Hemlock Grove S03E08 "Dire Night on the Worm Moon" Recap

Roman digs a hole in the woods and buries Destiny's body there.

Olivia brings Norville Knox to the institute, claiming he's there to help with the research to find a cure for the disease. Pryce is shocked to learn of this, not wanting to deprive the world of such a great mind in the scientific field, but Olivia forces him to go through with it and she must agree to get rid of all the blackmail leverage she has against him.

Destiny's friend visits Peter but is shocked to learn that she isn't there and didn't come home last night.

Roman returns home where he has Annie tied up in the nursery. Annie slips out of her restraints and tries to escape but Roman stops her, repeatedly insisting that he isn't a murderer. He didn't mean for her to die when he punched her back and is insistent that his snapping her neck was only done because she was already dying. He is conflicted and tormented with trying to find his path or knowing what to do. He even admits to having visited a priest in search of absolution. Their conversation is interrupted by Peter, who has come looking for Destiny. They claim to now know where she is, and Annie quickly excuses herself and leaves Roman's house. Roman continues to play the part of supportive friend and talks Peter through his theories of where Destiny might have disappeared too.

Aitor asks Shelly to leave Hemlock Grove with him so they can go on the road together.

Pryce tests out transferring Olivia's mind into Norville's body and she is pleased by the prospect of being in such an attractive, healthy body and mind again. Pryce insists that Olivia get rid of her leverage over him and then they will get rid of her old body and make the transition permanent. Olivia tells Pryce she wants to have sex with her old body in her new body first. Pryce leaves and Norville-Olivia wakes up old Olivia so the two can have sex. But the moment is interrupted when Norville-Olivia notices that Olivia's marking have begun to spread to her face so she's no longer interested in having sex. An argument breaks out, prompting Pryce to return. The old Olivia becomes reluctant to be killed until Pryce shows her the video of the infected rat that attacked its own body after cannibalising its fellow rats. Olivia agrees to the transfer but just as she's about to make the permanent transfer, Norville's body begins to glitch. The match isn't close enough so Olivia must find one that is more suitable.

Peter and Roman track down the leader of the Croatian and Roman tries to plant ideas in Peter's head that he was the one responsible for Destiny's disappearance. He even goes so far as to plant Destiny's engagement ring among the man's possessions in-between rounds of torture of Roman feeding on him. Peter is conflicted about what to do and Roman says he'll take care of it. He manages to get the man to admit that he wasn't really having Destiny followed as he had earlier claimed. After Roman snaps his femur, he still insists that he didn't do anything to Destiny. Peter comes convinced that he's lying so he beats him to death.

Pryce visits Shelly and warns her to run and hide if she ever sees Olivia coming for her. Shelly then admits that she's leaving Hemlock Grove the next day with her new boyfriend, Aitor. Pryce is genuinely happy for Shelly to have found some happiness. Actor addresses the crowd of people and admits to his accidental killing of a man many years ago, how he has now found his soulmate, but now he must say goodbye to them all. The gathering is then interrupted by the arrival of police that have come to arrest Aitor, who wants to turn himself in after being overcome with guilt.

A Detective Israel from Erie, Pennsylvania calls Roman because of his investigation of the death of the family that Spivak killed. The man's phone had been used by Miranda to text Roman, who immediately takes this information to his own personal IT expert to get satellite imagery of the area and determines where the cabin is that Spivak has been holed up in.

A distraught Peter goes into the woods to changes into a wolf, while Annie goes to buy a gun.

Peter uses his enhanced wolf sense of smell to find where Destiny's body was buried and cries in his human form after pulling her out of the hole.

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