike the heavily burdened Man of Steel, or the shotty edited Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman was allowed to be hopeful in the darkest of times. Gadot brought a shining naivety that hasn’t really been showcased before. Diana may be old in age, but up until she left that island, she was fairly sheltered. She was learned, but not experienced, which gave us some great moments, like the cute ice cream scene and the heart wrenching moment when she realizes just how depraved war can be.

The Amazons adapting Gadots native accent was brilliant, rather than Americanizing her, allowing Gadot to keep her accent it made her and them seem exotic against the normalcy of Pine’s American Accent, or even the countless other German and British accents that were peppered in.

Not only was the acting exceptional, the action was dynamic, and different. There are several action sequences, and yet they were done in a way, that no two are alike. Sure Gadot is dominating the field of battle, but each time, they almost highlight a skill, whether its by sword, whip, or even pure power, it all works to highlight the eliteness of the Amazons.

Where Wonder Woman stumbles, is where most superhero movies, or action movies in general stumble, the villain. What is great is the fact that the villain is mighty enough to actually pose a threat, however the execution leaves much to be desired. But whereas most of the characters are well developed, Ares is very one dimensional, relying too heavily on the use of monologue to make his point. But even so, the character does succeed in creating doubt in Diana, and actual furthering her character development as she becomes a true hero.

Bottom line, Wonder Woman is a solid and gripping origin story, finally worthy of the character’s legacy. Jenkins as director has given us the best comic book adaptation yet, that proves women can be the lead character in good comic films.  Gadot is as amazing as she is beautiful, and Pine is as charming as he is handsome.

Now what do you get with the DVD, besides amazing visuals, and a quality movie? Besides the normal behind the scenes extras and blooper reel, there’s some extended scenes and a bonus scene not seen in theaters. Unlike Batman V. Superman, Wonder Woman didn’t need an extended cut, which was definitely closer to the film that fans deserved. What Wonder Woman does give is a great scene with Etta Candy and the remaining gang. Although World War I is at an end, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s work is done. Etta steps in as leader, and shows just how capable it is. It’s a very fun scene, with the delightful Miss Candy and is a nice set up for Justice League with the mother box.

Crafting the Wonder, A Director’s Vision, The Wonder Behind the Camera,  Warriors of Wonder Woman  and the Trinity are all great behinds the scenes extras, showcasing the amazing Patty Jenkins, or the intricate work that went into Wonder Woman. The only extra that didn’t feel needed was Finding the Wonder Woman Within, which was more opinion piece than anything that had to do with the film.

Of the extended scenes, which are only about a minute,  the one that I personally favored most, was the extended boat scene. Pine and Gadot ooze chemistry from the first Little Mermaid moment on the beach, and the boat scene in the film is one of my favorites. The dialogue edges the lines of witty, suggestive, and innocent all at the same time. The extended scene is more of this goodness, though in all honesty the cut in the movie was definitely preferred.

Although many of you have already purchased the digital copy of Wonder Woman, the blu ray is a must have. The video is incredibly crisp, the audio is intense and it really does make the purchase worth every penny, and that’s before all the bonus goodies. Wonder Woman is available on dvd and blu ray tomorrow, September 19th 2017. 


Hemlock Grove S03E03 "The House in the Woods" Recap

Roman wakes at the Godfrey Institute after Annie brings him there to be treated by Pryce. He seems to be recovering well enough but Pryce warns him to take it easy for the next twenty-four hours. Annie also brought along the body of the creature that attacked Roman and has been hunting Upirs, and Pryce is eager to dissect it. Upon further inspection of it, Pryce finds that it has similar attributes to Upirs but that doesn't make sense because Upirs do not feed from other Upirs to survive. But a tumor in the corpse reveals that some sort of experimentation has been done on the Upir to compel it to feed on other Upirs to survive.

Roman and Annie head back to Roman's home where Peter had only just learned of Roman's injury. Roman welcomes Annie to stay there for some time being and she heads upstairs in time for Ochoa, the private investigator, to turn up prepared to give over some information that will tide over Roman and Peter's search for Nadia and Madeleine while Ochoa continues to conspire with Olivia. Ochoa provides Roman and Peter with the evidence he found that would indicate that Spivak has been alive without aging for at least the last seventy years. Ochoa proposes that there is something supernatural at work here.

Annie comes downstairs and asks Roman about the book she found of Spivak's containing a drawing of a creature called the Omul Negru, also known as the Upir boogeyman. Roman is insistent about learning more and Annie suggests getting in contact with an Upir friend called Nate that would know more about it than her.

Ochoa returns to Olivia and relays another update on what has just happened with Roman and Peter and suggests that Shelley might be staying there, as he had heard Annie's footsteps upstairs but didn't see who was causing the noise. Olivia insists that Ochoa help her to break into the home so she can see if Shelley is there. Once inside, she finds a family photo with her face torn out of it. Ochoa promises to find Shelley, wherever she is.

Back at the Godfrey Institute, Pryce accidentally rubs some of the corpse's blood into his lines and he becomes infected with the virus. Immediately, his eye turns red and it spreads to the skin surrounding his eye till he collapses to the ground and begins gasping for air. Another doctor at the Insitute injects him with an EpiPen that revives him. Doctor Klaus suggests that Pryce get some sleep but Pryce remains determined to keep working.

Roman admits to Annie about why he wants to learn about this creature and how Spivak kidnapped Nadia but only says that the baby was Letha's without admitting that he is the baby's father. They reach Nate's place where other Upirs are there for dinner. Everyone must exchange pleasantries and have dinner before Roman can ask about the answers he is searching for.

Pryce's behavior is growing increasingly erratic, as he begins to set up a drum set out of various equipment from the Institute. He thinks that drumming is helping him to unlock the answers he is after and ignores Klaus' continued recommendations that he get some sleep.

