Hemlock Grove S03E06 "Pendant" Recap

Peter and Destiny are visited by some police officers who tell them that based on the calibre of the firearms used to kill Andreas, they believe that it was a professional hit. Destiny is suspicious that Nik and Bajram, criminal colleagues and best friends to Andreas, haven't stopped by to check on them.

Olivia wakes in her motel room and finds that the black marks on her skin that indicate her sickness have begun to spread.  She's visited by Ochoa who wants to help her like she asked. But Ochoa needs to be paid and so together with Olivia, they search for a way to find funds.

Roman confronts Pryce about his working with Olivia behind his back. Pryce apologises and admits that Olivia had been blackmailing him into doing so. Pryce also warns Roman to stay away from Olivia, as she is very sick now with cancer and may become dangerous as the disease continues to progress. He says they must work together now if they are to find baby Nadia.

Andreas' funeral takes place with Destiny, Peter, Roman, Annie, and few others in attendance. Destiny is perturbed that more haven't come. After everyone else leaves, Destiny cuts open Andreas' autopsy stitches and has a vision of him being beaten before he is fatally shot.

Roman visits Annie but the visit is interrupted by Olivia, who reveals their sibling relationship to Roman who promptly leaves, horrified.

Pryce visits a man that experimented on and butchered children, all claiming it was in the name of science to interrogate him for answers that will help him in his own research and search for Roman's baby. He kills the man afterward.

Olivia lashes out at Ochoa when she becomes increasingly paranoid that he or someone else might be messing with her. She then admits that she has cancer and that it is causing strange marks on her skin. Ochoa asks to see them, then removes his own shirt to reveal some scars he has on different parts of his body as a result from his line of work. The two then consummate their relationship.

Shelley visits Roman, who becomes enraged when he learns that Olivia had seemingly lost Shelley for a week and not told him. Roman then informs Shelley that Olivia is sick and will be dead soon. Roman remains furious at Olivia and throws a tantrum about his hatred for her. Shelley then insists on leaving, realising that roman is not in a state to be giving her the advice she was looking for.

Destiny begins her own investigation into the Croatians that killed Andreas and tracks down the leader, who is shown to be wearing Andreas' watch. She calls Peter and leaves a voicemail, pleading with him to come and bring some men to help her confront him.

Annie visits Roman and tries to apologise for her deception. She shares how she came to Hemlock Grove in search of her mother and that was how she learned of him. Roman will not accept her apology, confronting her for how she had a million opportunities to tell him the truth but never did. He lashes out at her, making perverse comments about how good she was in bed. The two then have angry, hate-sex.

Destiny wants to attack the leader of the Croatians but Peter arrives in time to stop her and intervenes. He tells the man to leave and feigns ignorance when Destiny accuses him of knowing the man.

Olivia wakes and finds Ochoa dead in the closet. She then realises that she was hallucinating him and that he had been dead for some time and hung up in the closet, all the while talking to herself and believing he was with her. In actuality, she had killed him when he had been saying his goodbyes to her because of the cancer impeding her brain's ability to function properly and perhaps also partially due to her not wanting him to leave. Olivia then visits Pryce and chokes him in his bed, demanding that he find a suitable body that she can be put into so the disease won't take her. Pryce then passes out due to lack of oxygen and it's unclear whether or not this is the extent of his injury or if he has been killed.

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