Marvel's Luke Cage S01E06 "Suckas Need Bodyguards" Recap

Luke begins to pick up traction helping the people of Harlem and as a result, the neighbourhood is increasingly supportive of him instead of buying into Stokes' attempts to turn public opinion against him. But Stokes finds himself more focused on meeting with Scarfe, who has attempted to turn the tables by blackmailing him in order to get the weapons he was after but Stokes assaults him and shoots him. Scarf takes cover behind his car and Stokes warns him that when he catches him again, he will kill him.

Luke has a brief encounter with Mariah in which they size each other up but there is no major confrontation as both seem content to fight that battle another day. Luke and Fish have breakfast at Soledad's restaurant to talk about how to best ensure the future of the barbershop and this is where Luke is reunited with Claire. They talk about his abilities, which he is more open to sharing considering the whole neighborhood knows about his strength and Claire had saved his life. When they return to Pop's barbershop, they find an injured Scarfe hiding out there and Claire agrees to treat his gunshot wounds.

Misty is assigned a new partner after Scarfe disappears, named Lieutenant Perez. Perez is also working with Stokes and has been ordered to finish the job and kill Scarfe. Misty figures this out and is able to trick Perez into implicating himself so she can arrest him.

After Luke and Claire talk to Scarfe about what he's done and what he knows, they go to his apartment so Luke can retrieve an incriminating ledger. But when they are spotted by Misty, the trio have to flee. They are making their way towards 1 Police Plaza in order to turn over both Scarfe and the evidence they have acquired but are ambushed on the way by mercenaries Stokes hired to stop them. Luke is successful in fighting them off but Scarfe succumbs to his injuries.

Mariah is being interviewed by a reporter on a live television broadcast but shuts it all down when they inform her that Stokes has been arrested due to the evidence Scarfe provided and now she is under suspicion for being involved in his criminal activities.

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