Peter becomes alarmed when he finds out Andreas is planning on not only stealing some guns but some heroin too. Peter doesn't want drug-dealing going on in the family home but Andreas will not be muscled over by him so easily.

Shelley has taken up residence in a run-down building where other homeless people have taken up residence. She meets a kind man named Aitor Quantic who brings food that's past its expiration date that he's supposed to take to the dum but is still good enough to eat so that the homeless won't go hungry.

Nate is shocked by Roman's questions about the drawing of the creature resembling Spivak. He then finds another drawing and shows it to Roman, who identifies it as Spivak in his winged-reptilian form. Nate identifies it as the Jörmungandr, a creature that dates back to 14th century Norway. The mythology states that it grew large enough to wrap around the entire world and bite its own tail. It is also a sign that foretells the end of days - the apocalypse. But the more realistic interpretation of the folktale is that the large-as-the-planet creature is a collective memory of an entire ancient species that was evenetually wiped out. Only Spivak appears to have survived and he is inconceivably vicious. Roman becomes alarmed by the danger that Nadia must be in now and storms off angrily. But the party is interrupted by an attack from more of the infected Upir that intend to feed on all the party guests. Roman and Annie begin fighting them off and Nate then leads them to a barn where they can barricade themselves in.

Destiny returns home and Peter tries to ask if she is rushing into marrying Andreas, having only been dating him for four months. She interprets his concern as nothing more than his inability to move on and let go after losing Letha. Destiny later decides to perform some magic when Andreas takes too long to come home. She has a vision of some children playing together though it's unclear what the deeper meaning is, if any.

Roman attempts to run outside to get help but tries to run back when he is quickly surrounded by more of the creatures. Nate tries to stop Annie from letting Roman back into the barn and while Roman must fight one of the creatures off he discovers that the creatures are disoriented by light. Annie is able to break free from Nate's grip and let Roman back in, who then informs them of the weakness he has discovered. Roman then admits the truth to Annie about how Letha was both his cousin, half-sister, and how Olivia compelled him to have sex with Letha who never knew the truth about what happened to get her pregnant. The creatures break into the barn and Nate runs out to leave Roman and Annie to fend for themselves but he is swiftly killed outside by another one of them. Roman uses a flashlight to disorient the creatures that were trying to attack them but the battery begins to die. But the creatures are called away by the one that had killed Nate so they can all feed on him together. This allows Roman and Annie to escape.

Pryce continues his investigation while high from being infected by the corpse, all the while his online activity is being monitored by Ochoa who relays the information onto Olivia. There was one particular video that Pryce had been watching repeatedly so Olivia watches it and finds it's an infected rat acting in a strange, aggressive manner.

Hemlock Grove is available for streaming on Netflix.


Teen Wolf S06E19 "Broken Glass" Recap

Chris Argent meets with a professional contact in Cabecerias, Brazil, in the middle of the night for information. The man tells of a mass murder in which twelve bodies were found dead with no identities or any clues left to explain what happened. The bodies are shown to viewers to be werewolves and though the narrator's men were looking for answers - another person was too. This is where we have the return of Derek Hale. Derek interrogates the killers for answers as to why they killed the wolves and they reveal it was under Gerard's orders. Chris examines a crime scene and discovers a message written in blood: "Beacon Hills".

Tamora tortures Ethan with electric shocks while lecturing her followers on the dangers of werewolves and how they must arm themselves and band together to kill the supernatural. She calls out a young teenager in attendance called Sydney, who shares how she hid with some other during an attack on a lacrosse game. She then calls out Nolan and commends him for the attack he launched on Scott McCall's house (the attack that Gabe actually launched and then claimed was done by Nolan). She then tells Nolan and Sydney to move Ethan's body, all the while Ethan is pleading to know where Jackson is. Nolan appears to be morally conflicted by how things have been escalating. He then text Liam asking to meet and Liam agrees, though not without reservations. Nolan offers help and says he has a plan. He will bring Liam to the hospital, show him something important, and then Liam will be free to beat him up to make the others think that Liam beat the information out of him. At the hospital, Nolan reveals how several members of the hospital staff have joined Gerard and Tamora's army. Furthermore, there are some werewolf patients in the hospital that are being administered wolfsbane through their IVs. Liam allows Nolan to go free without beating him up first but he is confronted by Gabe, who reveals that Tamora knew what Nolan would do and his betrayal was part of a larger plan to lure the pack out. Then Gabe proceeds to violently beat Nolan.

Lydia comes looking for Scott at his house but finds Peter waiting instead and searching for Malia. The two realise that the phone towers have been starting to be knocked out. Gerard's followers are making strategic moves to box everyone in and isolate everyone within the grid. Lydia shares how she had a vision of Peter dying in the fight due to the Anuk-Ite's gaze along with all the others.

Scott and Malia have gone to meet with Deucalion who begins training them to use their senses so they can fight without looking at the Anuk-Ite. Through all the training, Scott remains determined to believe that people are still inherently good, even though the Anuk-Ite has seemingly brought out the worst in them.

Sheriff Stilinski meets with Parrish, who cross-reference a pattern they've noticed. Tamora has been having the members of her army look up old accident reports, hospital records, and the blood testing at school in order to compile a list of all the supernatural people in Beacon Hills.

Chris manages to track down Derek, who reveals another vault that belonged to a different member of the Hale family. Chris pleads with him to help in their fight against Beacon Hills. Derek says he first needs to prevent the murderer of the pack in Brazil from getting a bottle of poison. Chris tells him to get rid of it and it's then that some FBI agents emerge. They want to arrest Derek but they're all shot in the back by Kate, who wants the wolfsbane poison for herself. She holds Derek at gunpoint to get the poison but Chris shoots at her before she can kill Derek. She gets away with the poison and declares that she will use it to get revenge and kill Scott. Derek tells Chris to get back to Beacon Hills and warn Scott, while he will go after Kate himself.

