Ghost Wars S01E04 "The Exorcism of Marcus Moon" Recap

Tensions continue to run high in the town as more and more townspeople begin to encounter ghosts. Landis approaches Roman to ask for him to come to the LAMBDA institute so she can learn more about his abilities to interact with the dead. Roman isn't interested until she offers to pay him for his time so he'll be able to afford to leave the town.

A young boy name Marcus begins to exhibit strange behaviour, much to the alarm of his mother who works as the local mortician. He tells Billy McGrath's nieces about a ghostly entity called "The Whistling Man" that begins to frighten them the more they learn about him.

Roman seeks out the advice of Reverend Dan about taking payment to use his abilities and also advises Dan to check on the son of the local mortician. Later, at a church sermon, more people are in attendance than ever as they hope to find something to give them peace in the midst of all the supernatural ongoings. Marcus and his mother are present and he repeatedly laughs during the sermon before standing up and accusing Dan of being a liar. He claims there is no god, that all will be damned to hell, and then vomits. Dan visits them later on to check on how he's doing and when the two are alone, Marcus begins to recite strange phrases in Latin.

Billy's nieces become frightened when they hear the sound of listening. One of them goes to check the closet and sees a pair of glowing eyes. They run back to the bed screaming and when their mothers come in, they find Marcus hiding in the closet.

Roman goes to the LAMBDA centre and answers Landis' questions about his abilities. He also shares how the ghosts that he saw before the event are different from those that began appearing afterwards. The ones before are willing to talk to him to pass on information but the new ones are more menacing and don't want to interact.

Dan begins to believe that Marcus is possessed and believes an exorcism may be necessary to save him. He and his mother agree on him performing one while Landis asks Roman to try to communicate with one of the new spirits. Things escalate significantly on both ends as the ghost of Chloe tries to envelop Landis in a manner Roman has never seen before. Roman commands Chloe to leave. Dan continues with his exorcism while Marcus' mother assists him. The exorcism seemingly works and Marcus goes to sleep after the exhausting ordeal.

Landis has determined that the supernatural operate on a particular frequency that Roman happens to be tuned into. She believes Roman is the next step in evolution and wants him to return but Roman doesn't want to, saying he can't guarantee Landis' safety. She pays him for his time and asks what he thinks happened. He says the scientists at LAMBDA opened a can of worms and now what matters most is what they do afterwards.

Dan gives another sermon to the townspeople that is interrupted by Marcus' mother showing up distraught with a dead Marcus in her arms. She proclaims that Dan killed him and collapses, crying. Dan later prays for forgiveness alone but begins to hear rustling and supernatural whispering. He then discovers a secret passageway in his office. Inside he finds ancient books related to the supernatural and a glowing orb that he places his hands on and becomes overwhelmed by.

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