Teen Wolf S06E17 "Werewolves of London" Recap

Ethan makes angry calls to Jackson. They're late for their anniversary plans in London where the two have been living together. Some hunters had attacked Jackson and bring him back to the apartment where they attack Ethan too. Ethan chides the hunters for using regular wolfsbane, as it doesn't work fully on Jackson due to his being part Kanima. Jackson attacks the hunters and overpowers them, though Ethan is annoyed by the destruction the fight causes on their apartment.

Back in Beacon Hills, Scott is at the hospital while his mother is in surgery after being shot by the attack on their home. Malia waits with him and both are relieved when the operating surgeons say that Melissa will be okay. Scott visits her and she tells him to stay and fight instead of running away, after which she falls asleep from the sedative administered to her. Scott's father is transferred to San Francisco Memorial hospital, while Mason and Lydia are also in recovery from being shot. Sheriff Stilinski promises Scott that the entire sheriff's department is working to find who did this but Scott says he knows who did it. Scott then tells Malia they need to fight back and take on the hunters. Scott must now begin forming an army, with Malia more than ready to help him do so.

Sheriff Stilinski has Tamora come in for questioning. She denies any involvement in shooting up Scott's house and the Sheriff already knows she wasn't there due to her being shown on surveillance footage at the school at the time of the attack. Sheriff wants her to turn over the people responsible.

Scott and Malia call up Deucalion, who has changed his ways. He's no longer a violent fighter and doesn't want to get involved in a battle that will compromise his quiet, peaceful life. Scott informs him of Gerard's plan and Deucalion offers him advice instead. Scott must accept that in order to stop Gerard, he will have to kill him. Malia attempts to attack Deucalion but he uses a new martial arts training that allows him to fight back without fighting - he simply ducks and swerves to avoid her blows. Deucalion is willing to offer advice but will not get involved in a fight. He advises Scott to lower his standards even more in order to find allies in his fight.

Back in London, Jackson and Ethan have the hunters tied up and being questioning them. They know that Gerard is responsible for these attacks. They had been tracking some omegas but Jackson discovered they were dead - with only some trophies of theirs to show their existence. They then determine that Gerard is back in Beacon Hills, meaning a reunion with the main pack is on the way.

At Beacon Hills high, Liam attacks Gabe to try to interrogate him about the attack on Scott's home. Theo is able to stop Liam from succumbing to his anger and killing Gabe but Theo then attacks Gabe himself when Gabe lets it slip that there are other dead bodies.

Sheriff Stilinski tries to convince Tamora to turn on Gerard and give up the hunters that attacked Scott's home by sharing the gruesome details of Gerard's past crimes. Though she appears shaken by the revelations, she refuses to turn anyone over. She resents the lies she was told, including ones by the Sheriff himself, about the supernatural aspects of the attack that nearly killed her.

At the hospital, Lydia has a vision of the building being covered in ice. She then follows some steps towards the elevator. She then heads to the morgue where one of the body cabinets is fiery hot despite the rest of the hospital being icy cold. Lydia reaches out to open it and looks inside.

Scott and Malia reach out to Peter Hale to ask him to join their fight. He doesn't want to join them and reveals a hunter that he caught that is brainwashed into being relentless in wanting to kill them for being supernatural. Peter gives the man an automatic weapon and shows them that these hunters can't be reasoned with and if Scott remains determined to not kill anyone, he will lose this war. Scott and Malia leave, determined to find other allies.

At the police station, the Deputies then reveal their loyalty to Tamora and Gerard's cause, much to Sheriff Stilinski's horror. Tamara tells a Deputy to relieve the Sheriff of his badge and gun. Sheriff refuses to turn them over and leaves the station of his own accord, reminding them that it doesn't matter whether or not Gerard will beat him as the Sheriff - either way, it's Scott that he won't be losing against.

Malia calls Peter on her own and uses their supernatural abilities to show him what she has experienced with the Anuk-ite. She explains how it operates on fear and makes all of the hunters more determined to kill them. He still won't join their cause, saying there's no way to fight against the Anuk-ite. Peter tries to give Malia a car as a gift but she refuses. She goes back to Scott and suggests they reach out to a ruthless pack called The Primal. It's a gamble, since they don't know the Pack personally like they did Deucalion and Peter.

Gabel reveals to Liam and Theo the bodies of dead werewolves in a freezer. They had been tested and revealed to be werewolves but something else killed them. They realise that not only did the Anuk-ite kill them, but that the identity of the Anuk-ite is a freshman named Aaron.

Malia and Scott track down The Primal in the hopes of recruiting them but discover that the entire pack is dead in the same gruesome fashion as the werewolves back in the freezer, meaning they were killed by the Anuk-ite. They also discover that Lydia is there, having been lead there by the dead Hellhound Halwyn. They all carry on their journey as Lydia follows her connection to Halwyn and find whatever they are being lead to.

Gabe reveals to Nolan in secret that he had shot up Scott's house but claimed to Tamora that Nolan did it in order to save his standing to the Hunters. Nolan appears shaken by the revelation.

Lydia, Malia, and Scott finally find what they've been lead to - a body with its skin removed that Lydia determines is a clue to finding the Anuk-ite's other face. They reunite with the rest of the group and are joined by Peter who is charred from having been blown up in his car. Peter claims he simply wants revenge for the attack but through a series of flashbacks, it's revealed that by being in Malia's head he saw the depth of her feelings for Scott and that was the key to his deciding to join the fight. He warns her that Scott is going to get himself killed and that she shouldn't fall in love with a dead man but she says that it's too late.

Jackson and Ethan return to Beacon Hills High. They encounter Tamora in the hallway and ask her where they can find Scott. She offers to take them to him but instead, she captures them and ties them up. She splashes water on them and begins electro-shocking them to ask what they want from Scott. Jackson wants to know why they've been killing wolves in London and Ethan listens to her heartbeat, as part of their system as a supernatural couple.

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