Mason and Corey arrive at the hospital and begin receiving strange looks from all the hospital staff. They begin to realise that they are bait and end up locked in a wing by some armed men.

Deucalion is shot dead by some of Tamora's men that arrive at the sometime that Lydia and Peter arrive to warn them of danger. Gunfire ensues and they all begin to run.

Tune in to MTV next Sunday for the final episode of Teen Wolf.


Teen Wolf S06E18 "Genotype" Recap

The pack listens to a voicemail on the cellphone found on one of the dead bodies in the woods. This particular body was missing his face, leading them to believe that it's one half of the Anuk-Ite. The two halves must be kept separate so now the pack must divide and conquer in order to find the two separate halves. Theo and Mason will go after Aaron while Scott and Liam will try to follow the lead of the voicemail. Meanwhile, Lydia and Malia are at the morgue examining the body of the Hellhound. For him to have been able to reach Lydia and give her visions, he can't be fully dead.

Theo and Mason head down to the sewers to find Aaron and must fight off the escalating feelings of fear, which stocks the flames of mistrust in Mason against Theo for all he did against the pack. Theo suggests that perhaps he'd like to join the pack but Mason is vehemently against the idea, particularly when feeling so overcome by fear. When Theo feels the increase in fear too, the pair realise that Aaron is near and are promptly attacked by him.

Liam and Scott try calling the number from the voicemail and find that it came from Beacon Hills high. Liam listens carefully to the voice again and realises it is his science teacher, Ms. Finch. Liam must go back to class, despite all the risk that comes with going back into a school overrun with people that want to capture and kill him. Scott will be close by in the hallway to help him with the mission. Liam tries different methods in an attempt to get Ms. Finch to reveal herself as some sort of supernatural creature, including putting some wolfsbane in the chalk dust. This tips her off and she pulls Liam aside to speak privately after class. She isn't supernatural and denies knowing anything until Scott emerges and plays her voicemail. Scott and Liam break the bad news that her daughter is dead and now half of the Anuk-Ite. She is distraught and in denial that something could violate the laws of biology in this way. Liam and Scott are shocked when Ms. Finch reveals that her daughter's name was Quinn - meaning that the new werewolf they recently met is the other half of the Anuk-Ite. Quinn arrives to the school and Scott and Liam prepare to fight her but Ms. Finch attacks them instead and runs off in search of Quinn, believing her daughter can still be saved. Ms. Finch tries to approach her but is overcome with fear and realises that this isn't her daughter anymore. Quinn attacks her with claws and glowing purple eyes and wants to know where her other half is. She lets out a growl of pain, due to an injury Aaron sustained in the fight with Theo, that Aaron hears in the sewer and immediately sets off after her. Scott must look after an injured Ms. Finch while Liam sets off after Quinn.

Lydia is unable to get into the Hellhound's head and then remembers that she received the visions when she was unconscious. Malia offers to knock her out but Lydia doesn't want to experience pain so she asks Malia to press firmly against her chest till she's rendered unconscious instead. This works and Lydia is able to have a vision in which she meets the Hellhound, who is still alive despite being buried deep inside of his own mind. Lydia and Malia put the Hellhound in an MRI in the hopes of using its magnetic pull to draw out the bullet. But Lydia is alarmed to find that the bullet was also coated in silver so if they pull it out, the Hellhound will begin to heal and his body heat will melt the remaining silver fragments and poison him to death, this time for good. Lydia hesitates to turn the machine on but Malia convinces her it's the right thing to do. The hellhound wakes and is furious to realise he is poisoned. The hellhound says they must keep the two halves of the Anuk-Ite apart and if they merge, they must not look at it or it will be certain death.

Liam prepares to confront Quinn in the library but then Aaron emerges and stands next to Quinn, prepared to fight Liam with her. Armed militia from Gerard's fanatical group enter the school. Scott pleads with Ms. Finch to shift in order to activate her healing which she eventually does after being reminded that the Anuk-Ite killed her daughter.

Aaron and Quinn easily knock Liam aside and then turn to kiss each other before beginning a fight. Eventually Aaron snaps Quinn's neck and puts his hand on her face and absorbs the other half of the Anuk-Ite inside of him. He then shifts into a skinless monster with glowing purple eyes - the true form of the Anuk-Ite. Lydia shows up and gets Liam out of the library, warning Liam not to look at it or else he'll be killed. The Anuk-Ite then encounters the armed gunmen in the hallway and they turn to ash upon seeing it. Gabel overhears Lydia's warning about not looking at the Anuk-Ite so he hides and keeps his eyes shut while the Anuk-Ite passes by.

The pack determine that they must learn to fight without using hitter eyes so they'll have to go back to Deucalion for help. But first, Scott and Malia have shower-sex. The Anuk-Ite heads to the hospital, killing anyone it encounters along the way before heading to the morgue and looking at the body of the dead Hellhound. Gerard is there waiting for the Anuk-Ite and speaks to him with his back turned. Gerard offers to help the Hellhound kill the rest of the pack which will give it enough power to take over the world.

Teen Wolf airs on Sundays on MTV.


Hemlock Grove S03E02 "Souls on Ice" Recap

A man screws up at his job as a mortician and is fired as a result. When he goes back inside to retrieve something he forgot, he finds that his former boss is dead on the floor after being brutally murdered. This is Hemlock Grove after all, so it's probably the same monster that's been introduced in the season premiere as the one hunting down people and attacked Roman in his home.

