Preacher S02E13 (SEASON FINALE) "The End of the Road" Recap

The season two finale opens with another glimpse at teenage Jesse, who begins his criminal ways in Angelville and worked under the thumb of his grandmother Madame L'Angell. The people that come to the family home are in search of spiritual guidance and Jesse begins subtly pick-pocketing the guests to save up a cash stash of his home but it's muscled off of him from a man named T.C. - who was also the one that killed Jesse's father. In a rage after the encounter, Jesse stomps a chicken dead but he's overcome with guilt and brings it to his grandmother in the hopes that she'll resurrect it. She agrees but warns him that everything has a price.

In the present day plot, Jesse is preparing to take on the role of the Messiah but rejects Starr's speech to do so. Jesse is set to give a speech to a class of kids at a school taught by nuns but his talk is interrupted by some armed Armenians that want to kill the nuns and children. Jesse commands them to stop but it appears that Genesis is glitching. However, Jesse is still able to beat them through old-fashioned fighting skills. He determines that the attack was a sound and orchestrated by Starr in order to give Jesse the opportunity to play hero, as the guns the Armenians had weren't actually loaded. But Starr is unapologetic about the move, as it worked to make Jesse out to be a hero since Starr was filming the entire encounter.

Cassidy is concerned that Denis is a bad influence on him, as he has embraced a more violent, hedonistic approach to vampirism. Tulip is out picking up large quantities of sunscreen and other supplies in preparation for a trip she and Cassidy will be taking to Bimini. Tulip assaults the cashier at the shop and robs the register, and attempts to give the money to a single mother she saw shoplifting in the aisles but the woman leaves without taking any of the cash.

When Tulip returns to the apartment, she finds a stressed Cassidy smoking crack to try to alleviate his rattled feelings about Denis' behaviour. She tells him that whatever happens next, they should just let happen. The two begin to hookup but then Cassidy begins to violently feed on Tulip, taking a large bite out of her neck and seemingly killing her. But that encounter between them was all just a dream, as Tulip once again returns to the apartment and asks Cassidy if he's smoking crack before heading to her room to pack her belongings.

Hitler helps Eugene make it to the ferryman that will lead him out of Hell. Hitler won't go though, as he belongs in Hell. Eugene should be able to get the ferryman to take him out of Hell because he was never supposed to be there to begin with. The ferryman is an intimidating figure whose face we never see, as he's entirely covered in a black cloak. But once he begins to speak, he becomes more relatable. The ferryman summons the boat but just as Eugene prepares to board it, the superintendent arrives and demands his return because she doesn't want to let anyone leave. The ferryman says that it's his jurisdiction to decide and Eugene doesn't belong there. She shoots the ferryman and calls for backup. Hitler shows up and knocks the superintendent out, before sending Eugene on his way. But just as Eugene begins to float away in the boat, he insists that Hitler come with him.

Jesse is riding with Starr on the way to make an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show after the video of Jesse's heroism goes viral. Starr wants to know why Jesse didn't use Genesis against the armed gunmen and Jesse lies, claiming he didn't need to. Starr warns him that he will.

Tulip discovers one of the surveillance bugs in the apartment and reveals it to Cassidy. They must decide whether or not to tell Jesse about Starr's surveillance and consequent sabotage of their group. Cassidy has a tense moment with Denis when he realises that he can't maintain a relatively moral way of life when Denis is bringing his corrupting influence. So he shoves Denis outside into the sunny day and barricades the window till Denis has gone entirely up in flames.

Jesse and Hitler return to Earth. Hitler takes off running away from Jesse and gets hit by a car. He gets up and continues to run, albeit with an injured leg, and even knocks down a man on crutches while making his getaway. Confusingly, Eugene doesn't make even a remote attempt at chasing after Hitler.

Cassidy prepares to leave with Tulip but doesn't tell her about killing Denis. He also decides to set his dog Banjo free, whom he had previously rescued from a leering Denis that appeared to be considering eating him. Cassidy appears to not want the temptation around of turning Banjo into food while they're travelling together. Tulip decides to go back inside the apartment to say goodbye to her neighbor 'Jenny' but realises she's one of Starr's agents after discovering a strange manual. Tulip grabs a screwdriver and holds it behind her back while Jenny/Lara has a gun behind her own. Hoover also exposes the situation further when he comes out of the bathroom and isn't showing himself to be the abusive ex Lara had him pretend to be. So Lara whips the gun out and shoots Tulip.

Jesse and Starr are leaving behind a large group of eager reporters. They're about to leave on a private jet but then Jesse gets a message from Cassidy that Tulip has been shot. Starr is fine with Jesse leaving but tells him he needs to come back when he's finished this business in order to retrieve his soul, that Starr has in a small vial after it was retrieved from the Saint. Cassidy called for an ambulance but Starr had used his influence to order it to be stopped. Seems he wants Tulip out of the way to stop distracting Jesse from being the Messiah. Tulip is on the brink of death and Cassidy tells Jesse to use Genesis. But the glitch is still in effect so it doesn't work. Cassidy tries to bite Tulip to save her by turning her into a vampire but Jesse attacks Cassidy and orders him not to. But their fight is interrupted by the sound of Tulip making her last breaths. Still, Jesse restrains Cassidy and tells him to let Tulip die rather than become a vampire.

However, there is a journey to be taken to resurrect Tulip. Jesse and Cassidy ride together with Tulip's body in the backseat. Cassidy is furious, telling Jesse he hates him. But Jesse tells him if he hates him now, just wait. Things are about to get a whole lot worse, apparently. They reach the gates of Angelville, where the chicken from the episode's beginning is still alive and running around. Seems they'll be reaching out to Grandmother L'Angell for help on something far bigger than a chicken.

Finally, in a dingy motel room we see the dog costume hung up while dissonant jazz plays on a record player. There are also beverage cans scattered all over the room. The bathroom door opens and a figure completely obscured by light is barely shown - it's the missing God.

Preacher airs on AMC.


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