Teen Wolf S06E20 "The Wolves of War" Recap

The episode opens with Scott and Chris rescuing a young werewolf named Alec in LA.

Then we return to the gunfight between Gerard's men and Scott's pack. The shoot-out is interrupted by the arrival of Stiles, who hits one of the gunmen with his jeep and Derek, who wolfs out to join in on the fight. Monroe and the remaining gunmen flee and Stiles scolds Lydia for not telling him about what was going on. Scott kneels and looks after Deucalion in his dying moments. Scott hugs Derek, who reveals that he didn't come back for Beacon Hills, but for Scott. Gerard begins speaking to the group though the radio in Stiles' truck, reciting Shakespeare. Derek finishes the passage which confirms that war has begun. Gerard reveals that he has Jackson captive and electroshocks him. He then reveals that he has not only Jackson and Ethan captive, but Deputy Parrish and his father too, while Liam and Mason are captive at the hospital. He warns Scott that he will not be able to save them all, and that the war is coming for him.

Scott tasks Theo with going after Liam and Mason while the rest of the pack regroups while Stiles reveals how the FBI had formed a mission to go after Derek. He convinced the FBI to bring him along on the mission so he could save Derek from being killed but Derek had to carry him out of the building due to Stiles' toe being shot in the mission.

Corey confesses his love for Mason and uses his invisibility power to try to sneak them out. Melissa tends to Nolan's head wound and tells him to get up and help her take back the hospital.

Gerard shows Monroe the super-bullet he has forged that is strong enough to kill Scott.

The pack discuss the Anuk-Ite and how it works - that the two halves have merged and they cannot look at it or else they will die. Coincidentally, Stiles' greatest fear is going blind. Scott is determined that they will all go after their captive loved ones, while the Anuk-Ite will eventually find them. Peter heads to Beacon Hills High and finds some victims of the Anuk-Ite that have been turned into statues. The group tries to warn him not to look at the Anuk-Ite but he has already lowered the phone so when the Anuk-Ite corners him, he is turned to stone.

Jackson taunts the guard watching him into coming closer. He's then able to get his tail out and knock the guard out before stealing the keys to his cuffs. He tries to find a way out but encounters Stiles and Lydia who had broken into the armory to rescue him. Jackson then reveals that he's there with Ethan so they must save him too. Scott calls Stiles and tells him there's something he need stop retrieve from the armory.

A group of Gerard/Monroe's followers try to shoot and kill Liam but Theo is able to get Liam into an elevator and out of the line of the fire. They work together to fight off the hunters while Mason and Corey are shown to have fought back to a smaller degree in another part of the hospital. Melissa and Nolan then emerge to help Theo and Liam, but they must all run and take cover from Gabe, who begins shooting with an automatic weapon. Theo is shot in the back of the shoulder in the chaos. Still, the group is able to work together to fight off the hunters.

The pack finds a petrified Peter at the school and Derek is able to hear that Peter still has a heartbeat so there is seemingly a way to save him once they stop the Anuk-Ite. Monroe comes across Scott with Malia and Derek, and shoots him with the yellow wolfsbane bullet. Scott tells Malia to go after Monroe to keep her from getting away, while Derek warns him that the wolfsbane will kill him. He gets Scott to a chemistry classroom and burns the wound to try to save him and further along the healing. Derek senses that the Anuk-Ite is near, as his fear spikes up. Lydia, Jackson, and Ethan also feel the uprise in fear when they arrive to the school.

Sheriff Stilinski arrives at Eichen House and fights off the three Deputies that were tasked with guarding Parrish. After beating the Deputies, he open the room and orders the Deputies to let Parrish out, which they agree to do. Together, they also free Scott's father and band together to rise up against Gerard and take down the reign of terror.

Lydia discovers a petrified Malia in Monroe's office. Jackson is wondering around the locker room and the Anuk-Ite tricks him into opening his eyes so he become petrified too, having already done the same to Ethan. The Anuk-Ite tries to trick Derek by claiming to be Jennifer, asking for another chance. Derek keeps his eyes closed and tries to hit the Anuk-Ite but the Anuk-Ite continues its deception till Derek relents and opens his eyes, joining the others in a petrified state.

Kate is angered when she learns that Gerard gave the majority of the yellow wolfsbane to Monroe. Gerard then reveals that he used the rest of it on another bullet that he uses to shoot Kate, as he will not allow her back into his good graces since she's still a supernatural creature. Chris then reveals himself and says that he has lost and Scott knows how to fight off the Anuk-Ite.

Scott is cornered in the library by the Anuk-Ite, who briefly takes on the form of Stiles to try to goad him into opening his eyes. It also taunts Scott with the memory of Allison. Scott is still injured from from the yellow wolfsbane but continues to keep his eyes closed despite the Anuk-Ite taking on the form of each of his friends to try to bait him into doing so. The Anuk-Ite then grabs Scott by the throat and demands that he open his eyes but Scott then unsheathe his claws and blinds himself. He uses the training and instruction bestowed upon him by Deucalion and the bravery he now has to fight the Anuk-Ite. Scott knows that by binding with a shapeshifter, the Anuk-Ite must operate under those rules too. Stiles barges into the library and sprays the Anuk-Ite with mountain ash, so its powers become inverted and then it becomes petrified while all the petrified victims return to their normal state. It's all very timely too, as Monroe had issued orders to her followers to shoot the petrified members of the pack but they're able to fight off the hunters instead. But Jackson and Ethan are nearly shot by another hunter until Coach Finstock pops out and beats the hunter down with a lacrosse stick, saying it's good see Jackson again before walking out.

At the hospital, Gabe is badly wounded and says that it hurts. Theo approaches him and takes away his pain until Gabe dies from his injuries. Sheriff Stilinski, Parrish, and Agent McCall arrive at the hospital to arrest the remaining hunters.

Back at the armory, Kate uses the last of her strength to change into a were jaguar and kill Gerard, while Chris walks away. Monroe speaks on her radio, asking for someone on her side to respond, but Liam does instead, telling her that she lost. Thus, she flees.

The pack gathers around Scott, who still hasn't healed his eyes. Derek warns him that if he doesn't heal soon the damage will be permanent. Lydia glances at Stiles and gets the winning idea, telling Malia to kill Scott. She does and this gives him the courage and concentration to heal.

Liam and Nolan agree to be co-captains of the lacrosse team and Scott narrates how their pack is stronger than ever and they have many allies. Jackson and Ethan return to London while Chris and Melissa begin a romantic relationship.

Monroe is revealed to have continued her war against supernaturals and there are thousands of followers to her cause. Scott tells the new werewolf Alec from the episode's beginning about all of this and says they can fight together against her. Chris drops them off at a meeting spot where Stiles, Lydia, Derek, Malia, and Liam all arrive. Scott invites him to join their pack but says he'll have to fight with them. Alec reveals how Monroe said that he is a monster and she'd kill him no matter how old he is but Scott assures him that he's not a monster, but a werewolf like him.


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