Roman checks the spare bedroom where he had allowed Annie to stay but finds she's gone. She later reveals herself as not having left but was simply taking a shower. The two discuss the monster that attacked him the night before. Annie wants to go back to her hotel but Roman first asks her how she feeds and what she does with the bodies. She says she doesn't have to kill anyone and seems surprised that no one had taught him how to live and feed in the modern world. She shares how most Upirs work in professions that allow them to be close to blood. She herself works as an ER nurse. Peter shows up with a box of his things, having previously made an agreement with Roman that he would be able to move in and stay at his place to give Destiny and Andreas some space.

Olivia is taking care of Shelley and encouraging her to take some prescription medication. Shelley doesn't like how the pills make her not feel things but reluctantly takes the pills anyway. A man comes to visit Olivia, searching for Norman as he was a patient of his and recognised Olivia from a photo on Norman's desk.

Peter is skeptical and weary of Roman bringing Annie into all the supernatural drama they have but it shocked when Roman reveals that she's also an Upir. Roman wants to keep Annie around, as he feels connected to her and also wants to take the opportunity to learn about how to function as an Upir. Peter then calls Destiny and asks her to come use her abilities to figure out what attacked them. Destiny eats a piece of broken glass from the scene and becomes frightened when having visions of the monster that attacked Roman. She coughs up the glass shard and is visibly shaken by what she has seen and also speculates that the monster went to the mortuary seen at the episode's beginning after attacking Roman.

Olivia meets with the double-agent PI who shows her what he has found in his search for Spivak. When investigating Spivak's abandoned apartment, he found a war medal baring the name Ryan Dunbrack and upon further searching he found a photo from 70 years ago of the Ryan Dunbrack that looks identical to Spivak today. The PI doesn't know about the supernatural world so he presumes that the man is Spivak's father. Olivia then says she needs to tell the man the truth about Roman - looks like she'll be spinning some lies to turn him against Roman.

Spivak is shown to have another woman hostage in a cabin in the woods along with Madeleine and baby Nadia. The other woman attacks Spivak by stabbing him in the neck with a fork and he in turn spits his acid saliva onto her face which then melts off. Afterwards, he throws her body down into a cellar. Spivak has been experimenting on Nadia in the basement, much to Madeleine's horror.

Olivia shows the findings about Spivak to Pryce. She wants more nutrient but it isn't ready yet and Pryce's behaviour appears to be growing increasingly erratic.

Shelley tries to commit suicide by strapping a chain around a tree branch to hang herself but when she attempts to do so, the branch breaks and she simply falls to the ground.

Peter and Andreas meet with the Croatians to sell them the product. The deal goes well but afterwards, Peter is alarmed when he does the math and realises that Andreas has scammed the Croatians by tricking them into thinking there's double the amount of product then what they actually had. A specialist is brought in to verify that the product being sold to the Croatians is legitimate. He confirms that it's the real deal since thankfully he sampled part of the supply that was real.

Roman and Annie bring Destiny to the morgue so she can try to track the monster. They feed on some of the blood stored in a vat while Destiny tries to sense anything that can help them. They are able to figure out that the mortician that was killed was an Upir. This means that the monster that attacked Roman is specifically hunting Upirs.

Madeleine attacks Spivak by knocking him in the head with a candlestick. She grabs the keys so she can run outside and leaves Nadia behind, claiming that she'll come back for her before running out into the woods. She hails down a couple in a car and asks to use their cellphone. She sends a text message for help but then Spivak drives up. She wants to hide and stay away but decides to give herself over when Spivak begins playing with the couple's infant. He sees that Nadia sent a message for help and tells her to get in the car with other thinly veiled threats, tough the couple are none the wiser.

Olivia visits the man that had come looking for Norman. She tries to attack him but appears to be too weak to kill him quickly and barely feeds on him at all. She later goes to Pryce to try to figure out what's wrong with her. He gives her a glass of blood but she can't seem to tolerate it. For some unknown reason, her biochemistry is such that she is having trouble consuming blood. It's a mystery of what she should feed on.

Andreas reveals to Peter that the Tongue (the man who was in charge of verifying the authenticity of the caviar) was bought off so they could scam the Croatians. Peter is still angry at Andreas for putting their lives at risk which would've left Destiny alone without those closest to her. Andreas apologises and says that all the money he has earned is supposed to go towards building a life with Destiny.

Annie confides in Roman that she once had a family but they died due to her being immortal and them not. Destiny then comes over and warns them that the monster is still there. Roman gets the text from Madeleine, which is hard to understand as she was distressed when writing it so it's a lot of capital letters and mostly illegible. But then they are attacked by the monster and Destiny is able to overpower it by injecting it with the tool used to drain corpses. Roman then begins to suffer from a seizure and the cause is unknown.

Madeleine is brought back to the cabin and Spivak forces her to go down to the basement which she is terrified to have to enter.

Olivia returns home and finds that Shelley isn't there. She is shown to have run away.

Finally, the family that had pulled over for Madeleine are shown to be dead and frozen in their car when discovered by some local police officers.

Hemlock Grove is available for streaming on Netflix.



New modes, hot moves and amiibo™ support headline the exclusive Nintendo Switch™-specific content in Conga Master Party

Videogame publisher Rising Star Games, in partnership with game developer Undercoders, today announced that Conga Master Party is ready to start the multiplayer party on Nintendo Switch™! An enhanced version of the well-received PC and console title, Conga Master Party adds masses of new content and Nintendo Switch™-exclusive features to the already heady mix of disco, electro and rock ‘n’ roll conga-ing.

Conga Master Party sees up to four players each controlling their chosen party-goer in his or her quest to create the most epic conga line ever. Travelling through different nightclub locales during a night to remember, players dance up close and personal to fellow party people to entice them into their conga line. Longer congas let you add people faster but watch out for stinky pigs stinking up your line!

