The Defenders S01E06 "Ashes, Ashes" Recap

Following the revelation that the Hand wants to use the Iron First as a key to unlock something to give them more power, the rest of the Defenders (plus Stick) decide they need to keep Danny hidden from them while the fight carries on. Danny strongly objects to this idea and a fight breaks out in the group. But Danny is overpowered and tied up so he can be kept safe from the Hand's efforts to get him. Matt is also forced to admit the truth about the extent of his relationship with Elektra.

Elektra is slowly beginning to regain her memories from her former life but Alexandra tries to further manipulate her into only being the Black Sky and claims that Elektra is not the person she once was. The Hand learns of Sowande's death when his head is posted to them. The other members are skeptical that Alexandra still has what it takes to lead them the way that they need her to. Alexandra tells her their task is to find more of the substance that the Hand have used to stay alive over the centuries; the last of it was used to resurrect Elektra. Without it, both of them will die.

Luke is tasked with monitoring Danny, who plans to recharge his glowing hand to be able to break free of his restraints, and Stick also remains behind. Jessica and Matt connote their investigation into Raymond and go to visit his family once more. Matt decides to play the family piano and discovers something hidden inside. The document indicates that there is something hidden beneath Midland Circle and Matt recalls previously coming across a large hole. Matt and Jessica head back to the building with the intent to regather the group to infiltrate the building once again but they must rush inside because Stick has used a chemical concoction to knock Luke out so he can try to murder Danny to prevent the Hand from being able to use him as a tool for their plan. But Elektra gets there first and begins fighting Stick.

Matt tries to stop Elektra but she still kills Stick and knocks Matt out. Jessica and Luke try to join in to stop her but she overpowers them both. With the other three Defenders knocked unconscious, she cuts off Danny's restraints and kidnaps him to bring back to the Hand.

Murakami treats Alexandra to a nice meal, intending for her to have one last meal of luxury before he kills her to overthrow her poor leadership. This is all part of a larger conspiracy with the other remaining fingers of the Hand. Elektra arrives with Danny in captivity so Murakami changes his mind about trying to kill Alexandra. Danny has awakened from his unconscious states and Alexandra claims that K'un-Lun can be restored with his help. Danny is wheeled away and Alexandra orders Elektra to kill Matt, Jessica, and Luke and Elektra seemingly walks away. Alexandra proceeds to gloat about how she was right to put priority on the Black Sky and that her entire plan worked but Elektra then kills Elektra, who reclaims her former identity and announces that she is now in charge of the Hand.

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