The Tick S01E05 "Fear of Flying" Recap

Superian gets an alert on his phone about a giant, naked V-L-M that's already reached two hundred feet tall and is continuing to grow. He then flies off, seemingly to help stop the problem.

Miss Lint sneaks out of the party after her embarrassing encounter with Walter, while Tick and the rest of the guests watch the story about the V-L-M on the news. Meanwhile, Ramses and his men drive by the house without disturbing it since they're still tracking the location of Arthur's suit. Arthur is flying through the air but is struggling to figure out how to control or steer the suit.

Overkill gets an alert that the suit is active again so he sets off after it. Arthur is still trying to figure out how to work the suit but he's able to figure out how to use it call Dot. He then asks to talk to Tick. He asks Tick for help but insists he doesn't tell Dot anything but Dot still insists on coming with Tick. She's driving while Tick sits shotgun and sticks his head through the sunroof, spotting Arthur flying in the sky. They help to guide him to head towards a field near a water tower. His landing is aided by Overkill, who uses his equipment to pull him down to the ground.

Overkill confronts Arthur about previously claiming to have not had the suit. Arthur says he only just got it back from Miss Lint, prompting to Overkill to ask if she had said anything about him. This echoes an earlier case of Miss Lint asking Arthur something similar when Overkill had been mentioned. Overkill reveals that the reason he was convinced that Terror was still alive was that he read Arthur's Reddit thread, identifying himself as the username "Gunskull17".

Dot and Tick arrive at the field and interrupt their conversation. Arthur reminds Overkill that he will need Arthur alive to help solve the mystery of Terror being alive. Overkill wants to fight Tick but their moment is interrupted by Dot chiding Arthur for lying to her and putting himself in danger by playing superhero. The group is further interrupted by the arrival of Ramses and his men who demand the return of the suit. Arthur refuses to give it back, to Tick's delight and Dot's disbelief. Arthur declares that Overkill is still alive and Ramses appears guilty, while Dot is shocked at the prospect of this being true. Ramses orders his men to kill them all but Overkill sneaks out from behind and blows up one of Ramses' trucks and begins fighting/killing the men. Arthur and Dot hide behind a car and Dot expresses her belief that Overkill is indeed alive based on the look in Ramses' eyes.

Ramses tries to run away but Tick tosses a tire at him and knocks him unconscious. Overkill reluctant agrees to let Arthur and Tick tag along, as he drags Ramses back to his lair. Tick doesn't want Arthur to work with a murderer but Arthur believes it's necessary to get to the truth about Overkill. Dot doesn't want Arthur to go, lest he become another casualty in her life but Arthur is determined to see this through.

Overkill uses the AI feature of his boat to translate the videos in the suit. They determine that Project Achilles is a weapons system and the suit is part of that. This is why the Terror is after the suit and now they must question Ramses on how to find the Terror.

Finally, Lint is shown to be cleaning up after her encounter with Arthur and when she exits the bathroom, she finds a very alive Terror waiting for her, laughing and asking if she missed him.

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