The Tick S01E01 "The Tick" Recap

Arthur Everest is a quiet man. He carries around the weight of the trauma of his father's death that happened when Arthur was just a child. They were out for lunch together when a super villain known as The Terror crashed his ship directly onto Arthur's father. Now as an adult, his sister Dot is his legal guardian as it's said that Arthur has suffered from mental illnesses and been committed to psychiatric facilities before. Arthur obsessively tracks villainous activities in the city and Dot becomes concerned when police bring him in for questioning when he is caught snooping around private property. She worries that moving him back into the city means exposing him to too many triggers but he does his best to assure her that he'll be fine.

Arthur also is visited by a blue-suited superhero known as The Tick but sometimes it's unclear whether or not The Tick is truly there or simply a product of Arthur's mental illness. Arthur remains determined to prove that The Terror is alive, as many believe him to be dead at the hands of the superhero Superian. The Tick confronts a group of super villains lead by the villainess Miss Lint and steals a suit for Arthur to wear and use when pursuing his own heroic endeavors. The episode closes with the villain henchmen barging into Arthur's apartment with guns intent on retrieving the suit.

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