Marvel's Luke Cage S01E09 "DWYCK" Recap

Misty is formally reprimanded for her conduct with Claire so she has to meet with a police psychologist. Throughout her session with him, she comes to realise that her need for control is at the root of why she lashed out at Claire.

Luke is still riding in the back of a garbage truck and suffering from his wounds from the Judas bullets. Luke pulls himself out of the truck and tries to get to safety but is confronted by some police officers that try to hold him up at gunpoint.  When one tries to arrest him, Luke knocks the man out. When the other officer begins shooting, Luke shields the unconscious officer from bullets, knowing that these shots won't hurt him. He then knocks the other officer out and lays both gently on the sidewalk before getting away in the squad car.

Stryker heads to the club and blames Shades for Stokes dying. Shades later visits Mariah at the morgue where she is expressing remorse for things ending so violently with Stokes. Mariah then meets with Colon and convinces him to organise a meeting for all the local crime bosses to get together.

Luke drives to meet with Claire, who determines that the best course of action to treating his injuries is to find Burstein, the doctor whose experiments gave Luke his abilities. They have brought along the jump drive that contains all the data from the experiments and this gives Burstein the information needed in order to start up his experiment again. He has the machinery in his barn that has stayed untouched since the prison breakout. Luke learns that even though Reva had begged Burstein to save him, Luke was still tapped to be a part of the experiments regardless. They must first get a blood sample from Luke in order to cross-check it with Reva's findings and they are only able to get it through Claire's quick-thinking so they decide to go through the mucas membrane at the back of Luke's throat.

Mariah and Shades attend the meeting with the crime bosses but Stryker shows up to crash the gathering and kills every additional crime boss present with the exception of Colon. Mariah is able to appease Stryker's anger at their going behind his back by revealing how the dash cam footage of Luke fighting the police officers has been circulated to the public and worsened his stance in public opinion. Stryker will now have the opportunity to sell more Judas bullets directly to the NYPD.

Burstein determines that the best option to try to treat Luke is to submerge him in the tank similar to how he was when he first gained his abilities but the tank will be filled with acid. The hope is that this will soften his skin just enough to allow them to be able to remove the shrapnel from his body. Unfortunately, the pain of doing this sends Luke into cardiac arrest.

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