Top 5 Melodifestivalen Mistakes (2017)

Photo: Lizel Strömberg (ZEL Photography)

Another year of Melodifestivalen has wrapped, leaving many feeling a whole plethora of emotions. Along the way there were many casualties and robberies, so we've put together a list of some of the most jaw-dropping results. If you think we've missed any, be sure to leave them in the comment section!

5. Roger Pontare "Himmel och hav"

Roger Pontare is a seasoned veteran in the music industry and Melodifestivalen as a contest. When he was set to return, people more or less knew what his style would be - a traditional, Northern-Swedish song. At the semi-final 2 listening session, we didn't think much of the song. But once we first got the opportunity to see him perform it live, the mood, ambiance, and spirit of the song were entirely elevated by his flawless vocal delivery and genuine, authentic emotionality. With a fifth place finish in the semi-final, we think it unlikely that Roger will return any time soon, if ever, and it shows more than ever how the voting app has taken a toll on the older acts.

4. Dinah Nah "One More Night"

Back with another pop banger, Dinah Nah was the first big upset of Melodifestivalen 2017. Many international fans were left devastated and kicking off a storm on Twitter when she finished fifth in the first semi-final. Though the overall production value and styling could have been a bit stronger, it was clear that Dinah Nah was there to present a strong girl-power performance that dazzled and sparkled fans of dance-pop and clamour for it to return to the Swedish scene.

3. Jasmine Kara "Gravity"

Though by no means a newcomer to the Swedish scene, Jasmine Kara was a debutant to Melodifestivalen and landed with a fiery splash. "Gravity" was a soulful pop number with one hell of a drop in the chorus. Jasmine had superb vocal delivery and a raw emotional power that came from her determined authenticity as an artist. The song was also produced by Anderz Wrethov, who has repeatedly displayed a knack for producing bangers, and served one of the most memorable camera effects of the year that came in the form of a rotating background behind Jasmine as she sang the song's middle-8.

2. De Vet Du "Road Trip"

In one of the most visually spectacular performances to ever grace the Melodifestivalen stage, De Vet Du made a huge impression with their comedy-club pop song "Road Trip". Complete with their signature tongue-in-cheek humour, a massive prop car, sleek race-car driver jackets, one of the most shocking outcomes of the contest was not having their made-for-television entry in the finals. The performance boasted some of the best camera-work of the year and is sure to have others that follow trying to use some of that same type of visual appeal in their own performances.

1. Loreen "Statements"

By far, the most controversial turn of events in Melodifestivalen 2017 that had everyone talking was the shocking results of Loreen's return to the contest. Though expected to qualify direct to the finals and contend for the win, many were left flabbergasted when she only qualified to Andra Chanse. The shocks continued when she was announced to be paired against Anton Hagman in her duel. While Loreen's entry was edgy and avant-garde, it was clear that producers would've wanted her to be in the finals for how much of a draw she is both in and out of Sweden. Pairing her with one of the most commercially friendly songs of the contest was not well thought out in the slightest. Then, she was eliminated. We'll always remember you, Loreen, for staying bold and innovative.

Now is the time where we thank you for your continued support in tuning in and commenting on all our coverage of this year's Melodifestivalen. We have had a marvelous time speaking to the artists and bringing you all a deeper insight into who they are as creative individuals. As a special treat, we've compiled some never before seen bloopers and outtakes from the last six weeks. Enjoy!


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