Litho Nericcio, Melodifestivalen's Most Ground-breaking Choreographer (Interview)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Litho Nericcio first burst onto the scene to Melodifestivalen viewers back in 2014 when he both choreographed and danced in Ace Wilder's "Busy Doin' Nothin'" routine. With a fresh, modern style completely new to the contest, he continued to impress in her next two competitive entries, and also choreographed Krista Siegfrids' "Snurra min jord" entry.

He thinks of Ace Wilder as a sister, as the two first met when she was still just a teenager. The creative partnership has revitalised Melodifestivalen and pushed it into a modern era of radio-bangers and the type of content one would expect to see at a global awards show. It's impressive how committed Nericcio remains to his art, and even more so that he focuses on creating a vision instead of just fixating on money and clicks. He admits that he gets more offers to choreograph routines than he accepts, as he wants to work on artists and projects that he feels he can best connect with creatively.

His honesty is refreshing when sharing his thoughts on Sweden's knack for following trends as opposed to setting them. This insight into the Swedish culture puts much into perspective regarding why many Swedes fail to release music videos, or push to produce content that is bold and innovative. This discussion that's had between us is a must for any and all hardcore fans of Melodifestivalen.

Watch our full interview with Litho Nericcio here:


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