Hemlock Grove S03E09 "Damascus" Recap

Olivia has a dream of enjoying a feast but wakes to find that she bit herself while sleeping. Her hallucination of Ochoa advises her to use Roman as the host to transfer into. Olivia seems guilty at the prospect of murdering her sun but Ochoa tells her it is merely a matter of survival of the fittest.

Roman prepares to hunt down Spivak and has Peter coming with him. He senses that Peter is upset about something and Peter admits to having found Destiny's dead body. Roman advises him to learn to live with what has happened and to take comfort in the fact that they killed the man responsible for her death. He promises that when they come back, they will give her a proper burial but first he needs Peter to help him save Miranda and Nadia.

Olivia observes Roman leaving town so her Ochoa hallucination advises her to use Shelley as a temporary fix until she can make a permanent transfer into either Roman or Annie, as their bodies are preferable to her vanity. Shelley had taken some pills to try to put herself out of her misery when Aitor was arrested. Pryce brings Shelley to the Godfrey Institute to look after her in her time of need.

Roman and Peter arrive at Spivak's cabin and head inside armed with guns. Pryce calls and informs them of what he has determined from the research he has been doing into Spivak. His plan is to breed more creatures like himself by harvesting Nadia's eggs and fertilising them. They can kill Spivak by using some Upir venom which Peter has to extract using a needle injected into the back of Roman's mouth. Shortly after this they discover Nadia's need body in the basement. They discover that her corpse was home to one of Spivak's offspring. Roman and Peter chase after it and pour a drop of Roman's venom onto it and confirm that the substance is deadly to these creatures.

Olivia goes to the Godfrey Institute and convinces Shelley to give over her body to Olivia. Pryce is outraged by the prospect of killing Shelley but Shelley is too distraught to want to carry on. Pryce uses his last resort - showing Shelley footage of Olivia killing Norman. Shelley goes into a rage and knocks Olivia to the ground, beginning to strangle her and telling her she hates her. But she lets her up and Pryce has her escorted out of the building and forbidden from returning, seemingly unbothered about the leverage Olivia has on him.

Roman and Peter find a man that has been glued into a tub and dies when more of Spivak's offspring come bursting out of him into the pool of water. Spivak then emerges from upstairs and Roman demands to know where Nadia is. Spivak dances around the question and claims that Upirs and werewolves will all be dead soon and only his kind will be the ones to feed on humans. Peter dumps some of Roman's venom into the pool to kill the offspring in it. A fight breaks out in which Peter is forced to chase after the vial of venom when it gets knocked out of his hand and Roman begins shooting at Spivak which does little damage to him. Spivak grabs Roman up using his tail but Peter shoots at him from the side which gives Roman the distraction needed to bite him. The venom gravely wounds him, resorting him to a mere sea slug of sorts that Roman stomps out with his boot. Roman and Peter then find Nadia and leave the facility.

The delivery man comes back to the Institute and Pryce lets him in, trying to help him with the cognitive problems he is having. The man resumes his state of believing himself to be Pryce and attacks Pryce with a scalpel, shanking him repeatedly in the abdomen. Shelley finds him and tries to help but Pryce tells her there is nothing that can be done to save him. He only asks for a small favour, whispering it in her ear before dying in her arms. It's later revealed that Pryce asked Shelley to deliver a message to Randolph, the man Pryce was seeing. It's presumed that he wanted to tell Randolph he loved him.

Annie carves out a bullet so as to tip them with heparin.

Roman hires a new nanny with experience working for high-profile clients that require confidentiality. Peter asks if it's a good idea to bring someone else into Nadia's life but Roman reminds him that they can't look after him all the time without any extra help.

While Peter is out playing with Nadia at a playground, Annie arrives and reveals to Peter that Roman was the one that killed Destiny. She is honest about how things got out of control, Destiny hit him, she cracked her head, then Roman snapped her neck because he knew that Peter would never forgive him. Peter doesn't believe her until she says that she was the one that drew the cross on Destiny's forehead with her blood because there was nothing she could do to stop Roman. She gives Peter the special gullets and gun, along with a knife, saying that two bullets will be enough to put Roman down and then he must carve Roman's heart out to make certain he is dead. He also leaves Nadia with her saying to get them out of town.

Roman is running low on blood so he gets a hooker and feeds from her in an alley. Peter shoots him once but then the gun jams. Roman fights back and Peter tries to pull a knife on him. Roman then stabs him with the knife, asking how he found out. He immediately deduces it was Annie. He then bites Peter who collapses in the alleyway and Roman cries for all he has done and lost.

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