Nintendo Switch™-exclusive Conga Master Party game features:
·        One Nintendo Switch™ four players: Use the unique controller sharing options to enjoy all of the multiplayer modes with up to four people using only two Joy-Con™ controllers.
·        Two new multiplayer modes: “1, 2, Conga” – when two players collide they must win a rock, paper, scissors battle played with the Joy-Con™; “Just Conga” – strike dance poses with the Joy-Con™.
·        amiibo™ support: A wide selection of figures is compatible with the game, unlocking themed cosplay costumes for already-existing playable characters.
·        Two new stages: “Conga Burger” and “Conga’s Palace”, accessible in both multiplayer and single-player modes.
·        Ten new playable characters: Ten new party people can be unlocked via the single-player Story mode including Richie the high-roller from Conga’s Casino, Hotdog the dancing hotdog, and Dr. H8 making a guest star crossover cameo from 88 Heroes!

Additional game features:
·        Easy and intuitive controls: No rhythm? No problem! With just two buttons you too can become a Conga Master. Just move across the dance floor and convince other dancers to join your line… the longer, the better!
·        Multiplayer mayhem: Eight different local multiplayer modes, each with its own special flavour of fun – slice your rivals’ congas to ribbons, pop pigs, fight over a lone conga dancer, race to make the longest line, and more!
·        Packed with conga-tastic content: Over 40 characters and nine conga club locations to unlock, plus single-player Endless Conga and Story modes to enjoy.
·        Single-player conga quest: Playing alone won’t stop the conga! In Story Mode, head-out for a night to remember on a quest to become the king of the city’s nightclubs. Build the perfect conga line for each club, grab power-ups, search for hidden areas… oh and watch out for conga-stealing aliens!

Developed by Undercoders and published by Rising Star Games, Conga Master Party will be available digitally for a suggested retail price of $9.95/€8.99/£7.99. For more information follow Rising Star Games on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or visit the official Rising Star Games website.

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ABOUT UNDERCODERSUndercoders is a young run independent development studio located in Barcelona, Spain, focused on delivering original gaming experiences. Founded in 2006 by three university students, Undercoders has since released over 30 titles on computers, portable consoles and smartphones. www.undercoders.com

ABOUT RISING STAR GAMESRising Star Games is a privately held video games publisher with a global reach. With operating offices in Europe and USA the company publishes video game entertainment across all gaming platforms from Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and via Steam. With decades of combined experience and a genuine passion for interactive entertainment, Rising Star Games is proud of its ever-expanding and enormously diverse catalogue of over 130 titles.www.risingstargames.com

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Hemlock Grove S03E01 "A Place to Fall" Recap

A truck-driver accidentally hits a naked Peter that wanders into the road. The man gets out and tries to help him but s it's the full moon, Peter quickly transforms and the man is surrounded by other wolves. Another car rolls up and an accomplice steals the man's truck. The wolves disappear and the man is left stranded on the side of the road.

Olivia is living in a run-down motel room, seemingly cured from her former sickness. She also has Michael Chasseur tied up in her bathtub with a tube tied to him in order to drain and feed from his blood supply. She says she has a guest coming soon and it's time for him to go so she lets his blood begin to drain down the drain, presumably until he dies.

Peter goes to get a family heirloom ring to give to Andreas so he can propose to Destiny. Peter then goes to meet with Roman, who has hired a private investigator to try to track down the whereabouts of baby Nadia and Miranda, who were taken captive by Dr. Spivak in the season 2 finale. Roman must then go to a meeting with Pryce, who has been working hard on developing a new substance for feeding him and also assisting in the search for Roman's daughter.

Shelley is on trial and is also being treated by Pryce after her psychotic episode. After one court session, she is splashed by a bucket of animal blood by some protesters outside the building. Olivia hurries her away. Though she seems to be taking a more proactive role as a mother, Shelley still doesn't want to be made to live with her again once she's finished this wave of treatments by Pryce.

Roman and Peter go out for drinks, pondering the next course of action to take in their search for Nadia and Miranda. Roman also learns of Destiny's engagement. Roman spots a mysterious, beautiful woman in the bar that he decides to pursue but she disappears. He goes out back with a different woman from the bar to receive fellatio and the mystery woman appears briefly to exchange some more intense eye contact mid-fellatio before she disappears again.

Olivia enacts revenge on Pryce for denying her treatment for her cancer by making him believe that the law enforcement were about to invade the building, prompting him to destroy all his research, including the supply of goo that Roman uses to feed on. But when Pryce goes downstairs to meet them, he discovers that the only reprimand he could be facing were some fees and a warning. Pryce reluctantly agrees to help Olivia, who threatens to release the extent of his ethically questionable experiments and forever tarnish his reputation if she doesn't get his assistance in helping her find Nadia.

Roman goes back to the bar in search of the mystery woman and the bartender advises him to come back that night in case she'll return.

Olivia is revealed to be working with the private investigator hired to help Roman. She is also continuing to try to turn Shelley against Roman, but Shelley remains unwavering in her loyalty. Roman goes back to the bar and eventually re-encounters the mystery woman who finally talks to him. She has a French accent and disappears when Roman takes a call from Pryce about needing more nutrient. The supply was destroyed due to Olivia's antics and now it'll take at least a month to have more ready, meaning Roman will have to feed the old-fashioned way. Pryce also has shown to have briefly kidnapped a Greek delivery man to perform an experiment in which some online consciousness is uploaded into the man temporarily. The man is later free to go once he wakes, having no memory of what happened to him.

