Marvel's Luke Cage S01E03 "Who's Gonna Take The Weight?" Recap

The episode opens with Luke Cage heading into Crispus Attucks and taking back Stokes' money. His reason for doing so is because Pop's funeral is set to close due to the many bills that require payment. Luke has a tense meeting with Stokes in which Stokes offers to pay for Pop's funeral and shares that he did not know about Tone's plan beforehand. Luke determines from this that Stokes is not someone he wants to go after for Pop's death. Luke wants to re-open Pop's shop once he has used the money to make the necessary repairs and pay off the bills.

Chico is still in the hospital and is visited by Misty Knight and her partner who continue to question and put pressure on him regarding his criminal activities. He is later visited by Luke and learns from Chico that Stokes had planned to move a significant sum of money to Crispus Attucks during a crisis. This is a segway into the opening scene of Luke taking the money back. Further information in Luke's plan that leads up to this taking back of money is that he targets Stokes' club and frames Colon for this attack.

This attack on the club results in Stokes moving his money to Crispus Atttucks and while Mariah is out of the building, Luke breaks in and steals the money after taking down the guards she had left behind to monitor the building. He also intends for part of this money to go to Fish.

Misty and her partner Rafael head to the scene to impound what's left of the money in the building. Chico later visits Rafael and offers himself up as a witness to testify in the case against Stokes. He shares how Luke was the one to attack the complex but Rafael kills Chico instead, revealing that he is on Stokes' payroll. He then later tells an angry Stokes about how Luke was the one to steal the money. Stokes retaliates by going to the restaurant/building where Luke is living and fires a missile at it with every intent to kill Luke for what he has done.

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