The Defenders S01E04 "Royal Dragon" Recap

The Defenders have made their getaway and take refuge in a nearby Chinese restaurant. They're still getting adjusted to getting introduced to one another. Matt initially wants to keep Jessica's scarf tied around his head to maintain some anonymity, while Danny uses his black card to pay off the restaurant owner's rent for the next six months and order some food in order to keep them appeased. Danny wants them all to team up but Matt is already reluctant about returning to vigilantism, let alone teaming up with others. Jessica gives him her own unique brand of a pep-talk, and Matt finally relents by removing his mask and introducing himself to the others.

Elektra is shown to be confused about her existential purpose, and Alexandra is more than happy to fill her head with all kinds of rhetoric about being the Black Sky and being a weapon. The other members of the Hand are skeptical of Elektra and whether she is truly loyal to them, or whether her connection to Matt will pose a problem. Alexandra's health continues to decline.

The Defenders are discussing whether or not they will team up together, with Matt being particularly reluctant to join the team. Their meeting is interrupted by the arrival of Stick, who is fresh off his escape from the Hand. Stick informs them that the elders of K'un-Lun had come together a long time ago in order to study the healing powers of qi and five of them had hoped to use that power to gain immortality. These elders were cast out for this, and thus became the five fingers of the Hand. Alexandra is the main leader of the Hand, and the other members include Madame Gao, Sowande (the one that has been recruiting young people in Harlem, Murakami, and Bakuto who was recently killed. All the information proves too overwhelming for Jessica, who excuses herself from the meeting to continue her investigation alone, despite Luke's personal plea for her to stay with them.

Jessica goes to check on the widow of John Raymond and is alarmed to learn that a man had come to her house to claim he was there to be protective police service but didn't ever identify himself with a badge. Jessica fights him, realizing he's an agent of the Hand.

The rest of the Defenders remain at the restaurant and Stick and Matt discuss Elektra's resurrection in private. Matt is certain he can reach her, due to her hesitation to kill him at Midland Circle but Stick is insistent that at some point, Elektra will have to die again and is no longer the woman he trained and Matt loved. The conversation is short-lived as Alexandra arrives at the restaurant. She offers to spare New York from destruction if Danny will leave with her, as the Iron Fist is a necessary part of the larger plan the Hand has. Danny refuses to do so, and then Elektra arrives prepared to fight the group. But before the fight can begin, Jessica crashes into the restaurant with a car. Jessica is now prepared to fight Elektra with the other Defenders (plus Stick).

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