Roman goes to confession, admitting he's about to do things he doesn't want to. He seems morally conflicted about the violence he'll have to perpetrate in order to feed. He seems to be seeking preemptive absolution and the priest tells Roman he can't help him with such a thing. Roman acknowledges that no one can help him. Outside, Roman gives a sleeping homeless man a large bill and drives off, unknowingly being followed by the mystery woman who might be a killer herself since earlier an unknown figure was shown to be killing someone and the shots are similar to those of Roman when he's being watched.

Destiny is enjoying the bliss of engaged life with Andreas. Peter encourages her to find her happiness and acknowledges that they probably shouldn't live together anymore. They enjoy a loving moment where they swear to look out for each other. Peter then gives Andreas a ride to a warehouse at his request. Andreas has found some buyers for their recently stolen supply which will mean a large payoff for him and Peter but Peter is alarmed when he realises the buyers are some dangerous Croatin gangsters. Roman is attacked in his home by the monster that had killed someone earlier but the mystery woman emerges and saves him, chasing the monster off. She then drinks from his last supply of nutrient and introduces herself as Annie, another Upir.

Hemlock Grove is available for streaming on Netflix.


IT (2017) Review

Stephen King's "IT" was first adapted for live action in 1990 for a highly successful two-part miniseries, with Tim Curry earning a place as a horror pop culture figure as the villainous child-murdering clown Pennywise. Now that the property has been adapted for film twenty-seven years later it's no surprise that the larger budget and advance in technology has elevated the scale of visuals for the overall film. But other changes are present compared to the miniseries that are worth mentioning.

*Usual disclaimer for spoilers - though the book has been out for over thirty years now.*

The violence, when included in the film, is more vivid. Protagonist Bill loses his little brother Georgie to Pennywise early on in both adaptations and Georgie having his arm ripped off was always part of the story but in the film, we see it happen in a more forthright display than the mere implication of it that was in the miniseries. Beverly being a victim of sexual abuse at the hands of her father was something that the miniseries left out, opting instead to keep the abuse physical without a sexual component. But the manner in which this is included in the film is more thoughtful and purposeful than the usual exploitative manner that subject matter such as rape and sexual assault is used in Hollywood content.

The violence at the hands of Beverly's father is just one example of a recurring theme that this adaptation of "IT" beautifully portrays - that the true villain of the film is not Pennywise himself but those who consider themselves to be good and yet stand back and allow evil to flourish. Pennywise is the personification of Evil as an idea. He's sadistic, feeds on fear, and then feeds on the victims he's tormented and pushed to their edge. But time and time again, "IT" displayed adults that abused their children, set examples of harmful behaviour, and ignored the insidious happenings of the little town of Derry. The children of Derry are not simply heroes because they have the most screen time. They are the ones that jump up to try to help others when they are being victimised by violence.

One of the few weaknesses to the film is one that won't be picked up on unless the viewer is familiar with the source material. The book incorporates racism and homophobia as ways that fear manifests and can have a toxic effect on the well-being of people but just as the miniseries shied away from including homophobia, this newest film erases both that and the important racial aspect of Mike's story, the one lead non-white character. His being an outsider was always very much stemming from being back and the film would've been better off for having included it.

The cross-over appeal of "IT" lies in its strong character development and subversion from many of the stereotypes associated with contemporary horror films, such as mindless violence, nudity, exploitation, etc. The depth in story, strong performances, all elevate the content, as does the lush score that punctuates the narrative and classes it up through the use of an orchestral composition. The film doesn't overuse jump scares, opting instead to effectively build up tension through strong sound editing and visual effects that play into creative sequences of terror. "IT" stands out strong as not only one of the best films of the year, but as one of the best horror films of the modern era.

IT (2017) is now playing in theatres.


Daniel Sharman and Sam Underwood on "Fear The Walking Dead" Themes (Interview)

With any post-apocalyptic work of fiction, numerous large-scale themes such as existentialism and survivalism are bound to arise in the plot and dialogue. Actors Daniel Sharman and Sam Underwood are new additions to AMC's "Fear The Walking Dead" as brothers Troy Otto and Jake Otto, respectively. When visiting San Diego Comic Con to promote the return of the show for the second half of season three, we asked about these larger themes and what working on the show has made them learn on a personal level as a result of portraying and reflecting on such material.

"It's interesting because we obviously joined this cast on a well-established show," says Sharman. "People, actors as well, have gotten into a groove and way of working. It's quite interesting joining a cast when you're also playing a racist, white... very odd family. That's quite an odd way to introduce yourself. We shoot in a very remote location in Mexico so you feel like you've got to [form] a bond. I think it was really interesting, you form these really amazing attachments to people very quickly, and that happens in the show, which I'm really glad the writers put in there. Human beings, it doesn't matter how crazily different they are. You will always form these tendrils of attachment to people through it and that's what's so beautiful about some of the writing and it's got that - even though we are so different."

"I think that from a thematic standpoint, the basic idea that Troy represents, this is kind of what I take away from it," begins Underwood. "Troy represents the arm of society that again particularly right now is angry and is there for survival, there's fear of the Other, and there's this real animal need to protect ourselves. Our dad has set up this beautiful community for people which the majority is a really peaceful community. But they have to have this kind of border militia, mindset to keep us safe and that's why the racism and that kind of culture comes into it. So Troy represents in my mind that need for intense survival and aggression towards protecting yourself whereas Jake, being a constitutional lawyer, he is the exact opposite in a way. [He's] hoping to rebuild a crumbling or crumbled democracy cause now the lines are blurred between what's right morally and ethically and what is accepted and what do we need to do to survive? Jake thinks that civilization needs some form of democracy or some form of constitution in a way to keep everyone maintaining a sense of morals and ethics. I think that's the question that comes up a lot between us in this beautiful clash of ideals which continues throughout the season. It's really, really cool."

Fear The Walking Dead returns for season 3B on AMC on September 10.


