Teen Wolf S06E16 "Triggers" Recap

Beacon Hills high is operating under a new reign of terror. The bullies are going around slicing people on the hand to test if they are supernatural and will heal too fast to be non-supernatural. A were-coyote named Edgar is revealed and one of the bullies, Aaron, is looking for someone to be particularly extraordinary. Aaron tests Edgar by releasing one of the mystical spiders into his body.

Agent McCall comes to the school to question Nolan and Tamora on the missing werewolves, Jiany and Tierney, that were taken into FBI custody. Tamora sends Nolan away before he can give anything away and he discovers a dying Edgar, who has a swarm of spiders emerge from his body. McCall later visits Gerard in his armory, that Gerard is operating from under claims of it being a legitimate business. He has all the paperwork to not be taken down by official means.

Nolan informs Tamora about Edgar and she commands another one of the students she has recruited, Gabe, to kill Edgar. Nolan appears to have some deeply embedded conflict about killing supernatural beings despite his bigotry against them. Still, he begins following Mason when he grows suspicious that he is in contact with them. Mason knows he's being followed by Nolan and is revealed to be working under a plan put together by the pack. Mason goes to an abandoned zoo where Liam and Theo are acting as bait to lure the hunters there.

Meanwhile, Scott, Lydia, Malia, and Chris Argent, are waiting to infiltrate Gerard's armory. Scott and Malia can hear that there are several heartbeats still in the armory and Argent wants to leave if it means they'll have to go up against several trained hunters.

Theo picks a fight with Liam in which they yell loudly and pretend the other members of the pack are there in order to trick the two hunters that arrived at the zoo with Nolan into thinking the whole pack was there. Once the other hunters leave to head to the zoo, Scott and Malia break into the armory while Lydia and Chris wait outside to act as the look-outs. Lydia becomes alarmed due to an earlier vision she had that makes her think danger is closer than ever. When Scott and Malia get into the armory, they find that all the weapons are gone. They realise they should leave but pause when they pick up the scent of Jiang and Tierney. They break into another room where they eventually find the remains of the werewolves and also a map of the world, but it also sets off security measures that lock them inside.

Liam attacks Nolan when he discovers their location, much to the concern of Theo. Gerard's plan is to  kill Liam because of the toll it will take on Scott, explaining it to Tamora as something similar to a parent losing a child. Once the psychological and emotional toll has its impact on Scott, causing him to fall, the rest of the pack will also fall. Nolan tells Liam that if he doesn't kill Liam, then Tamora will kill Nolan herself. He tearfully drops his weapon, and Liam angrily punches the mass of rock next to Nolan's head, clearly struggling to not kill him. Theo knocks Liam down and tells Nolan to run.

Chris is able to get a message to Scott and Malia to warn them not to trip the sensors. The two must keep themselves from hitting any of the red laser beams. Malia determines there is a lock they must get to and break that will allow them to escape. She climbs up high to knock the lock off but one of the pieces of it triggers a sensor that sets off further security measures, namely that the oxygen supply is cut off from the room. Some hunters return and are preparing to get inside and take out Scott and Malia but Chris Argent sets off a smoke grenade and begins fighting off the hunters with Lydia's help. Lydia then has a vision that warns of further impending danger. Chris tells Lydia that thought the doors may be bulletproof, they're not impenetrable to her banshee screams. She is able to break the door down just in time.

Theo and Liam head back to Scott's house. Along the way, Theo advises Liam to not let his anger get the best of him. Liam was the one that had picked the location and set up the plan, but the location was one with a sensitive memory in which he was violently hazed. Liam reacts to fear with anger, which is why the Anuk-Ite is effecting him by amplifying his anger.

Tamora is alarmed that Gerard's map is missing and that the pack might figure out their plan. Gerard acknowledges that he may have underestimated the pack but warns Tamora that there is no bond between him and her the way Scott has to his Beta.

Back at Scott's house, Malia acts on the growing tension between her and Scott by kissing him and he reciprocates. Later, when Chris looks over the map with Melissa, Lyida, and Mason, he determines the map is one of the world's Nemetons. Lydia continues to have flashes from her vision, even as Agent McCall arrives to warn everyone that they can't leave, having determined that Gerard has given his many weapons to the people of Beacon Hills. The people that are acting in fear of supernaturals are now armed to the teeth. Lydia warns the pack to get down just as the house is attacked with gunfire and other weapons. The episode ends with Scott and Malia looking at a growing pool of blood; someone in the pack has been shot. Our bet's on Agent McCall, but we'll have to wait till next week to have that theory confirmed.

Teen Wolf airs on Sundays on MTV at 10PM.


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