The Defenders S01E07 "Fish in the Jailhouse" Recap

In a flashback, we see Elektra reporting back to Stick of her failure to recruit Matt into joining the Chaste. Matt has darkness in him but ultimately, he wants to rise above those impulses. Stick is critical of Elektra for falling in love with Matt and allowing him to change who she is. Stick sees her love for Matt as evidence of her weakness. In the present, Stick lies dead by Elektra's hand and Matt, Jessica, and Luke are still unconscious after fighting her. Later, they all wake in the police station, having been brought in as suspects for both Sowande and Stick's murders. Misty is questioning them and they tell her a bit about the Hand but refuse to give too many details out of concern for her safety. Matt meets Foggy, who is still at the station to stay in protective custody, and informs him of Elektra's resurrection and Danny's kidnapping.

The fingers of the Hand must now adjust to Elektra taking claim of the group. They are concerned and skeptical of her ability to fulfill all of the work that Alexandra took on as leader, such as cultivating and maintaining relationships with crime lords and corporate groups but for the time being, they decide to let her lead in the hopes that she will be able to get them access to more of the substance needed to sustain their lives.

Matt, Jessica, and Luke are able to escape from the police station to go after Elektra and try to stop the Hand. They head to Midland Circle, with Matt fully done up in his suit. Elektra has brought Danny down to the hole beneath the building. There is a mystical door that he must open but he strongly objects to doing so. Back upstairs, Matt, Jessica, and Luke are confronted by Gao, Bakuto, and Murakami, who have been tasked with stopping them from interfering with their plans, while Elektra and Danny are fighting beneath the building.

Colleen arrives at Midland Circle to help the Defenders in their fight, also having brought along the mass supply of explosives that John Raymond had been gathering to try to stop the Hand. They're able to work together to overpower Gao, Bakuto, and Murakami. Claire is also there to help Colleen's efforts, having arrived with Misty who must stall the other law enforcement that are showing up intent on reclaiming their murder-suspects.

Claire is concerned about the plan to set off such a large supply of explosives but eventually gives in, seeing there is no other better option available. Down below the building, Elektra is able to trick Danny into opening the mystical door, which sets off a large blast that causes a city-wide power outage. When Danny wakes, he finds that he is lying beneath the ribcage of a dragon skeleton.

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