HISTORY Orders 20 Episode Sixth Season of 'Vikings' and KatherynWinnick Set to Direct One Episode



Two-Hour Season Five Premiere Airs Wednesday, November 29 at 9PM ET/PT
New York, NY – September 12, 2017 – HISTORY has ordered a 20 episode sixth season of the hit drama series “Vikings,” it was announced today by Eli Lehrer, Executive Vice President of Programming, HISTORY. Additionally, series regular Katheryn Winnick is set to helm one episode in season six, marking her directorial debut. Production for season six is slated to begin this fall in Ireland.

The previously ordered 20 episode fifth season will air in two parts, beginning with a two-hour premiere on Wednesday, November 29 at 9PM ET/PT followed by eight episodes airing every Wednesday at 9PM ET/PT. The remaining ten episodes of season five are slated to air in 2018.

Across all platforms, the last season of “Vikings” averaged 7.8 million viewers per episode. “Vikings” is a top five drama across ad supported cable and averaged 4.1 million total viewers last season in Live+7 delivery. Additionally, the series reached 34.3 million total viewers in linear Live+7.

“‘Vikings’ has creatively sailed to monumental lengths. The series has evolved from early raids in England, to the heart-stopping death of Ragnar Lothbrok, to the fierce battles of the Great Heathen Army, and now we’ll see the sons of Ragnar exploring and conquering the known world,” said Lehrer. “Michael Hirst has only scratched the surface of his epic saga. We look forward to continuing our partnership with one of the greatest writers in this era of Peak TV and entertaining our viewers with 40 new episodes over the next two seasons.”

“It has been my pleasure and my privilege to work with HISTORY and our partner MGM over five seasons and 69 episodes of ‘Vikings.’ Now we are ready to begin production of a 20 episode season six that will deliver a huge and unexpected revelation to our audience,” said Michael Hirst, creator and executive producer.  “There are many reasons why I love this show, not least for the commitment and creativity of everyone involved in making it, but perhaps even more important is the spirit that drives this production - one of the happiest, most collaborative and most authentic productions I have ever been involved with. And so we sail on.”

“Vikings” is the critically acclaimed series from creator and sole writer Michael Hirst(Academy Award® winning film Elizabeth and the Emmy® and Golden Globe® nominated series “The Tudors”) and is a family saga that tells the remarkable tales of the lives and epic adventures of the raiders and explorers of the Dark Ages. Season five cast includes series regulars Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“The Tudors”), who joined this season, as “Bishop Heahmund” along with Katheryn Winnick (“Lagertha”), Gustaf Skarsgård (“Floki”), Alexander Ludwig (“Bjorn”), Alex Høgh Andersen (“Ivar the Boneless”), Jordan Smith (“Ubbe”) and Marco Ilso (“Hvitserk”).

Winnick’s role as Lagertha has garnered her a “Best Supporting Actress” nomination at the 2015 Critic’s Choice Television Awards and a “Best Performance by a Lead Dramatic Actress" nomination at the 2014 Canadian Screen Awards. Winnick most recently appeared in the adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower opposite Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey. Next up she will star opposite John Travolta in the upcoming film Cigarette. Her other credits include Love & Other Drugs and 50 First Dates. Winnick is repped by CAA, Alchemy Entertainment, and attorney Jeff Bernstein of Jackoway, Tyerman, Wertheimer, Austen, Mandelbaum, Morris, & Klein.

Hirst serves as executive producer along with Morgan O’Sullivan of World 2000 (The Count of Monte Cristo; “The Tudors”), Sheila Hockin (“The Tudors,” “The Borgias”), John Weber of Take 5 Productions (“The Tudors,” “The Borgias”), Sherry Marsh, Alan Gasmer, and James Flynn (“The Tudors,” “The Borgias”). Arturo Interian serves as the executive in charge of production for HISTORY.
“Vikings” is an iternational Irish/Canadian co-production by World 2000 and Take 5 Productions. MGM Television serves as the worldwide distributor outside of Ireland and Canada. “Vikings” is produced in association with Corus Entertainment.

HISTORY®, now reaching more than 96 million homes, is the leading destination for award-winning series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner across all platforms. The network’s all-original programming slate features a roster of signature series including Pawn StarsAmerican PickersThe Curse of Oak IslandAlone as well as the hit drama series Vikingsand SIX.  The HISTORY website is located at history.com. Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/history and Facebook at facebook.com/history.




Co-Stars Include Annaleigh Ashford, Rebecca Hall, Cherry Jones,
Will Rogers, & Kelly Rohrbach

NEW YORK (September 11, 2017) – Woody Allen officially revealed the full cast of his new untitled feature film. Jude Law, Diego Luna, and Liev Schreiber join Timothée Chalamet, Elle Fanning, and Selena Gomez who were previously announced. Co-starring, in alphabetical order, are Annaleigh Ashford, Rebecca Hall, Cherry Jones, Will Rogers, and Kelly Rohrbach. Amazon Studios will release the film theatrically.

Allen’s latest completed theatrical film is “Wonder Wheel” starring James Belushi, Juno Temple, Justin Timberlake, and Kate Winslet, which will make its world premiere as the closing night film of the New York Film Festival in October. Produced by Letty Aronson, Erika Aronson, and Ed Walson, and financed by Amazon Studios, the drama is set in Coney Island during the 1950s and includes larger-than-life characters, lovers, infidelity, and gangsters. Amazon will release the film in select markets on December 1st with a national theatrical expansion to follow. Following its theatrical run, “Wonder Wheel” will be available exclusively to Amazon Prime members through Prime Video.

Last year marked Allen’s first collaboration with Amazon Studios, which acquired and released “Café Society,” and financed and distributed the filmmaker’s first foray into television, “Crisis in Six Scenes.”


