Hemlock Grove S03E07 "Todos Santos" Recap

The previous episode's cliffhanger regarding Olivia attacking Pryce is resolved. She did attack him in his sleep but apart from a bit of neck bruising, Pryce is alive and well. Pryce then stayed up all night to look for research and answers so Olivia can be transferred into another body before the cancer takes her life. Olivia must then decide how to dispose of Ochoa's body. She rolls his body up in a carpet and throws it into a dumpster near her building. After returning to her apartment, she watches as the garbage truck dumps his body in with the rest of the trash. Olivia ponders how they could've been happy together if he hadn't screwed everything up but then she hallucinates Ochoa as a mythical deity called Chango.

Shelley receives a large shipment of supplies at the warehouse, Rooster Poot, she has been staying. It's an apology gift from Roman consisting of including things like toothpaste, blankets, and batteries.

Peter meets with Milan, leader of the Croatians, who has decided to give Peter one last chance to stop Destiny from her vengeance quest or else they'll all be killed.

Pryce finds the Greek delivery man in his room. The aftereffects of having another conscience transferred into his mind is that he was suffering from delusions that he was Pryce himself. Pryce notes that they must continue to monitor him and study what aftereffects he is exhibiting.

Olivia continues to have visions of Chango and also learns that Aitor, Shelley's new friend/love interest has a criminal past. Shelley is enjoying sharing her new gifted items to other people in need at Rooster Poot when Annie comes to visit her and make some introductions. When the two go somewhere in private, Annie reveals that she is Shelley's half-sister from long ago. Shelley learns that Roman only just recently learned about her existence too. Annie appreciates how Shelley has a large collection of books, whereas Roman has none in his house.

Peter berates Destiny for going after Milan, claiming she is acting irrationally and makes excuses to cover up why he has been acting strange. Destiny is determined to get the truth out of Peter and doesn't want lies to destroy the relationship they have.

Olivia visits Rooster Poot to confront Aitor. He had killed someone twenty years ago but now he has been trying to clean his life up and make it worth something, which is why he does things like feed the homeless at Rooster Poot.

Pryce informs Olivia that the only way she can survive on through a host-transfer is to find an Upir that she can have her consciousness moved into.

Destiny gets one of her friends to help poke holes in the story by questioning Baj, another one of the Romani men that was with Peter and Andreas on their night out. Destiny knows that something isn't adding up and the worst part of it all is that Peter is lying to her. She has also been working with police, listening to the recording of the 9-1-1 call placed that led them to finding Andreas' body. It's Roman's voice but he's disguised it to try not to be recognised so Destiny listens to it over and over, trying to determine whose voice it is.

Annie leaves Rooster Poot and Shelley invites her to come back whenever she'd like, wanting her to meet Aitor some day and to not disappear altogether.

Peter calls Roman to meet him at a bar and says he can't keep lying to Destiny. Roman warns him that it's a bad idea and that it will ruin his relationship with Destiny but Peter seems determined that it's the best course of action.

Olivia tries to visit a man named Ben Charles and his wife, both Upirs. She hopes that one of them can serve as a host for her to be transferred into but she learns that Ben was killed by one of Spivak's creatures and his wife suffers from a congenital heart condition that could kill her at any moment. Olivia also learns about a gathering of Upirs that's set to take place in Toronto and takes the information on it so she can attend and find a suitable host.

Roman attends a board meeting at the Godfrey institute. One of the board members arrives and takes a semi-automatic weapon out of his briefcase and begins shooting at everyone. Roman and Pryce are quick to duck and hide beneath the desk but everyone else is killed. Roman then stands up and the gunamn prepares to shoot him until some security man shoot at him instead, forcing him to drop his large weapon. The man then pulls out a smaller gun and shoots himself in the head. Pryce observes a strange worm-lied creature begin to emerge from the man's head wound so he rushes the body to his lab. He removes the man's head and hooks it up to a machine that he pumps super-oxygenated blood into and tries to get a glimpse into the man's short-term memory. He deduces that Spivak got to this employee and uses a new technological program he's been developing to attempt to access the memories but they must hook another brain up to the machine to act as a router to clear the flow of images and Roman insists he be used so they can try to get some answers on where Spivak and Nadia is. Spivak had captured the man and flown him to the cabin but the man's brain goes dead. However, Pryce is able to determine that the man's eye is still working. Pryce scoops it out and realises it's a camera that Spivak is monitoring them from. The man's mouth opens and Spivak's voice begins speaking through as a sort of communication device. He taunts Roman and Pryce about their inability to find him yet and his still having Nadia in captivity.

Olivia attends the gathering of Upirs where everyone is spoken to by an influential Upir, Norville Knox, who has made a mass fortune through his work in the scientific medical field. He gives a speech on the theories he has developed about Upirs fallings sick and feeding on their own. Olivia then considers taking Norville as her new host so she will have his fortune, power, and influence.

Pryce sends orders to his staff to determine where the cabin is that Spivak is hiding in and tells Roman to go home and rest. When he returns home, he finds Annie waiting for him. She wants to say goodbye and part civilly like adults but Roman lashes out at her again. Annie expresses remorse for ever getting involved with Roman. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Destiny who demands that Roman tell her the truth about what happened to Andreas and confronts him about being the one that called 9-1-1. Roman realises he's at least been partially caught so he admits everything in a rage, about how Andreas got everyone at the warehouse killed so he was killed by the Croatian and Peter covered everything up. Destiny refuses to believe that Peter had any fault and continues to blame Roman for everything. She punches him in a rage so he punches her back with his Upir strength. She falls backwards onto a table, badly wounded and struggling to breath. Annie jumps and tries to help her, pleading with Roman to call an ambulance. Roman instead crouches down and caresses the side of Destiny's head before snapping her neck.

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