Hemlock Grove S03E05 "Boy in the Box" Recap

Pryce goes to a sex club to meet with a random man for a casual hook-up and after sniffing some drugs, has a flashback to being abused by his father who locked him in a cabinet as a small child. The flashbacks of abuse continue throughout the episode that show him being abused into his teens until he finally fought back and locked his father in the same cabinet he was always forced into himself.

Roman calls Annie to apologise for killing the security worker and pleads with her to call him back so they can reconcile. She's shown to be in her motel room writing "porquois" on the wall with blood she pricked from her finger.

Destiny leaves another voicemail for Andreas, as she hasn't seen him since he left and though she sensed it, doesn't have the official confirmation that he's dead. Peter gets pulled over on the road by some of the Croatians who give him directions on where to find Andreas' body, in case he wants it back.

Roman tells Pryce about his encounter with the creatures and Pryce lets it slip that Spivak was working with the Nazis, but since this is information he had shared with Olivia and was supposed to keep quiet, he quickly covers his mistake by claiming he'll be looking more into it.

Destiny's friends insist she carry on with her plans and go to the bridal shop to try on dresses for her wedding. They presume that Andreas is simply hung over and recuperating from a wild night at his bachelor party. Destiny doesn't stop being worried while trying on dresses and while at the store she begins to get a severe nosebleed.

Ochoa continues to spy on Shelley and report back to Olivia on her comings and goings. He also gives her a charm of his for a spirit called Chango. She later goes to the warehouse to try to force Shelley to come home but Shelley stands up for herself with Aitor by her side. Olivia leaves dejected but Ochoa reassures her that she will figure things out and suggests she reach out to her long-lost daughter. Olivia lists Annie at her motel room and they begin to reconnect as Annie tells her about the daughter she had and lost and the life she has lead over the centuries. Annie had become a combat nurse to atone for all the innocent lives she had taken as a young and out-of-control Upir.

Roman figures out that Ochoa must be working with Olivia so he sets up a trap to prove it and has Peter come with him to spy on his actions. They follow him in the car and confront him. He goads Peter into attacking him violently but Roman stops him. They retrieve Andreas' body and Peter later breaks the bad news of Andreas' body being 'discovered'. Olivia tries to convince Ochoa to stay when he says he'll be no longer working for her since he can't find anything else that's useful and his being a spy has been exposed.

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