The Tick S01E04 "Party Crashers" Recap

Tick falls out of the building to the ground but survives with little to no energy due to his superhero level of invulnerability. Overkill takes Arthur's files from him to carry on his search for the Terror. Tick accompanies Arthur home. When Arthur realises that Tick doesn't remember where it is that he stays, he invites him upstairs to stay for the night so he won't be left out on the street.

Overkill returns to his base, where he tasks the artificial intelligence program 'danger-mode' scan archives to try to find out the secret identity of Tick.

Dot calls Arthur and asks him to pick up the cake for their stepfather Walter's birthday party. Walter insists that Tick stay home and not come to the party with him. Tick appears to stay behind with Kevin, a homeless man that Tick had invited to stay at Walter's place too. When Walter arrives at the party, his mother expresses concern for Walter's health and says that his old therapist Dr. Paul is at the party in case he needs anyone to talk to.

Miss Lint tries to activate the winged suit but with no success. Her ex-husband Derek is shown too be living in the other half of the condo/lair. He interrupts her work to say that she needs to buy a new wheel for his bike that she broke. He is able to help her determine that the suit is retina-encrypted and won't come out of sleep-mode for anyone except for the person it imprinted on. This means that Miss Lint needs to go find Walter.

Tick shows up at the party and Walter promptly invites him in, thinking it cool to meet a superhero. He even later asks Tick if he is wearing a suit or if that is what he naturally looks like and Tick appears to have his mind blown by the question. Walter is cornered by Miss Lint, who found out about the party by questioning Kevin. Walter tries to discretely ask Tick for help, since Walter's mother and sister are standing right there, but Tick doesn't recognise her when she's dressed to look normal. Lint threatens to kill Arthur's family if he doesn't come quietly with her. Upstairs, she orders him to put the suit on so she can unlock it. Arthur deduces that Lint believes he is right about Terror still being alive. Lint talks Walter through trying to transfer control of the suit over to her using a manual of notes on it. Walter's use of the suit alerts Ramses of its location so he orders his men to get up and going so they can all go after the suit together. But just as they are nearing the suit, Arthur becomes brave and decides to not give the suit over to Miss Lint. He runs away from her and jumps off the second-story balcony, activating the suit's wings so he can fly away.

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