Teen Wolf S06E19 "Broken Glass" Recap

Chris Argent meets with a professional contact in Cabecerias, Brazil, in the middle of the night for information. The man tells of a mass murder in which twelve bodies were found dead with no identities or any clues left to explain what happened. The bodies are shown to viewers to be werewolves and though the narrator's men were looking for answers - another person was too. This is where we have the return of Derek Hale. Derek interrogates the killers for answers as to why they killed the wolves and they reveal it was under Gerard's orders. Chris examines a crime scene and discovers a message written in blood: "Beacon Hills".

Tamora tortures Ethan with electric shocks while lecturing her followers on the dangers of werewolves and how they must arm themselves and band together to kill the supernatural. She calls out a young teenager in attendance called Sydney, who shares how she hid with some other during an attack on a lacrosse game. She then calls out Nolan and commends him for the attack he launched on Scott McCall's house (the attack that Gabe actually launched and then claimed was done by Nolan). She then tells Nolan and Sydney to move Ethan's body, all the while Ethan is pleading to know where Jackson is. Nolan appears to be morally conflicted by how things have been escalating. He then text Liam asking to meet and Liam agrees, though not without reservations. Nolan offers help and says he has a plan. He will bring Liam to the hospital, show him something important, and then Liam will be free to beat him up to make the others think that Liam beat the information out of him. At the hospital, Nolan reveals how several members of the hospital staff have joined Gerard and Tamora's army. Furthermore, there are some werewolf patients in the hospital that are being administered wolfsbane through their IVs. Liam allows Nolan to go free without beating him up first but he is confronted by Gabe, who reveals that Tamora knew what Nolan would do and his betrayal was part of a larger plan to lure the pack out. Then Gabe proceeds to violently beat Nolan.

Lydia comes looking for Scott at his house but finds Peter waiting instead and searching for Malia. The two realise that the phone towers have been starting to be knocked out. Gerard's followers are making strategic moves to box everyone in and isolate everyone within the grid. Lydia shares how she had a vision of Peter dying in the fight due to the Anuk-Ite's gaze along with all the others.

Scott and Malia have gone to meet with Deucalion who begins training them to use their senses so they can fight without looking at the Anuk-Ite. Through all the training, Scott remains determined to believe that people are still inherently good, even though the Anuk-Ite has seemingly brought out the worst in them.

Sheriff Stilinski meets with Parrish, who cross-reference a pattern they've noticed. Tamora has been having the members of her army look up old accident reports, hospital records, and the blood testing at school in order to compile a list of all the supernatural people in Beacon Hills.

Chris manages to track down Derek, who reveals another vault that belonged to a different member of the Hale family. Chris pleads with him to help in their fight against Beacon Hills. Derek says he first needs to prevent the murderer of the pack in Brazil from getting a bottle of poison. Chris tells him to get rid of it and it's then that some FBI agents emerge. They want to arrest Derek but they're all shot in the back by Kate, who wants the wolfsbane poison for herself. She holds Derek at gunpoint to get the poison but Chris shoots at her before she can kill Derek. She gets away with the poison and declares that she will use it to get revenge and kill Scott. Derek tells Chris to get back to Beacon Hills and warn Scott, while he will go after Kate himself.

Mason and Corey arrive at the hospital and begin receiving strange looks from all the hospital staff. They begin to realise that they are bait and end up locked in a wing by some armed men.

Deucalion is shot dead by some of Tamora's men that arrive at the sometime that Lydia and Peter arrive to warn them of danger. Gunfire ensues and they all begin to run.

Tune in to MTV next Sunday for the final episode of Teen Wolf.


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