The Mummy DVD Review

The first entry in Universal's Dark Universe monster series, The Mummy gets a make over by way of gender-swap, but its not the fresh story that it tries to make itself out to be. It's chalk full of action, and tries for crowd pleasing, but ultimately falls just short of giving fans the movie they actually want.

Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) is a soldier of fortune who plunders ancient sites for timeless artifacts and sells them to the highest bidder. When Nick and his partner come under attack in the Middle East, the ensuing battle accidentally unearths Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella), a betrayed Egyptian princess who was entombed under the desert for thousands of years. With her powers constantly evolving, Morton must now stop the resurrected monster as she embarks on a furious rampage through the streets of London.

Ahmanet is the only child of the Egyptian Pharaoh, honed and trained to be as deadly as she is beautiful, until her father's wife had a son, and he was given her destiny. Unwilling to accept her new place, she makes a deal with the god of death, Set, bringing evil into herself, and the world. Before her plan can be completed, and Set released into human form, she is mummified alive. Had this part of the story been expanded and the film be about the actual mummy, rather than her trying to complete a masterplan, it would have been a more watchable film. Boutella as Ahmanet is entrancing, her presence oozes off the screen, and not just because of her lack of clothing. Sure she exudes sexuality, but her fearlessness borderlines on maniacal. There is power in her movements, and as the titular character she is capable of invoking fear, but she isn't allowed to play into that. Instead, the forgotten princess is reduced to a bit player in a film essentially about her.

Instead the film follows army reconnaissance sergeant Nick Morton (Tom Cruise), who's busy stuffing his pockets with ancient artifacts and selling them on the black market, with his best friend and comic relief Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) by his side. Cruise is the same cocky character he is in every action movie. He's too suave and too smart for anything to be a threat. The ladies want him, the men want to be chummy with him. He'd be perfect in an 80's or 90's action film, but frankly more is expected. Johnson plays comic relief perfectly, bringing levity to scenes that would otherwise drag on.

When one of their little treasure hunting missions goes awry, they accidentally uncover the ancient tomb of Ahmanet. Anthropologist Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis), the archetypal damsel in distress and the love interest, Nick and Vail explore the tomb, but as time runs out before they have to leave the area, precautions are thrown out the window, and the sarcophagus of Ahmanet is discovered. That discovery sets off a chain of events that leads to doom and death.

Ahmanet breaks free of the bounds that held her trapped, and brings on destruction at every turn. One of the most head scratching inclusion is Prodigium, a group Jenny is employed by and is led by Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russell Crowe). The black-opesque group is dedicated to discovering and defeating evil, and one the weakest point of the movie. Besides linking the movies together, ala Nick Fury, there was really no point in Prodigium showing up, besides introducing characters we'll need to know in the future.

The Mummy is positioned as the true launch of Universal’s classic movie monster shared universe. One that was previously held by Dracula: Untold until it received a negative response. The Mummy may not be receiving much love, but with its Dark Universe connections it's a much stronger foundation. On its surface, The Mummy is a decent action/adventure movie, with some horror elements thanks to Ahmanet and the resurrected creatures she raises. For the most part, the movie works well as both a standalone, and as a launching pad. Where it ultimately fails is how heavily it leans on Cruise, and some very cliché lines that are laughable. It's a popcorn flick, that isn't the best that Hollywood has to offer, but it's certainly fun enough to watch on DVD a few times.
What's on the DVD

Deleted and Exended Scenes:
Beautiful Cunning and Ruthless: Extends out the fight scene in Ahmanet's backstory, adding in a few long looks, but a huge difference between what we got.
Your Friend Is Alive: Nick is still alive, still nude. He dances around in the background as he tries to get dressed and Jenny berates one of the coroners.
Sand In My Mouth: And extended scene of Nick chatting with Vail before he enters Prodigium. Here he's given the idea that he can bring back his fallen friend.
She's Escaped: Probably the longest of the section, which takes place in Prodigium after Ahmanet has escaped, gives a little bit extra of Hyde's team jumping into action, and him admitting he's losing control.

Cruise and Kurtman: A Conversation. The actor and the director pat eachother on the back about bring the Mummy to life on scene.

Rooted In Reality: The story of bringing the supernatural and the real world together in a way that was believable. It was a three year process to find the proper tone to make it the perfect mix of creepy and grounded.

Life in Zero-G: Creating the Plane Crash. It was Tom's idea to use Zero-G, and they brought it to life. What Tom wants, he gets.

Meet Ahmanet: The girl who became a monster. She's terrifying and yet her pain is palpable, and makes it hard not to root for her.

Cruise In Action: More praise for Tom Cruise.

Becoming Jekyll and Hyde: Sometimes a monster is needed to fight a monster. Hyde was planned from the get go, and Crowe was their dream cast. Everyone was excited to see the character brought to life with Crowe.

Choreographed Chaos: There are many many action scenes, all that are enhanced by CGI.

Nick Morton: In Search of A Soul. The backstory of making a man with no soul, a monster within his own rights, the hero of the film.

Ahmanet Reborn Animated Graphic Novel: One of the shorter features on the blu-ray, its also probably the worst. It adds little to the story except beautiful artwork. Boutella narrates the tale of Ahmanet losing her birthright, and her feelings as she summons Set to reclaim it.

There's also feature commentary for those who are interested in that. The film is really stunning. The Egyptian scenes are so ornate and beautiful. They shot on location when possible, like in the Natural History Museum, which is stunning on blu ray. The night time shots have true blacks and vivid color making them easy to see. Even the underwater shots are well lit making them a feast for the eyes.

The Mummy hits DVD and blu-ray tomorrow September 12th. It is 110 minutes long and is rated PG-13 for violence, action and scary images, and for some suggestive content and partial nudity.


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