Gotham S04E06 "Hog Day Afternoon" Recap

Ed re-introduces himself to Thompkins at the fight club and she is cold towards his approach considering the part he played in sending Jim away so he couldn't support her when she miscarried their child. Ed also introduces her to the newly resurrected Butch/Solomon, explaining about his lack of memory of his former life as well as his super-strength.

A mystery-man wearing a pig's head as a mask has begun killing police officers that have been working for Oswald as collectors. Jim and Harvey begin investigating these crimes and determine that this killed is attempting to fight back against the city's corruption, albeit in a twisted way.

Oswald continues to work to figure out his relationship with Sofia. He feels closer to her but still doesn't trust her. Sofia sets a lunch with him but doesn't show up so Oswald orders Victor Zsasz to follow her and find out what she's been up to.

Thompkins patches up some of Grundy's injuries after he begins participating in the fight ring under Ed's plan to raise money to mend his mind. She tries to explain to Grundy that Ed doesn't really care about him but Grundy is unwavering in his belief that Ed is his best friend. Ed wants to hire Thompkins to be the one to fix his cognitive impairments but she refuses his offer. She is revealed to be operating a clinic with the money she makes working at the club.

Zsasz reports back to Oswald that Sofia had lunch with the mayor and then went to a hotel that's long since been unused. She also met with a building inspector at this building to approve of constructing a defense wall. Oswald suspects that she is working to build up a fortress so she can start up her own criminal empire in Gotham and orders Zsasz to get a shovel so they can pay her a deadly visit.

Jim and Harvey track down the next target of "Professor Pyg" but they accidentally set off a fail-safe that kills the officer. They end up captured and the pair are taunted. Jim escapes his restraints but not quickly enough to stop the killer from badly cutting Harvey's throat so Jim has to tend to Harvey instead of stopping Pyg from escaping.

Oswald confronts Sofia about her plans and she reveals that she has purchased the building and turned it into an orphanage. Oswald returns to his positive regard of her, and she offers to make him some food.

Jim tells Harvey in the hospital that he knows Harvey has been working for Oswald and taking payments from him and needs to stop.

Thompkins agrees to help Ed attempt to regain his cognitive functions, though she says she can't promise any results, but accepts the offer due to her clinic running out of medical supplies.

Finally, Professor Pyg is revealed to be working on larger, more insidious plans.

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