Teen Wolf S06E18 "Genotype" Recap

The pack listens to a voicemail on the cellphone found on one of the dead bodies in the woods. This particular body was missing his face, leading them to believe that it's one half of the Anuk-Ite. The two halves must be kept separate so now the pack must divide and conquer in order to find the two separate halves. Theo and Mason will go after Aaron while Scott and Liam will try to follow the lead of the voicemail. Meanwhile, Lydia and Malia are at the morgue examining the body of the Hellhound. For him to have been able to reach Lydia and give her visions, he can't be fully dead.

Theo and Mason head down to the sewers to find Aaron and must fight off the escalating feelings of fear, which stocks the flames of mistrust in Mason against Theo for all he did against the pack. Theo suggests that perhaps he'd like to join the pack but Mason is vehemently against the idea, particularly when feeling so overcome by fear. When Theo feels the increase in fear too, the pair realise that Aaron is near and are promptly attacked by him.

Liam and Scott try calling the number from the voicemail and find that it came from Beacon Hills high. Liam listens carefully to the voice again and realises it is his science teacher, Ms. Finch. Liam must go back to class, despite all the risk that comes with going back into a school overrun with people that want to capture and kill him. Scott will be close by in the hallway to help him with the mission. Liam tries different methods in an attempt to get Ms. Finch to reveal herself as some sort of supernatural creature, including putting some wolfsbane in the chalk dust. This tips her off and she pulls Liam aside to speak privately after class. She isn't supernatural and denies knowing anything until Scott emerges and plays her voicemail. Scott and Liam break the bad news that her daughter is dead and now half of the Anuk-Ite. She is distraught and in denial that something could violate the laws of biology in this way. Liam and Scott are shocked when Ms. Finch reveals that her daughter's name was Quinn - meaning that the new werewolf they recently met is the other half of the Anuk-Ite. Quinn arrives to the school and Scott and Liam prepare to fight her but Ms. Finch attacks them instead and runs off in search of Quinn, believing her daughter can still be saved. Ms. Finch tries to approach her but is overcome with fear and realises that this isn't her daughter anymore. Quinn attacks her with claws and glowing purple eyes and wants to know where her other half is. She lets out a growl of pain, due to an injury Aaron sustained in the fight with Theo, that Aaron hears in the sewer and immediately sets off after her. Scott must look after an injured Ms. Finch while Liam sets off after Quinn.

Lydia is unable to get into the Hellhound's head and then remembers that she received the visions when she was unconscious. Malia offers to knock her out but Lydia doesn't want to experience pain so she asks Malia to press firmly against her chest till she's rendered unconscious instead. This works and Lydia is able to have a vision in which she meets the Hellhound, who is still alive despite being buried deep inside of his own mind. Lydia and Malia put the Hellhound in an MRI in the hopes of using its magnetic pull to draw out the bullet. But Lydia is alarmed to find that the bullet was also coated in silver so if they pull it out, the Hellhound will begin to heal and his body heat will melt the remaining silver fragments and poison him to death, this time for good. Lydia hesitates to turn the machine on but Malia convinces her it's the right thing to do. The hellhound wakes and is furious to realise he is poisoned. The hellhound says they must keep the two halves of the Anuk-Ite apart and if they merge, they must not look at it or it will be certain death.

Liam prepares to confront Quinn in the library but then Aaron emerges and stands next to Quinn, prepared to fight Liam with her. Armed militia from Gerard's fanatical group enter the school. Scott pleads with Ms. Finch to shift in order to activate her healing which she eventually does after being reminded that the Anuk-Ite killed her daughter.

Aaron and Quinn easily knock Liam aside and then turn to kiss each other before beginning a fight. Eventually Aaron snaps Quinn's neck and puts his hand on her face and absorbs the other half of the Anuk-Ite inside of him. He then shifts into a skinless monster with glowing purple eyes - the true form of the Anuk-Ite. Lydia shows up and gets Liam out of the library, warning Liam not to look at it or else he'll be killed. The Anuk-Ite then encounters the armed gunmen in the hallway and they turn to ash upon seeing it. Gabel overhears Lydia's warning about not looking at the Anuk-Ite so he hides and keeps his eyes shut while the Anuk-Ite passes by.

The pack determine that they must learn to fight without using hitter eyes so they'll have to go back to Deucalion for help. But first, Scott and Malia have shower-sex. The Anuk-Ite heads to the hospital, killing anyone it encounters along the way before heading to the morgue and looking at the body of the dead Hellhound. Gerard is there waiting for the Anuk-Ite and speaks to him with his back turned. Gerard offers to help the Hellhound kill the rest of the pack which will give it enough power to take over the world.

Teen Wolf airs on Sundays on MTV.


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