"Ghost Wars" San Diego Comic Con 2017 Interviews

"Ghost Wars" is a fresh new series on the Syfy network that is centered around the lead character, Roman. He has inherited psychic abilities that allow him to see and communicate with ghostly spirits. These skills put him in the epicenter of strange happenings in the small town in which he resides when an earthquake causes a rift that traps spirits there and prevents them from passing on. Creator Simon Barry spoke to us at San Diego Comic Con while the series was still shooting the first season and discussed the central theme of fear, his approach in developing the show, and his thoughts on the use of jump scares in the horror genre.

The most memorable moment of speaking with producer Dennis Heaton was when he shared how he'd choose to have the show end, if the decisions were entirely up to him. His finale preferences were downright shocking!

Producers Mike Frislev & Chad Oakes discussed the series conception, development, casting, Avan Jogia's protagonist role as Roman, and the creative process behind putting everything together.

Vincent D'Onofrio portrays Reverend Dan, a priest that was suffering from a crisis of faith before the ghosts rose up in the town. But after they begin to terrorise the locals, he begins to have far more partitioners coming to hear him speak. Meat Loaf portrays Doug Rennie, an angry man that frequently treats Roman as a scapegoat for all the pain and upset he harbours from his negative life experiences. Both actors further introduced their characters and spoke about what drew them to the project.

Series stars Avan Jogia and Kandyse McClure had banter to share about not only their respective characters but the approach of the show's creative team in utilising a great deal of practical effects to create the horror visuals. McClure portrays a research scientist at the LAMBDA Institute and despite having taken up residence in a small town, is only there in the hopes of furthering her career and not with an interest in living a small life.

Ghost Wars airs on Thursdays on Syfy at 10/9c.


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