Hemlock Grove S03E04 "Every Beast" Recap

Pryce is locked into his own quarantine chamber with no way to override the system. He demands that Klaus bring him his meds but there's no way to get them into the quarantine chamber until the system does its full analysis of what's inside.

Peter's relationship with Andreas remains tense due to Andreas not wanting to walk away from the dangerous heist plan he has concocted. Peter is certain that Andreas will get himself killed is he continues down this path and leave Destiny devastated in the process. Peter and Andreas go to meet with some professional colleagues and discover multiple dead bodies at the warehouse. They decide they will investigate and track down whomever is responsible for these murders.

Annie brings Roman to a medical centre full of food bags. The two begin to hedonistically feed on the bags and begin to have sex. They are interrupted by a security guard that Roman kills, despite Annie's objections.

Peter tracks down The Tongue, who reveals that he admitted to discovering some counterfeit eggs to save himself and thus inadvertently caused the deaths of Peter's professional contacts. Peter demands to be set up with a meeting with whomever is in charge. Andreas later reveals that he and the other pack members want to lock up the Croatians in a building and set it on fire but Andreas wants to only go after the leader, Milan. This will send a clear message without casualties of innocent lives.

Olivia is called in to the Godfrey Institute and determines that Klaus locked Pryce into the containment centre to try to get him clean from his rapidly escalating drug addiction. Klaus says that there's no contamination so Olivia orders him to get Pryce out since she needs his help. However, she is called away by Ochoa who has been monitoring Olivia's home and Shelley has come back with her new friends to get some of her belongings and leave once more. When Olivia returns, Shelley is already gone but Ochoa assures her that he has already slipped a tracking device on the man's car so they'll be able to follow her. The conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Annie who reveals that she is Olivia's long-lost daughter. Annie only wants answers on why she was given up and gives Olivia her address, saying to come visit her when she is ready.

Back at the building, Shelley is encouraged to go up and perform during talent show which she does so successfully but collapses in the middle of her poem, seemingly due to a dizzy-spell of sorts.

Pryce is finally able to escape the containment centre and pops some pills as he informs Olivia that she is infected with the disease that involves a creature growing inside of her. There is no way to surgically remove the creature because it so drastically intertwines itself with the brain and spine that attempting to remove it is all but guaranteed to kill the host. The disease doesn't infect humans, as Spivak specifically engineered it to try to exterminate the Upir. Without treatment, Olivia has roughly one month to live. Olivia reminds Pryce that if she dies, her failsafe will be activated and all his dirty secrets will be revealed to the world, ruining his career and making him a wanted man.

Peter and Andreas go to launch their attack on Milan but Milan is already waiting for them. Andreas is taken captive by Milan's men and a sex tape is played in which Andreas was having sex with another woman. The woman is present along with her parents and they are ordered to leave the state. Peter is outraged to learn that part of why Andreas was so determined to go after Milan was because he was sexually involved with Milan's woman. Peter does not object to Milan enacting his revenge and killing him, despite Andreas' pleas that Destiny will never forgive her. When Andreas is shot, Destiny senses the wound and impending death while at her bachelorette party.

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