Hemlock Grove S03E01 "A Place to Fall" Recap

A truck-driver accidentally hits a naked Peter that wanders into the road. The man gets out and tries to help him but s it's the full moon, Peter quickly transforms and the man is surrounded by other wolves. Another car rolls up and an accomplice steals the man's truck. The wolves disappear and the man is left stranded on the side of the road.

Olivia is living in a run-down motel room, seemingly cured from her former sickness. She also has Michael Chasseur tied up in her bathtub with a tube tied to him in order to drain and feed from his blood supply. She says she has a guest coming soon and it's time for him to go so she lets his blood begin to drain down the drain, presumably until he dies.

Peter goes to get a family heirloom ring to give to Andreas so he can propose to Destiny. Peter then goes to meet with Roman, who has hired a private investigator to try to track down the whereabouts of baby Nadia and Miranda, who were taken captive by Dr. Spivak in the season 2 finale. Roman must then go to a meeting with Pryce, who has been working hard on developing a new substance for feeding him and also assisting in the search for Roman's daughter.

Shelley is on trial and is also being treated by Pryce after her psychotic episode. After one court session, she is splashed by a bucket of animal blood by some protesters outside the building. Olivia hurries her away. Though she seems to be taking a more proactive role as a mother, Shelley still doesn't want to be made to live with her again once she's finished this wave of treatments by Pryce.

Roman and Peter go out for drinks, pondering the next course of action to take in their search for Nadia and Miranda. Roman also learns of Destiny's engagement. Roman spots a mysterious, beautiful woman in the bar that he decides to pursue but she disappears. He goes out back with a different woman from the bar to receive fellatio and the mystery woman appears briefly to exchange some more intense eye contact mid-fellatio before she disappears again.

Olivia enacts revenge on Pryce for denying her treatment for her cancer by making him believe that the law enforcement were about to invade the building, prompting him to destroy all his research, including the supply of goo that Roman uses to feed on. But when Pryce goes downstairs to meet them, he discovers that the only reprimand he could be facing were some fees and a warning. Pryce reluctantly agrees to help Olivia, who threatens to release the extent of his ethically questionable experiments and forever tarnish his reputation if she doesn't get his assistance in helping her find Nadia.

Roman goes back to the bar in search of the mystery woman and the bartender advises him to come back that night in case she'll return.

Olivia is revealed to be working with the private investigator hired to help Roman. She is also continuing to try to turn Shelley against Roman, but Shelley remains unwavering in her loyalty. Roman goes back to the bar and eventually re-encounters the mystery woman who finally talks to him. She has a French accent and disappears when Roman takes a call from Pryce about needing more nutrient. The supply was destroyed due to Olivia's antics and now it'll take at least a month to have more ready, meaning Roman will have to feed the old-fashioned way. Pryce also has shown to have briefly kidnapped a Greek delivery man to perform an experiment in which some online consciousness is uploaded into the man temporarily. The man is later free to go once he wakes, having no memory of what happened to him.

Roman goes to confession, admitting he's about to do things he doesn't want to. He seems morally conflicted about the violence he'll have to perpetrate in order to feed. He seems to be seeking preemptive absolution and the priest tells Roman he can't help him with such a thing. Roman acknowledges that no one can help him. Outside, Roman gives a sleeping homeless man a large bill and drives off, unknowingly being followed by the mystery woman who might be a killer herself since earlier an unknown figure was shown to be killing someone and the shots are similar to those of Roman when he's being watched.

Destiny is enjoying the bliss of engaged life with Andreas. Peter encourages her to find her happiness and acknowledges that they probably shouldn't live together anymore. They enjoy a loving moment where they swear to look out for each other. Peter then gives Andreas a ride to a warehouse at his request. Andreas has found some buyers for their recently stolen supply which will mean a large payoff for him and Peter but Peter is alarmed when he realises the buyers are some dangerous Croatin gangsters. Roman is attacked in his home by the monster that had killed someone earlier but the mystery woman emerges and saves him, chasing the monster off. She then drinks from his last supply of nutrient and introduces herself as Annie, another Upir.

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