Hemlock Grove S03E10 "Brian's Song" Recap

Shelley writes a good-by letter to Pryce in which she talks about his funeral ceremony and how she hopes to see him again someday. Roman comes into the institute asking for Pryce to help him with his gunshot wound and is shocked to learn of Pryce's death. No vital organs have been hit but there is a lot of blood coming out of the wound. One of Pryce's subordinates removes the bullet and injects Roman with a clotting agent. Roman buries Peter's body in the wood and texts Annie from his phone to say that the job is done. He returns home and finds the baby is still missing, meaning Annie still has her. He arranges a meeting to try to get Nadia back but when Annie shows up, she sees Roman drives up and leaves without meeting him.

Peter meets Destiny in a limbo state. She encourages him to dig his way out or else Roman will keep killing people. Peter wakes to find several wolves digging him up and pulling him out of the hole. They all gather around his body to check if he is okay. He passes out again and then reawakens to find the wolves have all left.

Roman returns to find Olivia waiting for him but to weak to overpower him and steal his body. She tries to get him to team up with her to take Annie out but he refuses to help her, wanting for her to finally die for all she has done to him. He throws her out of his house and locks the door.

Annie returns to her home and finds an injured Peter sleeping on her sofa. She patches him up and he insists on being the one to take Roman out. She discourages him from turning against the moon and says that he should simply focus on getting his strength back. If he turns against the moon again, there will be no coming back from it. Annie later finds several voicemails left by Olivia, all asking to meet, while Roman discovers Peter is gone from his burial spot in the woods. Peter calls him and Roman tries to reason with him, saying he only defended himself and simply wanted to go home to Nadia. He says he doesn't want to kill anyone anymore and just wants his daughter back, after which they can all go their separate ways. Peter says Nadia would be better off dead than be with him. Peter reminds Roman that he killed Destiny, to which Roman reminds him that if he had just been honest with her about Andreas then none of this would've happened. Peter refuses, saying he will kill him at the next full moon.

Roman tasks the staff at the Godfrey Institute with finding Nadia and killing Annie in the process. Annie visits Olivia and reveals that she tracked down what happened to Dmitri, Annie's father. It's revealed that Olivia had actually killed him, which she excuses by claiming that she killed him as a preemptive move before he could kill her first. She then bites Annie and feeds on her until she passes out.

Roman returns to Godfrey Manor, ready to reclaim it as his own. Annie had left baby Nadia with Shelley, who doesn't know that the baby belongs to Letha and Roman, instead thinking it belongs to Annie instead. Aitor returns to Shelley and the two reconcile their relationship.

Olivia brings Annie to the Godfrey Institute and demands that one of the doctors make the transfer of her consciousness into Annie's body. The doctor manages to sneak a pick to unlock Annie's restraints so she can sneak into a holding chamber. Olivia threatens to kill the doctor if he doesn't open it so he gets to work trying to type in a manual override. While he works, Annie begins putting some gas on and says her goodbyes to Olivia before sticking a scalpel into an electric socket to spark a fire that kills her. Olivia screams in horror at the loss of her opportunity to stay alive. She cradles Annie's charred corpse when the chamber is finally opened and rambles to herself, falling deeper into her delusions, even biting a chunk out of her own arm before collapsing dead.

The full moon hasn't come yet but Peter breaks into Roman's home, changing into a wolf and attacking him. Roman is distracted by a vision of Destiny and as a result, he and Peter fall out a second-story window. Roman finds he can't move due to his body being broken. He begs Peter to kill him and save him a life as a broken man, and ponders how Peter will live the rest of his life as a wolf. Peter tears out Roman's throat and then his heart.

Finally, Shelley and Aitor are shown to be leaving Hemlock Grove with Nadia, ready to start a new life together. On their way out of town, Shelley observes Peter in his wolf form by the side of the road. The camera pans to a body of water in which one of Spivak's surviving offspring is shown to be swimming.

Hemlock Grove is available for streaming on Netflix.


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