The Tick S01E02 "Where's My Mind?" Recap

Miss Lint and her henchman storm into Arthur's apartment. One gunman shoots at him but he's protected by the supersuit that The Tick gave him. Tick crashes back into Arthur's apartment and faces off against Miss Lint, who shoots mass amounts of electricity at him but Tick remains alive despite her best efforts. The blowback ends up shooting the electricity into her henchmen and her glass eye even pops out into a glass of water. In the scuffle, Arthur gets flung out a window but he is able to activate the suit to help his fall before running off into a nearby alley. Tick flies out to meet Arthur.

Miss Lint looks over the many newspaper clippings Arthur had compiled onto his wall. One remaining henchman comes in to say that Ramses wants to see her, and that he himself is quitting working for her.

Dot is practicing with her roller derby team but takes a break as she's concerned by the fact that Arthur isn't responding to her calls or texts. Later, she helps out a man with some injured bikers.

Arthur is frantic at the prospect of being in danger. He heads into the back of a corner store to steal a poncho to hide the suit from prying eyes, something Tick chides him for. He runs back outside and is observed from afar by a masked sniper.

Ramses meets with Miss Lint and reminds her that she works for him and needs to fulfill her obligations.

Tick doesn't understand why Arthur wants to give back the suit and run away from being a hero. He correctly deduces that The Terror took something away from Arthur. Arthur opens up about how The Terror killed his father when Arthur was a child. Tick responds by forcing an awkward hug onto Arthur, who admittedly feels a bit better as a result. When Arthur spots some henchmen driving by, she runs up and offers to give back the suit but Tick interferes by slipping the car on it's side and shoving it down the road. The car tips back upright and the men drive off. Arthur then begins to grow suspicious that Tick might not actually be real, but merely a hallucination of his own mental illness. He walks off towards his apartment and finds Dot waiting for him. She expresses concern for his well-being and Arthur panics about him hallucinating Tick, who then walks up but Dot can see him, confirming him to be real.

Miss Lint goes back to her apartment and puts in a new glass eye. She then has a flashback of her when she was working for The Terror. Their conversations reveals that "Miss Lint" was originally a nickname some of Terror's henchmen had come up with to make fun of Miss Lint. Terror advises her to use the nickname and make it a strength, as well as to not kill his men for these insults but to kill people because it's fun. He also gives her bracelets specially designed to help stabilize her electric powers without diminishing her strength. Those same bracelets were damaged during her attempts to electrocute the Tick.

Tick advises Arthur to not let Dot push him towards a life of simple normalcy. Arthur says that Tick is the crazy one and should just leave him alone. Arthur walks off alone and is cornered by the henchmen that want the suit back. However, those men are brutally attacked and killed by the masked sniper that had been watching Arthur from afar. Arthur activates the suit and the man tells him to take it off. Arthur tries to do so but they're interrupted by the arrival of some police officers. The masked man gets away, leaving Arthur to be blamed for the brutal murders. Arthur invokes "The 28th", which causes the police officers to call in to the station that they're dealing with a superhero.

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